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  1. Very interesting situation. The SouthShore Restoule club is in your exact position as of last week. North bay district 11 however has sent them the spare. Sad that a few of the groomers are sitting broken still waiting for repair in Lively
  2. The MSR clubs did a great job of making the trails perfect even though I thought it was going to be a bust last week . We had to trailer to Emsdale Thursday to ride but it was perfect, and with the Friday snow we were able to go anywhere right from Port Sydney. Thankyou club volunteers and also the landowners for making this years sled trip another success. Hopefully one more trip to North Bay southshore in March with the grandkids.
  3. Just got back from our full day ride. Went from the as far west as sprucedale and east as far as Edgewater park . It was awesome, I don't have scratchers took our time riding double.
  4. Awesome thanks for the info. Conditions looked better starting after Highway 60. My son says they keep getting better all the way into Restoule area. Port Sydney area needs snow badly.
  5. Looking to trailer into Emsdale area for riding. According to the trail map parking is available at the old township office. However the interactive guide shows it at the Fern Glen cloverleaf. Please advise what is correct. Thanks
  6. Heading up to Port Sydney tomorrow for a week I will update the website as I can . Thanks for your update.
  7. Just got back from Ox tongue lake. My wife and I stayed for a week. The trails were perfect as far south as kenisis lake to as far north as Sand lake (Kearney). They started perfect last Sunday and were great right until I put the sled on the truck for our trip home Friday evening. Accommodations were perfect at Lakewoods cottages in Oxtongue. Service was excellent at the restaurant in Dorset (3 times). and at Edgewater park last weekend. One of the better trips we have had since beginning weekly trips since 1979. Thanks to the Algonquin club for a great job on the trails****
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