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  1. I sure hope we can back up there next winter. Rode the UP for the first time in about 6 seasons last year. Enjoyed it but Northern Ontario is where it's at for me.
  2. Just curious - are a significant amount of trail passes sold to people in the US? If so that must have hurt for this past season. I don't know if it's a small number or quite a bit.
  3. Yep, that was the year. Thanks AC + YA for the better explanation. Now I'm remembering the issue was that they caused all the issues with the water. We came through twice that season - the first was right after that in mid or late January when they weren't open to guests due to no water but had fuel, and then we came up again in late March.
  4. If I remember right, it was three seasons ago. Sean had left the place in the Fall until it re-opened for winter. When he came back the place was kind of trashed, looking like someone was living in there for a bit and took some stuff. Set them back for getting it opened for that season. He had some motion cameras but of course they took them.
  5. I'll try to be a keyboard expert here... Two big issues - finding an operator or operators and trying to make the finances work. For the operators - I can't imagine how many people would want to be there 24/7, nearly year-round. Somehow that needs to be more of a crew, perhaps seasonally or maybe even the main winter operators would be there 5 days a week with some relief for a couple days mid-week. Easier said than done - I think their operators have been from the US, so I'm not sure where they'd go for a couple days. And then, what do you do in the slow parts of the y
  6. Hey, that would be great. I'm newer on this site but enjoy reading everyone's stories on here. The season before this one, we went East and ended up doing the Algonquin loop - lots of fun there too. Just something different about riding north of the border compared to the UP. Been nice to see Ontario reopening some of the trails over the past few years. Hope this pandemic doesn't kill all the recent progress.
  7. This is not good at all, but I'm also not surprised. Not sure how they could stay afloat after the past 14 months. We've been riding that area pretty much exclusively since Sean reopened it. Coming up from Indiana it's not much further than the UP and the riding is incredible up there. We start in Searchmont typically and head all sorts of directions from there but typically go through Halfway Haven at least once. It won't be worth it to drive the extra distance up to Wawa, plus if there is weather, that's not the best road to be on. I sure hope there's a way forward f
  8. My group has really taken to riding in Ontario. Grew up closer to Chicago, but just over border in Indiana. Live in Central Indiana now. The 2 guys I ride with are in Chicago. Much more enjoyable to ride in Ontario and for me, the drive isn't much different than going to the UP. We used to typically ride on the Western side of the UP, and then you have to deal with driving around Chicago. We normally start off in Searchmont. Last trip we started about an hour east of the Soo and did the Algonquin loop and back. That was fun too. Probably my favorite trail was D'ville out to Marathon, which is
  9. The Bristol has always been good for us. Willie gives us rides for dinner and breakfast.
  10. Thanks. I was more interested for future seasons. Heard people say those used to be incredible trails, with the terrain.
  11. Wondering if it's possible to ride West of Marathon towards Thunder Bay. I know there were trails there at some point - I assume they folded with the recession. We've been riding in Ontario the past 4-5 years - really enjoy exploring up there.
  12. As of now they are closed but said they will be reopening soon after the renovations. Looks like they are hiring a housekeeper/cook and operator. Not sure what that means for Sean. No doubt the place needs work but hopefully Sean is still involved.
  13. Anyone here know what's going on with Halfway Haven? From their facebook page, it appears they are making some improvements and are closed for the summer but will reopen later. Wondering what they are doing - I know the lodge could use some upkeep.
  14. We ride from Searchmont to Marathon and back Thursday - Saturday. We were surprised by how good trail conditions are given the rain that was in the forecast. Off trail is crusted over so we mostly rode on. We didn’t go into Wawa, skipped it and filled up in Dubreuilville. I’m glad we went. It’s not perfect but minimal ice issues
  15. Will do. We're dropping the trailer in Searchmont. We may end up heading towards Timmins instead as it looks like they may get less rain than the Wawa area.
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