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  1. 04nightfire

    Your last ride this April

  2. 04nightfire

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    you need a set of these for yours...…….
  3. 04nightfire

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    they are getting like sled tracks. Deeper lug is becoming the norm
  4. 04nightfire

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    Those lugs are small compared to others
  5. 04nightfire

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    I see the bush company is also up for sale. Liked riding there for a bite to eat
  6. 04nightfire

    Beer cans on trails

    That's brutal
  7. 04nightfire

    2020 Ski-Doo's

  8. 04nightfire

    Thanks everyone!

    That is the ultimate plan once the kids are old enough
  9. 04nightfire

    Thanks everyone!

    I had a rzr and a 2 seater ranger before this. With soon to be 2 kids, my wife and I, I needed something bigger
  10. 04nightfire

    Cochrane Update..

    We always do the 123 than A into kap from Cochrane. Then do A to just south of Opasatika and loop the 123 back to moonbeam. Love that lumberjack loop
  11. 04nightfire

    Thanks everyone!

    I do have this to help me with the non snowmobiling blues. Just not the same
  12. 04nightfire

    Thanks everyone!

    Now the tough part starts. Driving down the road in the summer and looking into the bush where trails are picturing yourself riding them in the winter
  13. 04nightfire

    CSRA Finale - Horseshoe Valley

  14. 04nightfire

    CSRA Finale - Horseshoe Valley

    I think he's behind the camera
  15. 04nightfire

    Port Sydney conditions

    I could leave it at the side of the road with a sign on it saying free and with my luck, no one would take it