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  1. Just wondering if anyone ordered any parts from Yamaha lately and had them arrive? I ordered some small items less then 20 dollars in price back in July for my sled and I'm still waiting. I called the dealership and they said they are still waiting for order to come in. I removed my carbs from sled to clean at end of year and dropped my white plastic spacer for choke rod into the abyss of the SRX belly and it's gone. Just wanting to put it all back together but now getting worried. Thanks.
  2. Why is this like that? MInes a 2001 and was hoping someday it would be a classic(sarcasm) and I could buy a classic permit.
  3. The vest sounds like a good idea. Last year after having no less then 3 people on blind corners running as fast as they can;'t handle go full lock up and sideways at me I might wear one.
  4. Should have booked the trip sooner but plans fell through. Any updates from around there later would be great.
  5. I see some warm weather forecasted for the next two weeks but dipping below 0 during the night. Are the trails going to survive this melt down? Looking for some advice as we were planning a March break trip around the Calabogie area but now having second thoughts. Going to work tonight in Belleville I seen a lot of bare spots and E106 looked very sloppy. Thanks. Chris.
  6. Seems to be working, seeing trail numbers again now when i zoom in.
  7. My 20 year dinosaur starts in all temps.
  8. I use the free one not the mobile app. Noticed this morning trying to plan a route I'm not seeing trail numbers on the map unless I click on the trail itself. Computer shows them fine but not on my iphone. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or just myself? Thanks.
  9. Was he upset with the tune or aftermarket can?
  10. I saw a car parked on the E106 in the mine area yesterday, moron.
  11. I was in that area today. Didn’t see it.
  12. Not sure how you feel about un groomed with moguls and brush everywhere. CHSC hasn’t groomed or cleaned any brush from Bannickburn to where it runs into Old Hastings territory about 20 km away. It was rough for me just figured I give you a heads up. I rode from home to east side of memohisto I to the maze and back.
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