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  1. Yukon Cornelious

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    It has alot to do with amalgamation of districts and associations which were providing at times duplication of services. The Membership voted in MOTS, with this vote changed the way we do business. Some love the concept, some absolutely hate it and are constantly pushing back. Many bylaws and policy changes needed to be made, as well as shuffling of each regions board of directors. The name changes are really just a reaction to the changes of bylaws, do to the Corporations act. It sounded simple, but it isn't easy getting 1000's of volunteers onto the same page.
  2. Yukon Cornelious

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Moving forward they will be called Snow Country as a whole with the addition of HCSA. The OFSC is moving away from using the word "Districts" and will now have regional names instead.
  3. Yukon Cornelious

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    No different. They were operating as one last season...
  4. Yukon Cornelious

    Trail Guide

    It's primarily to keep the atvs off and protect the landowners.
  5. Yukon Cornelious

    How Many Trail Permits Were Sold This Past Season

    Slight increase over last year unaudited, full permit number breakdown will be included in the annual report. PTS was down most of the season, therefore no solid numbers as of yet.
  6. Yukon Cornelious

    Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    SRF and Polar bear riders will close the trail to the canyon the same day Base camp is closed for liability reasons. The trail can't be open without fuel available, it's too remote.
  7. Yukon Cornelious

    ITG User Survey

    Gee they ask for your opinion and you guys crap on it.. Give your opinion for cripes sakes...
  8. They showed up early on my android, but now they are disabled. You need to click on the photobucket image to view in a new window...
  9. Yukon Cornelious


    Have another look tomorrow. LOL
  10. Yukon Cornelious

    Bon Echo Trails?

    It's not a glitch.
  11. Yukon Cornelious

    Disappointing to read this.

    When I was v.p for a club I learned real quick how to use the backspace button.... LOL
  12. Yukon Cornelious

    Wawa or Cochrane

    This right here.. Better chances of finding virgin snow if that's what you are looking. Cochrane does a fine job promoting itself and sees the traffic to prove it.
  13. Yukon Cornelious

    Elliot Lake

    Yeah I know, but that's the risk they are willing to take. It also sets a presidence good or bad.. As a rider all I want is the best info I can get to ride the best trails but as a volunteer all I want to do is back away from this sue happy society or just not volunteer... North Bay got hit a bit harder with the warm up, they were out trying to groom but the magic just wasn't there for them like it was for Bonfield and Mattawa clubs. The reality what you see on the ITG is accurate...
  14. Yukon Cornelious

    Elliot Lake

    It's only a BS answer until you are the volunteer named in a lawsuit.
  15. Yukon Cornelious

    Elliot Lake

    Not as much snow.....