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  1. Look forward to it. Bikes look great in front of that sign.
  2. Nahhhh! Cant be the only thing..
  3. New Cochrane sign also..
  4. Was on The Westways facebook page and noticed a picture of some oc members enjoying some summer riding.. Bikes look good Evil and sis...Look forward to another group ride with you guys..
  5. Our go to place to stay in Hearst. Owner has always treated us great, have rooms always when we call, and friday night disco night with the Dutchman is downright hilarious...
  6. Ms Iq turbo and I may attend. That's if ski doo owners are welcome.
  7. Also like the ..if im still on a viper..
  8. Yes new avatar will be SKI DOO..
  9. Applys to vehicle license too.
  10. I like the last part of your post. Good for them.
  11. You will like them.
  12. Oh yah.
  13. Gonna be a long freaking wait... should not have snowchecked that rocket.
  14. Just a little pic of the A 103 east of base camp. Looks like a green southern trail to me.....
  15. Judging by the forecast for you this week, looks like more snow then you had all winter.. Ride on Denis..