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  1. wrightonalan


    I had to cancel td years ago because of big increase on sled and motorcycle.Then they didnt care about me dropping them either.
  2. wrightonalan

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I have the team and its really warm
  3. wrightonalan

    MF Ski Whiz

    my first sled was my dads 335 single 1971
  4. wrightonalan

    ITG User Survey

    At least they are trying to make it better .
  5. wrightonalan


    I just noticed a little section around collingwood opened up ,anyone have any info on this ,thanks Al
  6. wrightonalan

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    A small yamaha dealer in my area is already done with selling yamahas,gave it to a big dealership,skidoo did this to a small dealer i bought a couple sleds from,havent bought a new doo since ,i like dealing with smaller shops.
  7. wrightonalan

    Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    Yupper buyer beware
  8. wrightonalan

    Planning on purchasing a newer used sled

    For once ontario isnt the most expensive ,thanks for sight info
  9. wrightonalan

    Good Samaritans and a Cautionary Tale

    Do you know what the issue was ,i have a 1200 too and had a loose ground by right footwell last month,cheers al
  10. wrightonalan

    Cancelled Wing Night

    Sad way to end the season,i did make it there once this winter by sled though ,the chicken fingers were good
  11. wrightonalan

    Busted up in Cochrane

    Ive always studded my tracks for safety reasons,its bad luck if you have one go into your heat exchanger ,but they could also save your life .
  12. wrightonalan

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    The 900 ace turbo in a gen 4 chassis will be a sweet ride ,looks pretty awesome too.
  13. wrightonalan

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    My wife doesnt sled so i might have to ask for forgiveness
  14. wrightonalan

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Skidoo wants to keep the 4 stroke guys happy but dont want 850 guys buying 4 strokes.They dont need to compete with yamaha and cat.Skidoo already sells more 4 stroke sleds than anyone else.
  15. wrightonalan

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Its most likly a 900 with a turbo so weight would be close to a na 1200.I agree 150 hp sounds low ,but would make a great trail sled im guessing .