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  1. brucebob

    Open or Closed Businesses

    The Round House Restaurant in Palmerston at the King Motel is closed. The King Motel is still open.
  2. brucebob

    2 dead yesterday

    Here is a scary story, but it ended well.https://www.parrysound.com/news-story/8073879-strapped-in-patient-breaks-through-ice-as-britt-rescue-goes-awry/
  3. brucebob

    Riding Alone/Gps tracking

    Some friends were in Quebec snowmobiling. They lost their "spot" on the trail. The 911 button was activated about a dozen times as sleds drove over it. The daughter was at home and was monitoring there tracks. Shear panic set in, 12 sos calls, whats wrong? No cell service. Hours later she did get them. They didn't even realize the spot was gone.
  4. Years ago on the trail in the middle of nowhere i had to go really badly. Good news, there was a oily rag in the back of the sled. Lesson learned. Now a roll of toilet paper is always in my trail bag. I haven't needed it for my own use in years, but it has put smiles on the face of others. One guy offered me $10 for the paper he used.
  5. brucebob

    Trails open

    False advertising!!
  6. brucebob

    Clubhouse expenses

    I have been to the moonbeam clubhouse many times. Gaston was a great guy. Always friendly and helpful. In one of our chats I asked Gaston about the bar. If the ofsc has a zero tolerance on alcohol, how come you have a bar? He told me "this is a private club, it is not affiliated with the ofsc" , but everyone thinks is." I always stop there on the way by, if its open I always order the sugar pie.
  7. brucebob

    Bad accident South of Powassan

    I heard a car and sled collided. Thats all i heard.
  8. brucebob

    Ride this Friday March 4th- Muskoka

    I dropped at Emsdale on Saturday about 11.30, the parking lot was full. the road was also full. Most i ever seen there. I dropped there a few years ago, at the most was about 3 trucks and trailers.
  9. brucebob

    Cochrane Feb 12, 2016

    The unwritten rule is to help your fellow sledders. I have been on both ends of a tow rope. I will not take money from someone that needed help. All i ask for is that they return the favor to anyone needing help on the trail. This could save a life, yours or mine. I have helped some foolish people. Sled stuck in a snowdrift on the trail and the guy was wearing running shoes. and no snow pants in blizzard conditions at night. Was he ever glad to see me, after he walked about 2 miles.
  10. AWESOME video and trails, good choice of music,
  11. brucebob

    Macleans article re sleds: Must read!!

    Do you have a link?
  12. brucebob

    2012 Arctic Cat F5 (orange)

    No price is no good. Some people post no price on something they want to sell, do they really want to sell it.This usually scares me away. Same as wanting to much for a item. In most cases the seller is wasting his and my time. I PASS ON PRICELESS ITEMS.
  13. brucebob

    Moonbeam Clubhouse

    I was there a few years ago. The fellow there said that because trails were busy they might be open more days then posted. Every time I stopped in when it is open, i ask about there sugar pie, its awesome.
  14. brucebob

    Mica mine near Mattawa

    Has anyone been to the mica mine on A112A . Is it easy to find? I might be riding that area, if conditions are still favorable.
  15. brucebob

    Conestoga Lake Trail Report and Pics...

    Diceman I also seen you at intersection 512. The location of the new warm up shack of the Palmerston Snow Kings. Your machine stands out big time. Looks great. BUT my back would be killing me after a days ride with that suspension.