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  1. wrightonalan

    Snow for the end of September?

    you guys are missing the point ,snow in september
  2. wrightonalan

    FXR - Best time to buy and where

    i bought mine from cabelas online and saved a ton.Fxr also sells stuff cheap online too.fxrracing.com
  3. wrightonalan

    Looking for 1200 or 900 BRP Enduro or GT

    great trail sleds
  4. wrightonalan

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    Looks like lots of new doo owners
  5. wrightonalan

    OFSC survey

    You beat me too it as i was typing
  6. wrightonalan

    OFSC survey

    they say it will be fixed by tomorrow.
  7. wrightonalan

    Danger 4 stroke torque andlight throttle pulls

    I have a 1200 that i use muffs on and never had a problem ,eco is great for loading on trailer,nice and slow and also doesnt burn belt .Tons of torque and nice light throttle pull.I hate to see people having accidents but wouldnt blame the throttle.
  8. wrightonalan

    Arthur & Durham trail conditions?

    Get out and ride,only one day left in this area .
  9. wrightonalan

    2020 Yamahas

    My bil and nephew bought new cats a couple of weeks ago ,prices were awesome.The new line up for 2020 has good prices also.There are also no 129 inch tracks anymore.
  10. wrightonalan

    2020 Yamahas

    arctic cat dumping sleds mid season is going to change,not doing it after this year,textron is going to stop over producing and dumping leftovers.
  11. wrightonalan

    2020 Yamahas

    i would buy a cat at crazy discounted prices before ever paying yamaha price.The 2020 yamahas seem ridiculously high to me.
  12. wrightonalan

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    I like the trail pass violation part
  13. wrightonalan

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    im thinking yamaha will just get out of sleds soon.
  14. wrightonalan

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    my driveway is still a skating rink
  15. wrightonalan

    New guy