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  1. 04nightfire

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Drain the swamp
  2. 04nightfire

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

  3. 04nightfire

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    lol. probably trying to save on more fuel. Brake checking is always fun
  4. 04nightfire

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    I guess this will cut down on my wannabe nascar drafting
  5. 04nightfire

    Trail Guide

    Why do they pull it down off the web. I like to go on and plan some routes in the off season.
  6. 04nightfire

    Summer Projects

    I'm going to stay with the 17's but I believe people are using the PTO mounts on the mag side as well
  7. 04nightfire

    Summer Projects

    My project for the summer. General maintenance plus motor mounts, front a-arm bushings and some clutch work
  8. 04nightfire

    Show your 2018 pics.

    That lake running would be sweet
  9. 04nightfire

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    I would think it could. My 17 SBA took 19 litres up the east side from Cochrane and less down the west to SRF.
  10. 04nightfire

    Show your 2018 pics.

    That's cool. We saw 9 of them together this year just north of Moonbeam. Could see them sitting on the trail and as we got closer they just crossed in front of us and disappeared into the bush. Had a close call with 4 moose a few years back. Crested a hill and they were walking ahead of us. If we didn't get stopped, the lead guy would have been a moose enema
  11. 04nightfire

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    Don't know if it was said but Base Camp is closed for the season as of end of the day April 8th
  12. 04nightfire

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    weird. Everyone I ride with that has an 800 polaris(2015 and above) hasn't had a problem
  13. 04nightfire

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I filled up at the esso in Cochrane and took 19L up at the canyon. Varying speeds but would be safe to say the average speed was 60 mph
  14. 04nightfire

    how last long sliders live

    3000km's on mine so far and they will probably be good for next year as well
  15. 04nightfire

    Cost of being towed

    New belt for sure