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  1. Dirtbag

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    MLSTA is out grooming again today. We now have two operators
  2. Dirtbag

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    well the MLSTA is trying... will see how the next two days go for us.. "might" get back to yellow, so keep an eye on the guide
  3. Dirtbag

    My update

    good job Nunz. Just think how much faster you'll be on that 850 next year being 40 lbs lighter!
  4. Dirtbag


    rode wolf loop on friday from skead counter clockwise... trails were amazing... tons of base and snow, all freshly groomed. rode to shining tree and back from rockys on sat.. a little bumpy in spots but still really good. Dont hesitate to go. Stayed at the chateau Guay but trailered to skead rec center. Trails right around Capreol very snirty but still redeable
  5. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    Hey guys. Any update on the red closed trail 71? Understand it’s closed due to a ice heave but would like to run it sat morning. Is it still staked at least.
  6. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    hey there Fergie... is "running the river" a marked route? or at least easy to find? this will be my first trip up there
  7. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    thanks everyone
  8. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    150km from where exactly? Rockys?
  9. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    thanks very much to both of you. any tips on shining tree and back in a day? is there fuel up there? running older sleds and a heavy thumb..... also considering the cartier loop as well instead of shining tree and back on sat any thoughts? .
  10. Dirtbag

    Sudbury tips

    Looking for a few tips on Fuel and Food Planning on running wolf loop on friday, and shining tree and back on saturday I see Rockys is hosting a radar run on the weekend, so I might want to stay away from there Staying at the Chateau Guay... will likely trailer to Skead or STP yard so also wondering how much parking is there, rules on parking and directions to the trail from there any tips? much appreciated thanks
  11. Dirtbag

    Why Is the lake trail closed in Sudbury?

    Just Saw in another post that it is likely due to a pressure crack that keeps opening and closing.. sounds like a go at your own risk situation
  12. Folks,, anyone have local insight into why a portion of trail 71 is closed on Lake W in Sudbury?
  13. Dirtbag

    Outta here

    i can wait till monday...lol have a good trip
  14. Dirtbag

    Sudbury will survive the weather

    still better than not riding....