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  1. Yukon Cornelious

    No 2020 TOP Trail Guide

    I personally have never used a Provincial tops trail guide while touring. Not enough detail for me,although they do make a good read on the john or hanging up on the wall of the garage. District maps have more detail when it comes to club trails and local advertisers. The demographic is changing when it comes to technology, times are changing. I think its the right move for the OFSC to discontinue and forward the resources elsewhere.
  2. Yukon Cornelious

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    Certainly looks like it!
  3. Yukon Cornelious

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    This is getting quite comical..
  4. Yukon Cornelious

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    I had the gps tracks for our club that were provided for the itg. I simply uploaded them to google earth. Its a valuable tool..
  5. Yukon Cornelious

    Port Sydney conditions

    Good anti theft deterrent!
  6. Yukon Cornelious

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    Still lots of locals running where they know is best. Several where out watching strike 2 LOL!
  7. Yukon Cornelious

    What if a trail change a status?

    Go to where the groomers are still running would be my first plan. At this time of year any multi day trips is a gamble but Dubreilville, And the northern corridor is the best bet. Trails are deteriorating we know this already, rivers and snow bridges can open up at any time. Trail status does change during multi day trips, it happens. I have heard horror stories of people riding home through mud during the rap tour. Im not advocating riding closed trails, plan accordingly...
  8. Yukon Cornelious

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    The Ice breaker is in Sarnia, so I would say tentatively. LOL. https://www.vesselfinder.com/?mmsi=316001890
  9. Yukon Cornelious

    Sign Posts

    It should be a district purchase Kris, clubs should be buying in bulk as stated..The district should be calling other districts to find a good supplier.. $18/ Stake is to much to be purchasing at. District 7 uses u channels but I'm not sure of the supplier..
  10. Yukon Cornelious

    Muskoka - South West Area (Bala, Mactier, Port Severn)

    Lots of swamps and low areas in MLSTA area. Its likely too flooded. Baxter should be ok. I know Baxter has dealt with alot of low areas and built them up and installed culverts over the last few years. Not much road running either. Smart should be ok also in the bush. Hydro line could be iffy and low areas..
  11. Yukon Cornelious

    OFSC ITG versus Polaris Ride Command App

    The problem with relying on the Groomer tracks is that it tracks every movement made for the the machine. Detours due to swamps, low tunnels under highways, lakes, rivers etc. So we need reliable gps tracks to cross reference, such as you have shown. When I groomed I took my personal gps unit and tracked and waypointed any breaks in the route. Labeled them as required and sent them in. As far as club gps discrepancies, you would have to talk to the clubs about that. I bet they would love some gps tracks sent to them, especially in the north so they can validate and send them in for updates....
  12. Yukon Cornelious

    OFSC ITG versus Polaris Ride Command App

    Clubs know when its needs to be sent in. I would suggest its likely due to not having the tracks available for those critical updates. One thing we need to remember is we need to traverse frozen ground to get our routes. Projects also being incomplete or just not having the right techsavy volunteers availabke that can use a gps unit correctly. But, our trails are sanctioned by a governing body, Limited, Available or Closed!
  13. Yukon Cornelious

    OFSC ITG versus Polaris Ride Command App

    The Polaris ride command App is crowd sourced. So anyone can update the map from with whichever tracks they have with no governing body overseeing the accuracy. So essentially they could be leading you down a stray path into private properties which can result in trespassing. The OFSC ITG is sanctioned by the clubs, Club members gps the routes and update. The groomer tracks cross reference these tracks set out by the clubs. This is why the ITG and the GPS maps provided by ofsc are the only sanctioned source for organized snowmobiling in Ontario.
  14. Yukon Cornelious

    D trail Red south of Bracebridge on OFSC map?

  15. Yukon Cornelious

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

    First thing lawyers look at when incidents involving snowmobiles is the OFSC, it is investigated every time. This is why our insurance eats up such a big chunk of permit dollars. We tend to avoid lakes whenever possible to minimize risk! I have seen non ofsc stakelines done privately with private trail sign disclaimers on them. Sticks, trees or pickets. There is always risk, no ice is considered safe is the best we can state.