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    Best Cold Weather Suits

    Bought brand new Klim stuff last season. My favorite by far. Have used FXR and HJC, but the klim stuff is top notch..

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    I did notice how busy you where with the conversation. I did not want to bug you guys..

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    We will be there. It was nice to say hi today..

    Oxygen Helmet

    Both our 850s have been bullet proof rockets this year. No issues what so ever. Mine has 4000kms on it. Same original belt. No issues. If you do not belive me, thats your issue..... IMO, its the guy behind the flipper..

    Oxygen Helmet

    The Dutchman and I have one each on order...I’m not worried at all about it. Best helmet I’ve ever wore hands down. Our dealer only has access to 12 units. And I have 2 spoke for...

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    Had a great time at the show with my buddy 14Snow... Nice to see you again Revrnd, sorry we did not get a chance to chat, and great chatting with Fire242, always a pleasure Glenn. And also nice to see the Evil twin sister Good. Nice to see you guys again. Was great to see all the new iron. I’m glad I had a chance to try on the new Oxygen helmet. The Dutchman and I have one each on order. Sounds like dealers are only allowed 12 each. Glad ours are ordered. Also there is something snowchecked for myself as of this afternoon. Thanks leatherdales........

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    When we rode from Matagami Quebec to St. FELIX, it was 190kms exactly. I had a liter and half left in the tank of the 850... Did not help that the hydro line was a to the bar day..

    how last long sliders live

    2015 ski doo renny 1200. 8800kms on stock sliders. Stock belt. Yah.. 2 sets of carbides. No issues what so ever. Now on a 2018 doo mxz x 850. Over 3000kms, no issues.

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    No gas in Saint dominique when we went thru 2 weeks ago. We ran mattagami to saint felix for gas. 190kms exactly and we were sweating it, as we were pushing new snow..
  10. IQ TURBO

    New Liskeard - Quebec crossing

    We had the same issue with passes. We bought ours in notre dame du nord at a gas station called Rachel Roy (sonerco) down the street from steves gas bar(crevier). Steves gas bar is the first gas station the trail takes you to.
  11. IQ TURBO

    New Liskeard - Quebec crossing

    Quebec grooms right to the river bank..Heres a pic from top of river bank on quebec side from last thursday am..
  12. IQ TURBO

    New Liskeard - Quebec crossing

    We used this crossing last Thursday morning, as well as last Sunday morning. Good to go. Lake temiscaming is staked and the river is staked. BE sure to follow stake line around mouth of the river. Take your time and stay on the left side of the bank of the river opening if your coming from liskeard. Safe ride..
  13. IQ TURBO

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    I have ALWAYS enjoyed the northern corridor du nord here in ontario. IMO the best trails the province has to offer. Spent 4 days in quebec last week, and although i enjoyed it and we rode 1400kms in 3.5 days, i am not dying to go back. Id rather ride northern ontario and be done with it.. Just my opinion...
  14. IQ TURBO

    Helmet Suggestions

    Yep, your right. I mis read the info. It's a constant red light strip thats on.
  15. IQ TURBO

    Helmet Suggestions

    Good to hear. Definitely looking forward to the more open faceshield design.