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  1. soupkids

    Multi day run

    No problem to have you home for the 24th. PM me your # and I'll give you a call sunday night unless it interferes with you watching super bowl.
  2. soupkids

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    I don't think the CP thing will ever get fixed.
  3. soupkids

    Multi day run

    I'm good after the 20th. Would love to go on a saddle bag tour.
  4. soupkids

    Windy Lake Motel

    No gas unless you drop onto Rockies but it is a fair bit out of the way to do so. It probably 20 miles or so 1 way to back track.
  5. soupkids

    STP D trail west is open

    Congratulations to the hard work of the northbound snow drifters on getting the D trail open. Not showing on the ITG yet but it is open, groomed, and signed. You can now get from garson to Azilda and beyond.
  6. soupkids

    New STP spot link request?

    The spot is a safety tool, not a groomer tracker.
  7. soupkids

    New STP spot link request?

    It's not for public viewing anymore. You need a password, I cant even get it.
  8. soupkids

    Trail L143 Timmins to Gowganda

    I think that's grassy lake road. Talked to a buddy and it was plowed to gravel. Might want to call auld rikki to confirm.
  9. soupkids

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Got a 2020 assault 850 for the day so decided to go for a ride with my oldest son. Currently having lunch at the fire house in capreol.
  10. soupkids

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    There my be a reroute, stay tuned to the itg.
  11. soupkids

    2015 MXz TnT 800R E-tec for sale

    I suggest putting it up on the FB swap and buy sites as well.
  12. soupkids

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    I rode the same trails today that I did yesterday, over and over again. There are now mogals that will swallow a 155 of any kind.
  13. soupkids

    Seguin Trail

    Heavy wet snow in sudbury.
  14. soupkids

    Are you getting the storm

    Big wet snow flakes here right now, no rain yet.
  15. soupkids

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    I rode all day today on my Polaris dealerships demo ride. I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow. I have a new cc 850 137 sitting in my shed right now, wonder what it will be tomorrow.
  16. soupkids

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    I assume your talking trail 78. It should be yellow, not to worry, it's ok to travel it. We had a groomer incident on it yesterday.
  17. soupkids

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    All this stuff came up the beginning of January
  18. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    Your pretty close to the truth
  19. soupkids

    Need help in Kirklandd lake

    PM sent
  20. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    The whole CP thing surfaced about 10 days ago as to the exact reasons of no trails.
  21. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    Thete is WAY more to the whole CP thing. I know the issues but cannot say, sorry. The whole problem started with 1 slender in Ontario.
  22. soupkids

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    As mentioned on another thread it would be nice to have a "help me" list for different areas. email me the following with a subject line of contact info and I will compile the list. Name Address Phone # (best one to get you on the majority of the time) Area of help email address Screen name soupkids@fibreop.ca
  23. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    I think CP put up gates.
  24. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    No idea, hope not. I'm very lucky where I am, trail closures have not really affected me unless I want to go west.
  25. soupkids

    Sudbury trails

    CP police are sitting on the trails charging people.