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  1. Let him know he has to pay to play..
  2. This trailer is now SOLD, SOLD, SOLD................ THANKS to KIJIJI.CA.....
  3. Its this simple people, until the law changes....
  4. I agree totally SJ.
  5. For me personally, it does not bother me to get the truck and trailer safetied each season. I have no issue with it. The issue i have is the backwards laws and regulations. The RV one is the biggest, or seeing the rust bucket trucks and trailers out there. The miles we do, and all the wear and tear on equipment, i do not mind having my reputable shops look after my stuff. Just legislate to be fair and make sense...
  6. I welcome the change, but am cautiously optimistic. I safety and sticker my truck and Triton trailer each season, but still have to see the changes to believe it..

    Your last ride this April

    It definitely was a GREAT time eh. Just another day in the corridor..

    Beer cans on trails

    On our trip into Quebec this year on the free weekend, we followed a group from Ontario, and AT EVERY possible stop they were drinking like fish. We even seen them one morning drinking at 10am. Just another disregard for others safety, and disrespect for landowners etc.. Such a shame..
  9. Browsing the listings on www.realtor.ca and I come across this. This is Black Creek Outfitters is it not? Link.... https://www.realtor.ca/real-estate/20359429/0-2-bedroom-single-family-9538-f-highway-129-huron-shores-huron-shores
  10. IQ TURBO

    Royal Distributing

    Hmmm. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if any sled stuff will be out on the shelves still?, or will it all be put away.
  11. IQ TURBO

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    You know me...
  12. IQ TURBO

    Hornepayne - Hearst

  13. IQ TURBO

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    ..texting someone doesn't help..