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  1. hey, do I just pm you my order?..Thanks

    1. Reved


      Yes just send a PM.

  2. Coe Hill trail 930 permanent closure

    Damn that was such a great trail. It sure limits lopes in the area if you don't want to run raillines.
  3. Ice In Report

    Satellite imagery of Lake Ontario but Lake Simcoe can be seen in the top right. Cloud cover can be a problem.
  4. Fairfield Inn Access

    Last time we stayed there was a groomed ditch trail on Industrial Park Cr. It worked out well for us.
  5. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    That's it so far.
  6. New ITG

    These Routing concerns are the same for the GPS maps. I noticed they were advertising the Maps as been routable with turn by turn directions. In my experience trails are changing too often for this feature to be practical almost anywhere in the south. When I was making maps I tried the routing. I grew quickly tired of the off route messages being displayed while riding down the marked trail. The GPS also does not know that a trail is not open or closed and will send you the wrong way!
  7. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    This could have been handled on their web site. The word would have been out because the customer comes to the site to purchase the permit. Successful busnisses don't let mass negative feedback to be posted. Posting an apology/updates for technical difuculties is great but allowing the feedback should be reconsider in the future. IMO
  8. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    The OFSC should not be posting this situation on Facebook. Social media seems to be the place where folks will vent. Lets hope the learn from this and not set themselves up to get ripped in public.
  9. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    No still down from what I can tell.
  10. Snowmobile Show

    Didn't make it down this year. First time in 20 years. No maps
  11. The 2017-2018 Season is almost here!