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  1. Quebec $$$

    Interesting, $15.00 sure isn't very much for Groomer aquisition. Are groomers purchased by the Federation or do the clubs have to pay some of the capital cost also?
  2. Tell Me About New Brunswick

    Thanks Slomo for taking the time for all the links. Will check them out.
  3. What can you tell me about sledding in New Brunswick. For the past 10 years a group of us have been going to Quebec once a year for our sled trip. over the years we have seen most of the different regions in Quebec. Last year we did the Gaspe for the first time and thought it was Heaven on Earth for a sledder. This year we are considering NB to try something different. Will be going first week of Feb. so hopefully snow isn't an issue. We will saddle bag, likely ride for 5 days. Any suggestions on starting places, must see , or lodging recommendations? Guessing we will be in the more northern part of NB. See there is a Northern Odessesy loop when googled. Lots of resources when researching Quebec on the web but not so much for NB Thanks, Steve
  4. Online trail permits now available

    Have a new sled coming, isn't at the dealer's yet. If it's not here by Nov. 1 what can I do with out a VIN # for the early order permit? I called the OFSC office today. All you get is automated recording telling you to go to the web site for permit info.
  5. Trading my sled on a new machine. Does the license plate stay with the machine or do I need to remove my Custom Numbers and transfer plate number to my new sled?
  6. Love Quebec

    Yes there was fuel at Windigo, right behind the main Reception building, just a 250 gal tank . There was no signs or anything from the trail, never know it was there if hadn't seen it when we went snowshoeing . Was the station at Saint Anne de Lac closed all winter? normally we have stop there for gas and to eat but this year we had stopped into both Rabaska Lodge and Mekoos so never drove passed the pumps to know if they were open. Important stop for people heading N. Notawassi Lodge straight N always has fuel. Stiill think my best sled trip was first time to ML.Just wow this is fun riding the fast smooth twisty up and downs trails all day. Before that was always impressed with Twin Mountain, Buckhorn and Paudash trails on the years they had adequate snow to make great trails. Use to have a cottage and Catchacoma. Steve
  7. Love Quebec

    It's worth the drive to Mont Laurier!! Went twice this winter, first trip with my son. Second trip with my wife and stayed at Village Windigo. Great place if you are travelling with your spouse. Would still be reasonable if you had 4 guys to split on a 2 bedroom cottage. Been going to that area several times since 2008. Was planning to make one more trip there last weekend but my son couldn't go at the last minute so had no one to travel with. This year for the first time did the Gaspe Bay 5 day trip. if you love ML that is just a warm up to how good the Gaspe is. Don't know how you could find nicer trails and scenery. 11 hour drive does make it bit of a tour. Next year I plan to make 4 trips to Quebec, need to find a couple new rider partners for couple of the trips. If you want to get a feel for the different regions of Quebec go to: quebecrider.com Quebec has a little older more mature crowd of serious sledders. The local people are wonderful and really rely on the riders from Ontario and the U.S. Language never seems to be to much of an issue.
  8. Mont Laurier or val d or

    Majority of Val Dor is flat , fast and straight. Mont Laurier is hilly and twisty, in the woods most of the time. N of Mont Laurier has several nice lodges to either stay at or ride to for lunch destinations.Comfort Inn in town has a hot tub. We stayed at the Village Windigo couple weeks ago, very nice place, bit pricey. Woodrunnertrails.ca is good resource for the area and lodging. 2 very different types of riding areas
  9. Sled wreckers in Oshawa

    Oshawa Cycle I believe is who you are looking for. moved to S Oshawa likely 5 years ago. Spoiled Sports in Bowmanville buys insurance wrecks I think.
  10. Mont Laurier quebec

    Carm, Rabaska is the only one I have stayed at. We stayed there this summer for 5 days. Previous winters just stopped in there for lunch and fuel. Lodge and Resturant is very nice. The cottages are clean and tidy but not luxury by any means. Driven through Village Windigo, looks 5 star, very fancy, if taking wife may be the one. Havent been to Club Fortbrune. We just made the decision now to head up there this weekend. may call them about lodging.
  11. Mont Laurier quebec

    You want hotel in town or one of the lodges N of ML. Lodges are all about another hour extra drive time in truck. Hotels have Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Best Western and I believe a new Super 8 opened now across from the Quality Inn. Last winter we stayed at the Comfort Inn, been about 4 years since stayed at the Quality Inn. Really liked the Comfort Inn, trail is just 200 feet down the side walk, once your at trail you can go either N or S which gives you more options and better access from loops in both directions..LaGage Resturant right on site is excellent, sports bar, great food and lots of Craft Beers on draft. Indoor hot tub, you have to book your time to use it, no charge. Gas station across the road, and big grocery store right next door. Haven't stayed at the Best Western, does look good on the web site. For Lodges there is Village Windigo, Rabaska, Club Fortbrune, Meekos and couple others. Google "Woodrunner Trail". Will give your lots more info on the area and lodging options. Are you familiar with the FCMQ interactive map. VIAEXPLORA
  12. Quebec- need suggestions

    Have been going to Quebec with a group of guys each winter for the pass 6 or 7 years. i wIll give you my personal opinion for the areas we have been to. Everyone has their own type of riding they prefer so each will have their preferred areas. We always stay at one location and do day trips for the 3-4 days we ride. This year we are Saddlebagging the Gaspe Bay. Been to Mont Laurier, St Zennon, Lac St Jean, Val'Dor 1. Val'dor. Is mainly flat, straight and fast. If you enjoy riding 70 mph all day freezing your ass off its the place to go. That type of riding doesn't appeal to me. Lots of guys seem to love this area but not my style. 2. Lac St Jean - Saugenay. Great riding but 10 or 11 hour drive from Toronto 3. St. Zennon. Good riding , not quite as hilly as Mont Laurier, great area but if I had pick of one I would go to Mont Laurier. 4. Mont Laurier. Has everything I like for sledding. Hilly, twisty , mainly through forest. Fast trails where you can really test how your sled handles. Has several lodges to the N of Mont Laurier to make for destinations for lunch or a break. Have Devils Mountain and Chutes du Windigo(waterfalls)to check out. Lots of options for day loops. North and east is the nicest riding. Grooming is usually excellent .All the sled dealerships are right in Mont Laurier. Havent been to Victoriaville area yet, booked in to Mont Laurier Feb 8-12 right now. May go to Quebec City or Chaudiere Applaches to try someplace new.
  13. Are you familiar with quebecrider.com All the answers from veteran saddlebaggers you will need for Quebec.
  14. Quebec Ideas

    Personally I like the Mont Laurier area . Very central to do day trips from in all direction, North and east of town is the best trails. Devils Mountain and Chute Windigo to check out. Google Woodrunner Trails for more info. several nice lodges to make as destinations for lunch or supper. Comfort Inn is where I've stayed last couple times, heading back there mid Feb. 6 hour drive from Bowmanville, 2 hours straight N of Ottawa. Depends what type of riding you like. Val'Dor is flat , fast and straight for the most part. Mont Laurier is winding , hilly, grooming is usually excellent. PM me f want more info. Port Perry is my local club.