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  1. Swamps are in good shape but we need snow, fingers crossed that we get some this week!
  2. I creeped the new owners on Facebook after someone tagged them. They give me a total Tiger King vibe. Maybe they’ll get a reality show next.
  3. Are they keeping Brian’s location too?
  4. I haven’t heard that one yet either but could very well be true. Brian’s Yamaha sold this year too, it’s now part of Southwest Marine & Powersport.
  5. I hope you are right! We have too many water holes for the freeze-thaw-freeze crap. Does a late puffball mushroom season mean anything? I’ll have to go look again but so far we have zero as of midweek. We normally have so many that it looks like we are growing volleyballs in the forest. I hope it means a good winter!
  6. The Intrepid Snowmobiler 10m · IMPORTANT UPDATE: Here’s an update to my Sept 21 post with a new report titled: “Cambridge man seriously hurt in a collision involving snowmobile”. In my post, I expressed surprise about a summertime snowmobile injury and can now set the record straight, thanks to Tony Schmidt… The injured party is Peter Brenner, one of the best racer/tuners involved in grass drag racing. On Sunday, September 19, he was sled testing in a field, which isn’t an unusual summer activity in this circuit, but that fact has been overlooked by all media reports on the incident to date. Peter is pictured here standing beside racer Alan Glavin. Here’s one link I found posting race results for Peter (see Snow-Cross Class 0-500 and Mod 0-500) - https://www.pembrokeobserver.com/.../fast-and-furious... I join the entire snowmobile community and his many grass drag friends and fans in wishing Peter a complete and speedy recovery. Word has it that he’s already standing in physio! To contribute to the Go Fund Me campaign is Peter's name, click here: https://gofund.me/3a0e63a2
  7. Siege


    I'm not sure all districts and clubs follow up quite like we do unfortunately. And from my experience and what I've heard from others, it's pretty easy to get turned away, not feel welcomed or just not know a soul there. I'm persistent in case you didn't know, lol. I emailed a few times and then showed up and recognized my gas fireplace service dude so figured I was safe enough to stick around. @Faceman handed over the website and facebook credentials and I was off! Since then I've met the whole crew and consider many of them good friends. Don't just complain, be persistent. Most clubs don't have a great set up for reaching out to you IF they even get your name. So don't leave it as checking off that box.
  8. Siege


    Why does it hurt clubs? I haven’t been around long enough to know how it used to work. The funding model hurts clubs vs them doing permit sales? Just curious, other than seeing some old paperwork I have no idea how it was done pre 2016 when I walked into that man cave of snowmobile dudes 😂
  9. Siege


    Haha, I forgot about that video! It sometimes feels like I’m herding cats for sure but we are a good team. Thanks for the Stoney Keppel Riders love! I love our little club and wish for other clubs to gather such a great group.
  10. Siege


    Lots of really good questions being asked to the Executive Committee this morning by Club Volunteers. 😊 Join a club and get involved! My club is always looking for volunteers 😉
  11. Siege


    100% I did do my part and vote of course and I did learn a lot from the break out sessions too. But by far the best part is brainstorming with other Club Members. It isn't for everyone, but clubs do need the volunteers that just want to stake and build bridges as well as the people that are good at organizing the behind the scenes crap. Although I also stake and help build bridges I'm definitely the behind the scenes person. Today has already gotten away from me because I've had phone calls with 2 landowners, 2 neighbouring Club Execs, our main groomer operator aka @vooodooo and emails to the locksmith and all Club Volunteers. But now plans are forming to get some gates installed and meet on the site of a bridge project this weekend. It's all coming together...next year will be easier, right? 🤪 AGM was my networking with other behind the scenes organizers and I definitely miss that.
  12. Siege


    Thanks, all good here for now! I’m not sure why but most systems seem to go just south of our place. Maybe it’s our placement between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Knock on wood we haven’t been bad so far. Sounds like another tornado touched down about an hour south of us. After similar weather last week Tornado Tuesday seems to be trending.
  13. Siege


    Oh god, I hope so!!!
  14. Siege


    That is where we first met!!! I miss the real life AGM. It was like a reward for the years volunteer hours and so great to chat in person with other club members.
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