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  1. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Again chicken disease, do not post stuff you have no idea about. Our 850s can and have ran 200kms with between 6 to 8 liters of fuel left. For a 165HP 2 stroke, and some speeds we run, i think that is pretty damn impressive fuel milege. Like i care about it anyways. We actually ride, and am not worried about 5 dollars of more fuel. And our 900 ace is magnificent on fuel. Your 2 up 900 should not be compared to anything less for fuel milege and weight. ITS A 2 UP...HELLO......
  2. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Looks like you can only get the 900 turbo in a renny. HMMM decisions...decisions....
  3. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I may just keep the turbo part of my name now..
  4. North Adventure Inn

    Apparently from their facebook page, restaurant is open. Whole place being ran by a couple from hamilton..
  5. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Just a thought. I like the sounds of the stable having a 2018 900 ace, a 2018 850, and a 2019 turbo????Doo of some form or another. I just need to convince Mrs. Iq turbo. .. Not hard..
  6. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Timmins has lots of places to eat. Pick your fancy.. majority are good..
  7. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    We may just make it out there yet..
  8. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Mrs. Iq turbo and myself have rooms booked at westway for march also. Hope to see some familiar and new faces there..
  9. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    Good loops are the canyon, timmins-iroqouis falls loop, out to Kap and ride all the local trails. Moonbeam clubhouse and or restaurant in moonbeam right off L123. Smooth rock falls at Smooothys is also not a bad place to eat. If i was doing the timmins iroqouis falls loop, i would eat in timmins. Im pretty sure there is a small restaurant in iroqouis falls. Im pretty sure its not far off the A trail near the petro can. But can be wrong. Cochrane breaky has always been timmies if staying at westway, but we have ran out to smoothys for sunday buffet breaky also on our way to Hearst. Truck stop across the street from the travellodge closed now, but also had good breaky. In cochrane we ALWAYS eat dinner at the ice Hut...
  10. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Hmmm. Very interesting stuff..Have to have a nice chat with leatherdale marine. We will see..
  11. Zrtkat in Amos drinking coffee

    Very nice Greg.. Enjoy..
  12. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    Well just when you thought it will not be open this year. Things might just be turning around.. From Kap Snow Rovers Facebook page...
  13. Zrtkat is in Matagami

    Thanks Greg. We will try our best. We have rooms booked all over the place. We are literally chasing the snow.... Pretty confident we will be fine.. Take care..
  14. Zrtkat is in Matagami

    Greg no issue if you guys stay at it. Get a early start and you will be fine. Take care..