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  1. DIstrict 7

    I am sure the local establishments are happy today! Finally will be an extremely busy day.......which may lead to some comments regarding the service levels, but what do you expect, hard to staff these places this time of year I am sure, or anytime depending where you are at.
  2. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    As much as the vehicle sticker / trail pass fee sounds good and an easy thing to manage/impose, Craig is correct. Just look at any lake on the weekend that has lots of residential homes around it, it is full of sleds (mostly older iron) with no permits....all they are doing is riding from their home, down the roads, side streets to the lake to mess around, hit the fishing hut, etc..... Just because you have a sled, does not mean you trail ride.

    I usually try to stand when approaching hills to hopefully see what may be coming on the wrong side......with MX helmet, shovel & backpack in tow.....
  4. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    I was wondering about the timing, when I checked their FB page, grooming was happening just a few days ago.
  5. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Curious, how does the story go from this: To this:
  6. District 8 today

    Lol...like I said "might".... I think all the forums have something to offer, but you can't let the BS get to you, rather laugh about!
  7. District 8 today

    My plan currently was to head out Sat, but let me see if I can change that....I'll send ya a text before Sat.
  8. District 8 today

    The OC, or rather the members, is all the talk over on FS.... If you can stomach it, you might get the odd chuckle....and learn a thing or two along the way!
  9. Best Route to St Zenon from Huntsville

    Who is your provider? Rogers sucks in QC....Bell is pretty good, which should also means Telus is good too.
  10. Dorset

    Well that truly sucks....sorry to hear!
  11. Dorset

    The point is still though that you will likely not see an update over the weekend, you seem to rarely see one on a weekend anyways & usually see the updates during the week, as you mentioned, regardless of what mother nature drops or what the clubs do over the weekend. Otherwise it only makes sense that the clubs would so it anyways, why add another level to slow down the process. And I guess technically the clubs are the OFSC too....
  12. Dorset

    According to MTH, Tall Pines will remain Red, the OFSC will not update the trail guide anyways until after the weekend, but they are heading out to see what they can do with the fluffy snow they received. Looks to be some decent snow over the weekend for that area, so I am sure the TP trails will be busy this weekend regardless....but it might be a wee bit icy under that fresh snow, so ride with care.
  13. LH mirror in Quebec.

    So a report/paperwork was issued? I thought it was just a verbal thing with paperwork submitted later if no proof was sent...regardless, easy enough to appease them with a picture and proof afterwards. LOL....yep, looks very useful! But I guess meets compliance.
  14. Avalanche trailer vs Triton trailer Quality ?

    I paid $5,400 plus tax for my 2013 TC118......and last I checked, they were about a grand more now a days, so that makes sense. But they do come in different trim levels that obviously affects the price.
  15. LH mirror in Quebec.

    There was a thread about this just a short bit ago inquiring about that. Was it trail patrol or the QPP? I am not sure you can issue a ticket after the offence has occurred...I think it needs to be issued at the time of the infraction. I wonder if that is just a scare tactic being used. Interesting about the ticket though, I know I have yet to receive one for this and have ran into the Police a few times on the trails while in QC.....always been a pleasant encounter. Anyone know if modified exhausts are allowed in QC?