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  1. TOP C trail at SRF

    Welcome Back, we'll also be up this weekend. Staying in Iroquois Falls Sat night, Smooth Rock, Hearst, Dub Chapeau and back to Iroquois Falls. Can't wait.
  2. In the news today...

    A news article today on Simcoe. Com Midland needs more snowmobile trails: committee https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/8121194-midland-needs-more-snowmobile-trails-committee/?s=n1 Now if we could get more towns talking about this.
  3. Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    Ya I know. I was just pointing out to others who read the thread looking for areas to ride know, areas they thought are good to use are not. Knowing where you can't ride helps to know where you can ride. It's a good topic you started don't regret bring it up.
  4. Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    There are a lot off riders who think they can ride anywhere in the Simcoe Forest system. They are mistaken. This is the link to the Simcoe County Forest website. Riders are required to have a valid trail pass and ride only marked Trails. This refers to Snowmobiles, Bikes and ATVs. https://www.simcoe.ca/Forestry/Pages/Motorized-Trail-Riding.aspx
  5. Ride suggestions

    Good to hear about Auberge Inn and Iroquois Falls, as we will be starting from there in a couple of weeks.
  6. 2018 Northern Blastoff

    Sorry about your luck Kris. A few years ago when I had a problem with me sled I Just ran ahead in the truck to the next stop. Hell I was of anyways. I made the best out of the situation.
  7. Fun With Sam and The Kids

    That awesome he can do that. It would great to be able to take off for that long. Hope you enjoy your ride and keep us posted on your loop.
  8. Rouyn Noranda, PQ

    Stayed at the Forestel once. Service for food was horrible (HOURS). For that reason alone I would never stay there again.
  9. Dubreuilville LCBO/Beer Store?

    Perfect thanks guys. Lacroix Enterprises General Store Next to the Sports Bar and Post Office.
  10. Plan on being in Dubreuilville on a trip and did not notice a LCBO or a Beer store. Does the town have one or do we need to be packing. Thanks.
  11. Rosseau Road

    Hmm. Works for me Try this. http://rosseauroad.ca
  12. Rosseau Road

    You can check out his site.
  13. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    I had a 73 S2. Loved the sound of those triples. The only picture I have was the one I used to sell it. I sure do not miss the duel drum brakes!
  14. I so want this.

    When was the last time we had a good winter storms, not just lake affect? Hard to recall 12" or more of snow.
  15. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    The snow at the house in Barrie took a beating today. I hope the trails fared better.