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  1. I'm guessing that the reason for no zerk is b/c they now have a sealed bearing. If you pushed grease in from the other side, you would likely blow the seal off the track side. Where the older units likely had open bearings with a secondary seal inside that you COULD actually push grease through w/o hurting. Been quite some time since I've had one of those apart! Keep grease in it - and the bearings don't go bad. LOL! I've never used a needle gun.
  2. At today's winds, that lake effect may end up falling in QB in stead.
  3. And to think no-one had laid any tracks in there yet!
  4. OK, so it's a std shifting gearbox, but with high tech gadgetry to cost more and go bad - so's we don't have to shift the lever by hand? Just like our truck's transfer cases! I'd personally rather have twin stick shifters like I built for my NP203 35 yrs ago.
  5. RER on a 4 stroke? I'd like to see how that's done!
  6. Is this and the other thread actually two different incidents? It kind'a looks like it - but with all too similar details?
  7. Those things look awfully tippy to me. I've seen the vids, but .....
  8. We rode that in Jan '02, and aboot got runned over by a cpl hundred Buffalo after dark. They released a few weeks or so ago that they were done with their research, but I had no idea that they would open it back up! WOW! Now one thing that I am sure that they will still keep in effect is that they have been limiting sleds to "best technology". Which for the most part has meant 4 strokes. Now in the days of direct injection, doo the newer 2 strokes count? Back in the day they used to actually have the chicken coups pressurized with fresh air as the cold 2 strokes would smoke up a storm waiting in line to get through. They still may be purged with all the busses and whatnot all summer, but the pics of those coups on a cold morning were real. In case anyone doesn't realize this - you can only ride snowmachine on what is actually US hwys (20, 6 and whatever else) that run through the park. You cannot get off the trail at all with charges of trespassing on fed land - which you may as well just shoot yourself now... And you can actually take roads in the summer that you cannot in the winter. It is just basically the loop that runs around the inside of the park, and back out to a few staging areas - including of course the town of West Yellerstone. If you wunna play, you can ride outside the park, and that is a very popular area for mtn riding. (never been) But the park ride is basically a way for you to see the features of the park from your snowmachine rather than the busy of the summer terrorists. I recommend it once, but not much reason IMO to doo it 2wice.
  9. Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell a George Carlin fan here somewhere?
  10. I know it had to come in today - as she called on it yesterday, and it wasn't there. Posted in the Doo thread - you prolly will see it before you get back here...
  11. Boy, now that _ that area is clear cut, I might git lost in there in the winter! I don't think there's any hopping on the hydro from that road tho. As I recall, it is all grown up on both sides of the road. From there out to the hwy is not kept clear AFAIK.
  12. Unloading at Domtar and heading through the campground to Johnnies?
  13. Good news as per the oil debacle: Well, Mamma checked on our parts at the brazers in Coldwater today, only to find that the whole plant is running on a skeletin crew as half the joint is off on Wuhan Flu, including the scheduler and our S&R girl! So no clue when we will get our parts, so no point waiting on that trip. So she made the trip to town for another reason, and stopped in to pick up oil. Be it Doo, or otherwise, but I told her to try NOT to buy something that stinks! (Like Amsoil Red(?)!) She called and said that I must be livin' right as the oil just came in today, and she is scurrying a case home right now! Add to that that our destination in Colorado has been gitt'n dumped on (FINALLY!) the last few days, and things are lookin' up! I got aboot a week and half of work to git out first, but then I hope to be able to sneak out for a few days! No worries - we will still make first tracks where we're goin'! They may not let me accrost the St. Mary's this year, but they'll let me accrost the Missisissippi yet!
  14. Mamma called [what I ass_u_me to be] that same dealer this AM, and he says that he still doesn't have the Doo oil in yet. But said that he has some other in stock if we wunna go that route. I have parts at the brazers just down the street, so we will be there in the next few days anyhow, and will likely pick up whatever we can get at that time.
  15. I have hardly ever ran that stretch from Ranger Lake south on 129. If 17N is closed [and I am aiming for Wawa] I still cheat through 556 over to 129 and go up on what could/should be referred to as an Ice Road. Sure glad I don't normally tow a trailer!
  16. Those hydro pics are from the SE side of 129 then? I haven't been through that "Wilderness Trail" section before. Looks pretty docile on the map for the most part - down to Wakamata. Been through down there on ATV's years ago. It's BIG down there tho! We should try to hit that slice one of these years when they get deep snow. That would require staying somewhere around there, so maybe these Black Crick folks would be able to facilitate that for us? Where are they from Johnny's? Doo they require us to have our own sleeping bags? I know that someone around there had that several years ago. I've never been to any of the establishments in that area - other than Johnny's (Stop 129) shortly before the torch job.
  17. Ox

    No "Thanks"

    I'm guessing that you may need to disclose what machine you are looking at the site via? Obviously it werked for me on a PC.
  18. We've met (Dan Guay) and switched load (snowcheck) on the bridge before. Right at the chicken coups of one side or the other and no-one ever went through the other side. (Soo) (Buy where you ride!)
  19. Be safer if stayed on the couch and fought off bed sores.
  20. Here we go aggin ..... Hang on!
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