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  1. stoney

    Port Sydney conditions

    With the mild temps yesterday, overnight & today, I cannot see the groomer running the trails, they will cause more damage than good I would think.....perhaps run again when the temps drop and maybe some new snow falls over the weekend.
  2. stoney

    Time to wake up guys....

    LOL....awesome idea, a real loud air horn would do the trick! The high beam is a good idea, but will only work on those willing to give some courtesy to others & aware they are not the only group on the trails. I normally do and did your second point noted above a few times on my last ride, worked on one group (lol), the others, I just waited for a good place to pass, passed and waved back at them with a "thanks". Only came across one group of two sleds that I let pass me, at a road crossing actually.....then I followed them until we grabbed gas in Kearney, at that they offered if I wanted to ride with them from there, but they were heading in a different direction than me, so continued solo. I have never had mirrors on any of my sleds, usually always sported the glove mirror, but I melted the last one I had....need to get me a new one as I used it quite often and miss having it!
  3. stoney

    Time to wake up guys....

    I know there are rules & regulation regarding stop signage, but there are quite a few that are installed on roads, driveways, etc.... that are never used in the winter or from what I can gather installed years ago but that trail or road or driveway is no longer there. Another point is that for those that want to keep a faster, healthier pace, but come up on a group that is sight seeing for those beavers, deers, etc....and have no regard for those that are looking to pass, a stop sign or intersection is sometimes there only good chance to get around those groups keeping a slower pace with little regard for others that have a bit of life in them when it comes to riding the trails....albeit not the safest place to try and get around that group, but as a result of some not giving way to those moving faster, some start to do some stupid things that could be costly.
  4. stoney

    Time to wake up guys....

    LOL....do not hold back, just let it all out!
  5. stoney

    After the snow n wind storm in Gaspe

    Yes, it was......and a lot colder than going through the trails, especially after being damp and wet from digging sleds out from what seemed like every other corner. I recall stopping in NL around 2 or 3 in the afternoon for some food, there was 8 of us, we knew it was going to be dark in a couple of hours, we already had a hell of time getting that far with all the snow that just fell, so rode the highway shoulder to KL! That trip in general was a blast though....it was my first Northern ON sled trip, we still laugh about it when it is brought up! Anyone recognize these lovely ladies that we had the pleasure of spending the night shooting pool with on that trip?
  6. stoney

    After the snow n wind storm in Gaspe

    A group of us rode hwy 11 from New Liskeard to Kirkland Lake many years ago. We were running late on the ride from Temagami due to too much snow, OPP shut down the highway, so we asked them if it was ok for us to run up the road and they said have have it and off we went.....never done that before and have not since!
  7. stoney

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

    It is common around here that some of the folks that sell Christmas trees will give there left overs to the ice fisherman that get used on Simcoe....I think they even use the trees to mark the ice road crossing over to the island, or at least they used too, have not been up that way in a few years.
  8. stoney

    HWY 407 Ticket

    I am not the one that suggested you were stealing.....but that was a sarcastic "yes" on my part I would do nothing about your scenario either, it is not something you are doing on purpose.... However, it would be mighty nice of you to relocate that plate, I really like your idea of securing it to the swim platform or perhaps right onto the haul or get yourself a transponder. I do not think the scanners/camera pick up the plates if they are mounted up high on the trailers either......my sled trailer is that way and I am pretty sure my old car trailer was as well, & I do not recall getting charged when I used to take the 407 to TMP with that trailer come to think if it.
  9. stoney

    HWY 407 Ticket

    yes.... That is odd, like noted below, at some point I recall adding more plates to my account due to bills I was getting when the scanner missed my transponder but captured the plate instead. I also semi regularity take the wife's vehicle on the 407, in which case I bring my transponder with me....and come to think of it, I have gave my transponder to my sister to use the 407 with her van a couple of times, that I was billed for.
  10. stoney

    Diesel in gas

    I almost did it once, it was a shared pump, I had the diesel gun in my sled tank but I was pushing the gas button on the pump and nothing was working when I pulled the trigger....soon realized why nothing was working and that I almost made a much bigger mistake!
  11. stoney

    Diesel in gas

    Best that you drained it, but it is much worse to add gas to a diesel engine vs. diesel to gas. Your sled would have likely went into limp mode when it detected a lack of combustion from the bad gas you had in their that it was trying to ignite.
  12. stoney

    Anyone else see the chopper today.

    I see their agenda is working......
  13. stoney

    What a week.

    Congrats to you and the family! Reading this and seeing that it is from you, Mr Black Cloud, sure is a thing of beauty! Agreed, if you have not, look into getting all your debt paid off & things right in your life, the toys will always be there....you always hear those not so good stories when people run into money and the not so good choices they make.
  14. Short drive North, stage near Ghurst and ride North a bit. A couple pic's of that area from less than a week ago, The rain will not wipe things out, might make a small dent though!
  15. stoney

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    I usually wait until the very last minute, because I am a guy, so I need the stickers now.....so I drive 5, maybe 10 minutes down the road, might have to wait in line a couple of minutes & collect my stickers.....grab a coffee while I am out too!