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  1. Planning a 2019 ride

    Does uhaul even rent 18 wheelers?
  2. Good morning

    Not a bad way to get to work Bill. Good for you...
  3. Broke down in Dubreuiville. ...thanks to MAGPIE RELAY hotel

    Glad it all worked out for you Chad. I have another friend stranded at the motel right now. 2 from his group broke down.
  4. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    As long as the corporation papers are still active and not dissolved anything is possible...
  5. Hand Sigbals and Ride Lite

    The waving hi last in line hand signal is the best though!
  6. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Here is a good article by Jeff Mcgirr regarding limited riding... https://www.northernontario.travel/snowmobiling/riding-ofsc-yellow-limited-availability-trails
  7. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Glad to hear you're still hanging in there. Lots of guys I know have left and come back. TVB just sold his and Andy (Revtechss) just got back in... It's hard to come back once you are out....

    Dave will be there cooking up a storm...
  9. Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Giddy Up has been a long time contributor to this forum. She is likely shocked more than anything.. She is not the entitled type, go easy on her boys....
  10. Hunters with rifles on 301!

    They will hear the sleds way before you know they are their. Doesn't really concern me, seen it many times out riding various areas...
  11. Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Sorry I miss understood what you saw being hunted... I know that the reserve has a certain area for conservation purposes, but I am not sure if you can hunt outside of that perimeter. Where exactly is the 601 trail? All GBSR local club trails are in the 300s?
  12. Kinmount Parking??

    I have never really looked, but have seen if they plow out the parking area for the boat launch?
  13. Hunters with rifles on 301!

    https://www.gbhuntersandanglers.com You were likely on their property... Hunting Jack Rabbits would be my first guess. I came across Hunters north of Port Severn hunting rabbits on crown land. Can't stop them, they have just as much right to be there as we do. And they don't need a Snowmobile permit to go hunting either....
  14. Beaverton - Timmies

    Hoo Trail 11 runs south of Beaverton Harbour over to Hoo Trail 9 which runs you right to Timmies.. .

    They will be out today from what they said on fb..