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  1. Oh, com'on, do you really think any one else will be out on the trails Apr 14.....
  2. stoney

    Pretty bummed out

    Nice to have all the work you need, but as the old saying goes, live to work or work to live......life really is short!
  3. stoney

    My update

    lol....well good luck with the next attempt!
  4. stoney

    My update

    You smoke....for some reason, I do not recall seeing you smoke once when we got out for a ride last year?
  5. stoney

    My update

    Sorry to hear of the unfortunate circumstances that fell upon you, and congratulations on the life style change! Just think of all the miles you be able to put on next year with your new found life/health.
  6. stoney

    That Time of Year

    Pretty sure there was a truck that went through on Simcoe recently.....saw some footage that a helicopter was taking, might have been the YRP helicopter.....
  7. stoney

    Wawa best hwy directions from orillia ont

    Already noted, but no issues with Ins. This was the road we always took to access the north when we had to make Northern On runs for work at various sites, usually pretty good & much faster. Only had a mishap once, just a freak accident that ended up with our vehicle into a rock face, road was supper icy, it was like the vehicle went from 50km to 100km in a matter of seconds when it started to spin on the ice. OPP that was dispatched to our little wreck thought it was best to switch his cruiser to the suburban.....which he flipped on his roof on the way to meet up with us and as soon as he got out of his vehicle, he fell on his ass! But that was one isolated incident out of many trips on that road.
  8. stoney

    For people who have been to Quebec

    I am sure there is some stat out there that would suggest that....likely endorsed by the Ontario government.... When we did Ontario trips, one of the things on our minds was usually getting to our destination in time to be able to still grab some beer from the local liquor store so we could have a few laughs and wobbly pops back at the rooms. In QC, that does not matter, just stop into the closest corner store and pick up a case.
  9. stoney

    For people who have been to Quebec

    Trails are very nice They too also see the effects of the warmer weather, so conditions are not always perfect depending on locations As noted, not all wide highways, great mixture of everything Signage is good in some spots not so great in others, as far as directions & the trail you are on, the warnings about corners or hills ahead is a bit overdone IMO The hospitality is likely the best part, it is what they do, just call to request some literature from the tourism group and look at the stuff they send you. Pull into just about any town and people will open their door to help you, especially if you pull into a town that is normally closed to tourist until Thurs to Sun when the folks arrive in greater numbers, people open the doors and do what ever they can to accommodate you...like the resort owner calling the local grocery store because everything is closed, order a pizza and they deliver to us, which they normally do not do delivery, and the person delivering refuses to take anything extra for it. But the best, best part is, you can buy beer from anywhere !!!
  10. stoney

    Month old Yamaha bent tunnel!?

    The latest CAT Procross/Proclimb chassis I recall had bending issues at the rear when they first came out, it was resolved and have not heard of the issue again. Considering how rare this is, unless you actually caused the bend by a hit to something, I am not surprised these claims are first denied, until the issue is further pressed and investigated, which than turns into possibly a new decision based on the case. Just sucks to happen as I am sure it is a long process when & if it happens to validate the bend as user abuse or a manufacturing/product defect. Good luck with your issue and I hope it turns out for the best!
  11. stoney

    DIstrict 7

    I am sure the local establishments are happy today! Finally will be an extremely busy day.......which may lead to some comments regarding the service levels, but what do you expect, hard to staff these places this time of year I am sure, or anytime depending where you are at.
  12. stoney

    WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    As much as the vehicle sticker / trail pass fee sounds good and an easy thing to manage/impose, Craig is correct. Just look at any lake on the weekend that has lots of residential homes around it, it is full of sleds (mostly older iron) with no permits....all they are doing is riding from their home, down the roads, side streets to the lake to mess around, hit the fishing hut, etc..... Just because you have a sled, does not mean you trail ride.
  13. stoney


    I usually try to stand when approaching hills to hopefully see what may be coming on the wrong side......with MX helmet, shovel & backpack in tow.....
  14. stoney

    WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    I was wondering about the timing, when I checked their FB page, grooming was happening just a few days ago.