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  1. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Searchmont to halfway limited at best. A lot better Halfway to wawa. D trail on west side wawa a mess. Logging and road running very poor signage. Hawk up to Dub pretty good. Soft new snow. Hasn’t been groomed for a week for sure. At turnaround south of dub fresh groomed and smooth. Getting quite warm here. Think it will be a lot better in a week. Good luck.
  2. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Ok thanks. I guess we will find out shortly. Should see you up there tonight. Jim
  3. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    1049 did you ride up from searchmont? I am in search now and heading north in am. How was Trail up to Dubreilville? Looks good so far?
  4. Dropping at Heyden

    Thanks guys. We are going to searchmont and drop at the driftwood. Talked to Carl today. Thanks again.
  5. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    Thanks Ski. We are heading into searchmont and dropping at driftwood. Carl sounded great on the phone. Great advice. Prob spend a night there as well. We are booked in Dub for wed thurs and fri night. Have been wanting to go back and explore some of that country since I was last thru. Can’t wait.
  6. Dropping at Heyden

    North of Sault at 17 and 556. I’ve been thru there on way to wawa. Thought I had seen trucks and trailers parked there? Anybody have input on parking at Heyden? Trying to plan trip for next week. Thanks.
  7. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    I see it is green from Sault on thru to Dub. Is chez Gaston still open or is Magpie only place to stay in Dubreilville? Thanks.
  8. I have carried a folding saw for years. Use it regularly. I personally maintain a few Kms of seasonal forest access rd as it is the road into our hunt camp. Makes it easy for local club to groom that section.
  9. Lake of Bays ATV Club is officially offside

    Once again I say... make the snow machine lic a trail permit. Every licensed machine in province would have valid trail permit. More funding for grooming and trail maintenance. It would require cooperation between mto and ofsc as well as individual snowmobile clubs. MTO would take in funds at licensing and distribute funds as needed. I know crazy eh.....
  10. Question about BRP's spring orders

    I'm with Dennis. My last few new machines have been renegade adrenaline. Only diff is I like to upgrade track to 16 in w ice ripper studs in 1 3/8 profile. Same foot print as 144x15 w great trail handling. I can go anywhere.
  11. So happy to see this movement of groomers actually happening. I have said for several years this should happen. Too many groomers sitting in the south while the northern clubs struggle to keep theirs running. This is progress.
  12. Top B102 closed in Dist 6

    It is a contentious issue. I own 100 ac that has what was once known as a "road" thru it. It is a groomed trail now. The "road" is now on my property and not on the original road allowance, which then ran ALONG the property line. We use our property year round. We now have sleds, 4 wheelers, jeeps, trucks etc travelling thru our property. They think they have the god given right to be there, because there is an existing trail.(not a legal road allowance). I am a land owner in other areas of the province as well. I recognize that we need and value these trails within the province. I am continually amazed at the expectation and perceived "rights" of these users. The members of our club are aging. I am not yet retired and still working to put kids thru school. I fear for the future when I have the time to further contribute to my region and club. The sense of entitlement and disrespect that is displayed by some has to change. I have personally been harassed for being on my property while a passing snowmobiler has been slowed down due to my use and enjoyment of my own property. That's hard to take! I love my land, I also love my toys. Please don't force me to choose between using my toys on my land and sharing my land with the rest of the province.
  13. Top B102 closed in Dist 6

    What do the lesters have to do with this? Not sure I understand. This is a shame. I would bet it has been festering for a long time. Constant 4 wheeler traffic in off season and busy winter season. Both groups have continued to show a lack of respect for other people's property. This is an important link east west and north to round lk and B trail. Very sad to see it happen.
  14. Haliburton to Dorset/Huntsville?

    We had guys at our camp last week. Rode down thru park to red stone. No stakes and very few tracks on red stone. . Heard kennisis was not staked. As others said, eagle and moose staked and good shape.