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  1. 2018 Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Hats and Toques are now available Don't get left out in the cold! Pricing The colours for the $15 ball caps are Red with White trim and Royal Blue with White trim. The $19 toques colours are Black with Yellow or Black with Grey and are Acrylic / Polyester Fleece partial lining. The $21 toques colours are Black or Blue and are Acrylic / Polyester Fleece full lining. The grey coloured medium, large and extra large garment printed Long Sleeved T-Shirts are $26 . The grey coloured double extra Large and triple extra large garment printed Long Sleeved T-Shirts are $30. Long Sleeve T-Shirt - $26 or $30 ball cap Red with White trim - $15 ball cap Royal Blue with White trim - $15 Toque Black with Yellow - $19 Toque Black with Grey - $19 Toque Black - $21 Toque Blue - $21 Preferred payment method e-transfer or PayPal both use the same e-mail address Snail mail can be arranged through a PM. Shipping via Canada Post has so please contact before paying. A single Toque can be mailed out for $3. Embroidery cost have increased, it is now $10 per location.
  2. Diceman there are no more Black Ball caps left. There is only 1 Blue cap and serval Red Caps remaining. the Toque is $19 + $10 for name and $3 shipping for a total. of $32. If you want another colour Cap it will be $19 + $10 + $15 +$10 + $11 to $15 Shipping for a total of $65 or $69. Shipping for just a Toque is $3 but for shipping Caps requires a box and postage goes up. PM me your address with a postal code and I will find out how much CP will charge.
  3. Reved

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    I'll be at the door for the Club on Fri 2-5 and Sat 1-5. Most likely i'll poke around Friday. The Spring garden show is also on at the same time.
  4. Reved

    2003 Ski-Doo MXz Rev 600 H.O.

    Damn I loved that sled. Best handling sled I ever owned. Someone will enjoy it.
  5. Reved

    Sad News

    Sad news. Condolences to all how knew him.
  6. I will ship stuff out tomorrow chez-nous cest skidoo.
  7. Let me know what you would like and I’ll send it to you. Send me a PM with your postal code and I’ll let you know the shipping cost.
  8. Hmm I've been buying and selling on e-Bay since 99. Last week was the first time I needed to send anything back.
  9. Reved


    Other than these couple of spots, I was told the conditions were good. Video.MOV
  10. Reved

    Chapleau Accomdations

    Yep. The owner of the Motel also owns the pumps. The owners also arrange to drive you to the restaurant for dinner and breakfast. Booze is in the same building as the restaurant and grocery store (not Luc's Place).
  11. Reved

    My update

    I'll see if I can sneak out to see the races too.
  12. Reved

    My update

    Glad to here you are felling better. Quitting smoking, loosing weight and eating better is always a good choice.
  13. Reved

    TOP C trail at SRF

    Wish I saw this last week. I was even in the shop on Tuesday last week, the day of the freezing drizzle. A couple guys need handle bar muffs because of the cold. It was a hot seller that morning, they got the last 2 pairs.
  14. Reved

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    Trails look awesome Revrnd.
  15. Reved

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    Word of advise. Don't start a trip on the Sunday of a long weekend.
  16. Reved

    Wawa best hwy directions from orillia ont

    Ran that road from 144 to Chapeau 30 years ago. 100 miles of washboard
  17. Reved

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    Have a good trip. My trip was almost as rough as your 1st attemp. 50km riding sled, 5km being towed, 55km on the back set of a stranger 2up sled and 2300km in the truck.
  18. Reved

    TOP C trail at SRF

    Welcome Back, we'll also be up this weekend. Staying in Iroquois Falls Sat night, Smooth Rock, Hearst, Dub Chapeau and back to Iroquois Falls. Can't wait.
  19. Reved

    In the news today...

    A news article today on Simcoe. Com Midland needs more snowmobile trails: committee https://www.simcoe.com/news-story/8121194-midland-needs-more-snowmobile-trails-committee/?s=n1 Now if we could get more towns talking about this.
  20. Reved

    Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    Ya I know. I was just pointing out to others who read the thread looking for areas to ride know, areas they thought are good to use are not. Knowing where you can't ride helps to know where you can ride. It's a good topic you started don't regret bring it up.
  21. Reved

    Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    There are a lot off riders who think they can ride anywhere in the Simcoe Forest system. They are mistaken. This is the link to the Simcoe County Forest website. Riders are required to have a valid trail pass and ride only marked Trails. This refers to Snowmobiles, Bikes and ATVs. https://www.simcoe.ca/Forestry/Pages/Motorized-Trail-Riding.aspx
  22. Reved

    Ride suggestions

    Good to hear about Auberge Inn and Iroquois Falls, as we will be starting from there in a couple of weeks.
  23. Reved

    2018 Northern Blastoff

    Sorry about your luck Kris. A few years ago when I had a problem with me sled I Just ran ahead in the truck to the next stop. Hell I was of anyways. I made the best out of the situation.
  24. Reved

    Fun With Sam and The Kids

    That awesome he can do that. It would great to be able to take off for that long. Hope you enjoy your ride and keep us posted on your loop.