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  1. spyd4r

    Polaris Ride Command download

    to be fair, the OFSC has delivered an app with the absolute bare minimum effort, and no extra frills have ever been added..
  2. spyd4r

    D9 Grooming!!

    any chance of limited openings today andywhere in D5 or D9?
  3. spyd4r

    Polaris Ride Command download

    i keep sending emails to the OFSC people via Google Play to add the group feature.. been doing it like 3 years.. apparently no response is a response.. useless app the official OFSC one is...
  4. Anyone had a shamrock shake this year. Lol


  6. Hah, pretty well done

  7. anyone recall what a bb10 device that won't turn on with a solid red light means?

    1. Dirtbag


      battery error i believe

  8. Crazy temperature change. Elmira / St. Jacobs border was - 8c and the Waterloo / St. Jacobs border is - 1c

  9. Anyone have any experience installing an access to an attic? Lol

  10. Finally did it, closed my TD Bank Account... they can take off with need $4000 in a chequing account or $15 a month.. the new fees are all crazy... they lost a long time customer.