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  1. Yukon Cornelious

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    This right here. I have seen many posts about the other snow tours in the last couple of years. Goldrush, Canyon, Moose/wolf loop and the Kawartha Highlands tour. Rap tour is hit and miss, mostly due to conditions. I have heard lots of horror stories of the Rap tour closing while people are halfway due to rain.
  2. Hopefully people will start getting the message. I wish stats were made available.. https://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/police-snowmobile-unit-lays-195-charges-over-weekend/wcm/71ad128a-cb27-45c2-b8a5-5f934e0a6ab6
  3. Yukon Cornelious

    No respect!

    Winter wheat remains in its vegatative state through the winter under the snows protection and resumes growing in the spring. Regardless of how much it costs to replace, it a cost clubs need to do without. Some clubs can alternate trails to different fields and avoid the problem, some clubs can't. This is where respecting the Landowner/Farmer comes into play, his cash crop, his bread and butter...
  4. Yukon Cornelious


    Snow and lots of ice..
  5. Yukon Cornelious

    B trail Haliburton

    Lakes are golden. Stick to the stake lines to keep everyone happy. Doing the Land and Lakes tour today with a mixed group.. Another Bluebird day...
  6. Yukon Cornelious

    B trail Haliburton

    Trail is closed and barricaded due to landowner. Use E trail to Trail 10 back to B trail as your alternate route. Trails are in decent shape...
  7. Yukon Cornelious

    Anywhere to eat on snowmobile trail in kinmount

    Kinvale Chinese restaurant in town right on trail also serves Canadian food. Slice of the north serves pizza take out only. You can also get deli sandwhiches , hamburgers, sausage on a bun at the shop and save convenience store. All other restaraunts are closed for the season...
  8. Yukon Cornelious

    new liskeard accommodations?

    Yeah we are hubbing from Dymond for the weekend and dont require a hot tub or pool. Meets our needs...
  9. Yukon Cornelious

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    Gotcha. Do you know the ofsc has a fleet manager now? Which coordinates these very issues when the districts call for assistance.. The OFSC barrie office isnt expected to coordinate grooming activities. They are expected to come up with solutions when a call for help is brought to their attention. What many of us see on facebook and what actually happens behind the scenes we dont always here about. Not every club posts when a machine is moved. Which has happened this year.
  10. Yukon Cornelious

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    Not a simple answer unforetunely. Where do we "The OFSC" deside to pull a groomer from? What criteria justify pulling a groomer other than a breakdown? I'm sure as heck think sending a few units north would also help some of the clubs snowed in. Now lets look at the map? Oh we see red, but how much of that red has clubs on standby for some top up snow requiring 10cms to top up the base? Quite a few that I know of ,surrounding the Georgian bay snowbelt. Do we float a groomer from the south to help a club that requires a part with a 2 day wait time? Has the district even called the OFSC for assistance? One club I know has , thats South Seguin @Wildbillclub. I am sure he will chime in on his latest positive outcome... I would like to see what your solution would be and what would justify moving /floating a large industrial groomer associated with your statement? Very easy to make statement with no answers to the problem . Which club from district 5 or 9 should send them right now? Are those even the districts we pull from? Are there snowbelt clubs there that just need 20cms to groom? Lots of variables. Im not picking a fight, just trying to get some knowledge out of this? Lots of new machines in the north now...
  11. Yukon Cornelious

    new liskeard accommodations?

    Auberge Country Inn located in Dymond. It is under new management and the rooms have been fully renovated. The reviews are old so only a few new reviews that are positive. $89.00 per night if your just looking for a clean room. Located right beside a Husky gas station, and Gillies truck stop across the street.
  12. Yukon Cornelious


    The Hali railbed is ice with some snow on top. The Hali groomer passed by last night, they could have pulled some more snow from the sides. People are riding it, but stay off the throttle. I think the ride could be enjoyable but take it slow.. I cant say much about side trails.
  13. Yukon Cornelious

    What is left in South Eastern Ontario.

    That sounds quite promising Craig. Lots of clubs that are closed adjacent to Limited trails may just be in standby mode. Fingers crossed! Did your local club groom prior to the warm up?
  14. Yukon Cornelious

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    "Top Secret" shhhhhhh!
  15. Yukon Cornelious

    Oh no. Do we have to go to Kirkland Lake this weekend?

    Our crew booked, no messing around. Get on it!