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  1. stoney

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Mine took just over 2 weeks.....I am sure the rotating strike played a role in that.
  2. stoney

    Tall Pines Snowmobile Club

    I have always been surprised that ASC and TP are not one club......but I thought they always worked together anyways. Great to hear from Nunz's update that the call for need sounds like it has been either answered or partially answered!
  3. stoney

    Quebec Trail Permit Pricing Info

    I believe ON and QC have a fairly big gap in requirements when it comes to insurance. And the general mindset of Ontario vs. Quebec folks when it comes to their spending habits, seems quite different as well.
  4. stoney

    Cochrane This Morning

    And do not forget, lady driven for those 1500. lol
  5. stoney

    Cochrane This Morning

    Same assault you were just doing some pre-season work on? What is next or taking the year off?
  6. stoney


    LOL....I tried that with a group a few years ago when I planned our trip route, but the opposite way....it did not end up that way, even though on paper at home while having a few beers and discussing the trip, no one seem to have any concerns! At Lebel-sur-Quevillon the majority decided it was best to re-route and headed to Matagami instead. I was really looking forward to the ride into and out of Chiboug, I had heard from many that it is fabulous.
  7. stoney


    Just tell them to do it, once they enter the info, voila, lower premium. Every time I do this, the rep says the same the thing, I tell them to entertain me and do it and see what happens.....conversation ends with, "I just learned something new"....
  8. stoney


    Exactly why I run full coverage as well.
  9. stoney

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Lol...ya, I know it happens, but thankfully, it seems less than what you would think, especially given where we ride sometimes! And did you not literally get yourself into a oh crap situation last year with your son
  10. stoney

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    I get both sides, but agree with this.....I can help, but just as long as you are x, y or z... Realistically, how often does it happen that someone is in a oh crap moment when they need help and help is not already close by via phone call, text, passerby, or posting up on any of the forums while in distress that you need help.
  11. stoney


    I've mentioned that as well....TD doesn't lower your values unless you ask, some of the people you even talk too when you call them will suggest it doesn't make a difference, but realize it does once you are done....small difference, but lower none the less.
  12. stoney


    When sledders choice (I think was the ins name) partnered with the OFSC, I used them for a few years as they had good rates, just had the sleds with them though...changed to TD at some point though, but I think the reason for changing was to get the bundled discount with the home insurance.
  13. stoney

    F-150 weight

    Your F150 will not weigh more than 4500Kg or has a registered weight of 4500Kg. Check your ownership as to what weight it was registered at. Are you using the truck and trailer for personal or business use? If business use, that is where the CVOR comes into play. I think you might be thinking of the Yellow safety sticker that is needed for trucks & trailers that exceed 4500 kg or 10,000 lbs.....but does not apply when towing campers though. Need to visit a scale as mentioned above to figure out the weight of the loaded truck and trailer, just keep in mind that once your truck has the Yellow sticker, ALL trailers you pull with it, must also have the Yellow sticker.....
  14. stoney


    Just received mine today as well, increase of $36.00 over last year, the only increase was the "accident benefits"......
  15. stoney


    There are always such large swings in both directions regarding INS rates and dealings people have with them, I don't get it. I think the dealings are more to do with the adjusters, the rates increases without cause, I do not understand, but I remember the same comments last year and my rates I think were status quo or close enough to not both looking at changing companies. I should receive my new policy in the next month or so, so we will see.