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  1. Fuse6

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    bathursttrails.com Above is the web site for the Nepisguit Snowmobile Club, Bathurst NB Anyone interested in NB just follow this club. They have the most informative club site I have ever seen. Updated daily with grooming and weather details. Good source for maps etc. Follow it for awhile and you will soon have a feel for what the weather and trail conditions are for much northern NB
  2. Fuse6

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    They keep putting me off on picking up my new sled also. l think Someone that rides a new 900NA, hauls it in a new Triton trailer and wears a flawless Oxygen helmet is getting priority service.
  3. Fuse6

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    Signfan, I'm going to Gateway later this week, I should have 4 new New Brunswick maps in my mailbox I ordered a couple weeks ago. Can drop one off there if you would like.
  4. Fuse6

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    What a character the owner of the Serpentine Lodge is. He was entertaining us during lunch, someone was taking a picture because his beautiful dog was inside with him . Said "don't take my picture l'm on unemployment "
  5. Fuse6

    Northern Odyssey Ride

    Signfan we did NB in 2018. Picture below is our Spot tracks from Gaspe in 2017, NB 2018. Gaspe was 5 days riding 1,600 km. NB 5 days riding 1,900 km We will definitely go back to NB, doing Gaspe again this winter, likely back to NB 2021. NB is not quite as scenic as the Gaspe but still great riding. NB is fast, mostly logging roads and park roads. Gaspe lucky to average 50 kmph moving average on the GPS. In NB think moving average was 65-70 kmph couple days. So averaged 400 km per day vs 300 for Gaspe. NB was cruising at speed like you would in western Quebec, except instead of being flat and straight you are always going up and down and around wide sweeping curves so you have to be engaged. Makes it fun. We started in Edmunston, rode to Bathurst first day, spend 2 nights at Danny’s Hotel. Atlantic host is the other popular hotel in Bathurst. Did a day loop from Bathurst out to the east to the ocean. Believe call that the Acadian coast. Next time would skip that ride. Main trail is an old rail bed, lots of driveways to slow down for, flat and not much to see. Next day south to Maramichi, then headed west and Spend 2 nights in Riley Brook at the Bears Liar hunt camp. From there we rode south down to Hartland which has the long covered bridge,think something like 1,300 feet long. Beautiful country and riding down in that area. Then back up to Edmunston to complete our loop. Next time we go will likely start from Rivière du Loop or someplace in Quebec then ride south into NB making Moose Valley Lodge first night stop. There’s several lodges in the mid part of the loop, I would need a map in front of me to refresh memory of the names and possible itinerary. Gas wasn’t an issue but you have to hit the spots mid province, usually gas at the lodges. Northern NB is remote, really not much there except logging and moose hunting so you need to be packing safety gear, tools etc. lf you have already done the Gaspe and most of Quebec then NB is a great trip.
  6. Fuse6

    Great Northern Ride, Cote Nord 2020

    Thanks Willb Hope the ferry has better luck than they had last winter.. Reading the F A Gauthier ferry is to be back in service before Christmas.
  7. Any members here involved with this Charity ride. looks like a great cause to support the Landsdowne Children Centre in Brantford Ontario. We are planning to do the Cote Nord and possible ferry to Gaspe that week. Would like to confirm hotels the ride is doing to avoid not getting rooms on short notice. Thanks
  8. Fuse6

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    Plan on being there early -mid morning before the rush
  9. Fuse6

    Holiday place to stay???

    How many hours you willing to travel? 6 hours will get you to places in Quebec where cabins to rent at several lodges are an option. Christmas to New Years will still be a wait and see for weather and trails availability. Quebec would have additional permit cost if you don’t already buy an annual. 3 day $135.00 7 day $235.00 Tricky part about Lodge or Resort booking in Ontario or Quebec is cancellation policies aren’t very flexible if weather doesn’t cooperate.
  10. Fuse6

    Tie Boss

    Has anyone ever had police or MTO open up your enclosed trailer to see how the machines are secured. Hauling in 4 place trailer for years. Load up, put parking brakes on and place duffel bags between machines and go. If don’t have 4 machines will use ratchet straps to stop back machines from moving forward.
  11. Fuse6

    Need an idea

    As Nunz said the Marriott in Minett is very nice spot. Would definitely be wife approved. We have ate at 3 Men and a Stove in Huntsville a couple times. Great place to eat. Trails will be beat by Monday of family day weekend. I would plan your sledding for Wednesday or Thursday if possible to give clubs time to get trails groomed up again.
  12. Haven't stay at Auberge Vieux Moulin but everything have read always very positive for couples. Have stayed at Village du Windigo, down the road from the Rabaska Lodge. Newer cottage development, open wood burning fireplaces. Definitely wifey approved. Fancy cozy restaurant. Only one hot tub for the resort. Great spot for day loops. Very quiet place, will have to entertain yourselves. 5 Star cabin in the woods experience vs fancy hotel in more urban setting. https://www.lewindigo.com/galerie-photos/
  13. For anyone that ordered a new 2020 Ski Doo you may not be aware the new gauge cluster only has one trip meter, not two like we have had for years. Unbelieveable how BRP could go to production and feel this is acceptable. For anyone concerned contact brp.care@brp.com to register your concern. Thanks for your time and continued patience, we are sorry for the delay. We have heard back from our technical support team, and the 2020 Ski-Doo XRS only has one trip meter. We are sorry for any future concerns or inconveniences this may cause you. At this time, we invite you to reach out to your dealer to continue the conversation but please do not hesitate to reach back out to us if you have any further comments or concerns. Kindest Regards, David-BRPcare
  14. Fuse6

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    We were wondering if this is what happened. We encountered the police trail closure when we were returning back to the cottage in Harcourt. Sunday we rode past this section of trail twice. There was no sign of any crash, broken plastic, scarred tree etc. There wasn't even Tracks departing the trail which was through the bush. Condolences to the family.
  15. Slomo I meant to tell you earlier to try and run the 345 trail that runs south from Repos on a angle down to the 360 trail. Would be able to incorporate it into a visit to the dam if you haven't been over to it yet. Avoid Repos at noon on a Saturday, restaurant and fuel get extremely busy as it is a hub for saddle baggers coming from all four directions. We ended up riding 810 km in the Chaudiere Applaches region. Back home now.