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  1. I imagine there might be a lot of used sleds coming up for sale with this winters performance my sled hasn’t left the trailer and likely won’t with my work schedule this season this rain today is just a slap in the face to an already poor season but nothing we can do about it
  2. It’s at home I will take it in when they call
  3. I’m waiting on list still at dealer
  4. I have zero interest running a resort
  5. Just read that the iconic Windermere on Lake Joe in Muskoka is for sale $12,000,000 Never been there myself but I hope someone decides it’s worth keeping as a resort and not turned into another Muskoka McMansion
  6. Waking up to more white gold falling down is nice to see!
  7. Rail line is yellow from Orangeville to Owen sound ….. a good sign
  8. I’m sure the club volunteers are doing what they can for us
  9. Haven’t put many miles on my 650 but it’s a really nice engine
  10. That was last year there PLC was in Elmira this morning. They seem to have a bit less snow that KW but they got the extra inch or so we got last night hope we get more tonight
  11. I always enjoyed seeing them race in the trails in Kearney
  12. So we got 8 inches and more in the forecast fingers crossed
  13. That would definately help it set up
  14. 4 inches so far out there better later than never
  15. i see a couple of trails from Kearney are now yellow, its a start
  16. there is some weird white stuff falling from the sky now, lol
  17. no march break for me this season trying to stay positive but i dont remember seeing this much red on the OFSC trail map this late into January, kinds glad we stopped renting season cottages a few years back the winters just are not long enough lately
  18. Well at least the forecast is looking like winter !
  19. You can get through this Bill !
  20. Almost feels like flip flop weather in Kitchener today when the sun came out lol
  21. Well this rain has again ruined everything sign of the time I guess !
  22. Is the heated seat firmer ? I was sorta looking at it but realized it didn’t have the red stripe mine has its all black
  23. Was +5 at 7 this morning and it’s full sun right now no coat needed hope the rain forecasted doesn’t arrive or at least minimal amounts
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