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  1. Denis, Driver training is done by the previous Governor of the District, who is also our present District Vice-President (as well as a Provincial Award recipient). What's your point?
  2. Denis has a history with the Hearst club, the Mattice club and the Corridor. The Corridor President has been contacted (again). Volunteers within our District, for the most part, do not "rat" out other clubs. We all have issues to deal with and we prefer to deal with them with tact, courtesy and discretion. We are ALL volunteers trying to do the very best we can. To be a VOLUNTEER and opining about trail conditions and other issues, when you have absolutely no idea about any club operations is wrong. So what's the holdup with Hornepayne's trails, Denis? Put
  3. I've given the District Office the heads up that they'll be hearing from you about those horrible trail conditions.
  4. Beaver dam let go. Believe it's fixed now. ITG shows available.
  5. Really? You attend one training session and this makes you entitled? I think that attitude is kind of what we're talking about.
  6. Interesting thread, especially when I read a post in another thread from a member who says that a section of "red" on the ITG wouldn't stop him from riding. If you're a volunteer with a club I think it's imperative that you (we) lead by example. Every Driver Training class starts with an introduction about the OFSC, the club, what we do and the behaviour we expect from them when they hit the trails.
  7. It's not the Corridor's mandate to provide details to riders on every change to trail routing. This re-route is due to active logging operations and has been coordinated with all stakeholders, and was determined to be the safest way to reduce risks to riders and logging equipment operators.
  8. I've been involved for over 20 years, first Moonbeam and now Kap. Have done everything EXCEPT drive the groomer. Doing trail work and signage with my hubbie was my favourite activity until we started Driver Training 3 years ago. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right fit with respect to the club and or "position", but eventually you find your niche. Not everyone is cut out to sit on the board, or be the club secretary, and that's okay.
  9. Good. You know how I worry about our volunteers. And as Safe Snowmobiling Ambassador I feel obligated to nag a bit.... Have a great day on the trails. I think they're getting ready to make the L123 available....
  10. Would love to but both sleds are currently out of commission. Behave yourself. Don't be the lead on the 6 o'clock News....
  11. OK thanks. It all makes sense to me. Just curious. I'll do my best to contribute what I can. Looking forward to reading about this season's Northern Corridor shenanigans.
  12. They've seen what fun we've had in District 15 adopting Hornepayne and Greenstone. Is District 16 rising from the ashes?
  13. I'm still trying to figure out why this thread was moved to this section of the forum. The thread was not started by a member of the KSR. To the best of my knowledge I'm the only one from the club who has contributed to this thread and I'm just a grunt volunteer. It was my understanding that this section of the Forum was for club and/or district people to post info for their specific clubs. Why can't this conversation continue on the Main Forum? Jus' wondering....before I take off in my steam powered aeroplane.
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