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  1. I have hardly ever ran that stretch from Ranger Lake south on 129. If 17N is closed [and I am aiming for Wawa] I still cheat through 556 over to 129 and go up on what could/should be referred to as an Ice Road. Sure glad I don't normally tow a trailer!
  2. Those hydro pics are from the SE side of 129 then? I haven't been through that "Wilderness Trail" section before. Looks pretty docile on the map for the most part - down to Wakamata. Been through down there on ATV's years ago. It's BIG down there tho! We should try to hit that slice one of these years when they get deep snow. That would require staying somewhere around there, so maybe these Black Crick folks would be able to facilitate that for us? Where are they from Johnny's? Doo they require us to have our own sleeping bags? I know that someone around there had that several years ago. I've never been to any of the establishments in that area - other than Johnny's (Stop 129) shortly before the torch job.
  3. Ox

    No "Thanks"

    I'm guessing that you may need to disclose what machine you are looking at the site via? Obviously it werked for me on a PC.
  4. We've met (Dan Guay) and switched load (snowcheck) on the bridge before. Right at the chicken coups of one side or the other and no-one ever went through the other side. (Soo) (Buy where you ride!)
  5. Be safer if stayed on the couch and fought off bed sores.
  6. Here we go aggin ..... Hang on!
  7. Well now - a "double wide trailer" eh? Not exactly where my mind went straight away.... If they are waiting for alum extrusions, I will say that my extruder is quoting 56 week lead times last I knew. Read that again - 56 weeks.... I don't know the reason for the backlog tho to be honest. Just is I guess....
  8. We may need to send him back accrost his own border....
  9. Main lodge has been .... "gone" as you say, since 2003 I think.
  10. LOL! Yep! Parked there many times after the new owner torched it.
  11. Well, that's what we did last year.... Snow came real late and we didn't have time to go anymore. Finally went over Easter (again) and it sucked.
  12. Apparently there are a whole bunch more people willing to trailer than there was 25 yrs ago? We scooted accrost the top in 12/96 and were aboot the only ones there. I'm not sure that we seen another sled from Hearst to Cochrane, and even the next day back to Hearst! It was -40 tho, so maybe y'all sled smarter? Not harder? But then somewhere in the mid 'naughts we ran from Geraldton to Hearst (?) on Sat night, and there wasn't another track on the 1" fresh from the previous night. And y'all are selling me that they will be torn up if they get it ready? Even with a spare groomer coming up from Hornepayne? I'd haft'a see that to believe it... But the Boxing Day and New Years Day thing is real! Wasn't able to get anything to eat in Hornepayne (Centre Inn) on New Yrs Day, and Pat was closed on the 2nd too! So SDB's not exaggerating.
  13. Just what I was gunna say: SIMMONS TIME!
  14. Amazing. Sounds like you got the better part of 20", while Wawa doesn't seem to have much at all? Their goose cam seems to be down right now, so can't really tell. But SDB claims tall grass in Dubruil, so ....
  15. Likely b/c no-one plans to stay there anymore? Given it's location, most folks would likely ride from Wawa, or at least Dubreaulville to Hearst, and then skirt the top tomorrow anyway - even if the Centre Inn was still there. Add to the fact that The Centre is NOT there anymore, even those that would have stayed there, just plan to make the extra push. If you are riding trails, it's only what - 3 hours or so to the next town. Personally I have stayed at the Centre Inn many times, but not been into Hornepayne since long before the Inn was demolished.
  16. I kan't imagine being responsible for figgering out how to clean those walls/ceilings! Electric baseboard and summer A/C and in the city (doors / winders most always closed) it might not be too bad, but dust/pollen from summer and ash from the stove all winter? Eeee Gads!
  17. As I understand it: Pro: On the Kraut's version, they tend to git'chew started in the field, and then learn you up slowly as you go. You already have your feet wet in that trade before you go through all the skewling. Also - it is SO much easier to understand and learn when you can see the application for it. It just makes SO much more sense! Con: (and there are always con's when there are pro's) It is my understanding that the kids take a test early on, and via crowd gates and funnels are directed to what their scores seem to indicate a good fit. It is likely that some don't particularly like where they ended up, even if they are good at it.
  18. I'd scoot accrost that slush with my rig, but walking it is NOT on the table!
  19. So we will ride Tucson.....
  20. Well, I was wanting to add a left handed throttle, but in a much more professional way than the Goldfinger. (Those are a HUGE liability IM/HO if you ride in the trees) But - once I got in there, I found the mices had decided that my wires to my gas tank were tasty. The wires for the gauge were severed, and the ones to the pump motor were bared. So I got that fixed, and ran out of time to work on the throttle, so I had to stuff it back together as was. In the end tho - it was good that I was in there and saw the issue rather than have the bare wires short out 5 klicks into a ride 18 hrs from home! So I will likely have it back apart again - hopefully soon, to finish the job that I went in to doo in the first place.
  21. Did you happen to try taking the air box off? On my '18 it could possibly be easier to just pull the motor!
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