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  1. chez-nous cest skidoo


    yup ! ... "half load"is all the truck could handle ... lol ... cheers
  2. chez-nous cest skidoo


    Here we go boys & girls ... was driving home last friday, " autonomous driving " 401 west near Colborne ... no mistaking whats in these boxes cheers
  3. chez-nous cest skidoo


  4. chez-nous cest skidoo


    I'm a little bad ... cheers
  5. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Cleaning Plastic

    i use spray nine on all my textured sunbust yellow panels with a stiff brush, works great so far cheers
  6. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Anybody Ride Today? Kinmount - Haliburton or Bancroft - Whitney?

    Thanks for the clarification Livin, I thought south of Kinmount was also considered the "rail trail " - hope I didn't confuse anyone cheers
  7. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Anybody Ride Today? Kinmount - Haliburton or Bancroft - Whitney?

    dropped by the staging area in Kinmount yesterday , no stagers in lot, walked my dog south down to the first gate which is still closed, trail leading into Kinmount is solid ice with about 8-10cm of snow on top, was very slippery, fell on my a$$ twice, no signs of groomer tracks. IMO trail will need another 15cm of snow before they start packing down with the groomer. slow start .. boo ! cheers
  8. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Weather Forcast

    yyyyup !
  9. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Merry Christmas!

    great news for sure, will be planning a trip north sooner than later ! Happy Holidays & all the best to everyone, cheers
  10. chez-nous cest skidoo

    From the Luc's Seat

    great tips - thanks for sharing cheers
  11. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Quebec Free Trails Weekend

    so where would be a good place to go to ride on the free wknd in the "La Belle Province " im originally from Quebec, but havent sledded there since 1979 & the areas i sledded in the West Island are now all long gone & housing developments as far as the eye can see. cheers
  12. chez-nous cest skidoo

    First Open Trails

    you are correct sir ! thanks for sharing
  13. chez-nous cest skidoo

    Skidoo Pilot 5.7 skis

  14. chez-nous cest skidoo


    unfortunately i cant see them boosting HP for 2020 as it could seriously affect 850 sales not to mention piss off the current 900t owners, however a 129" skid & few more color choices would be nice cheers mike