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  1. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    Yep that was the point...no idea about lakefront closer to GTA. Not my thing. Thanks for the geography lesson Z. Ya that’s my real name....right. I’m out.
  2. ATV’s on OFSC Trails on Crown Land

    Much of it or some of it....I hear this regularly. It’s always from someone that doesn’t own any of this kind of property. I OWN the frontage on my two lake front lots. I know because I did the paperwork. I also OWN the “road” better described as seasonal trail, that travels thru my hunt camp property. I have no problem letting others use this portion of my property. I do get tired of people telling me what their rights are to my property tho...
  3. White River/Marathon

    Searchmont? That’s easy. Driftwood chalets. Google it. Talk to Carl. Awesome place, parking, reasonable. Good luck.
  4. Wawa or Cochrane

    Same distance I’d go Wawa. Drop in searchmont and ride north. Lots of places to play from search thru halfway up to Wawa. East of half way over to Chapleau also cool w lots of area to explore. Good luck.
  5. White River/Marathon

    I was up there in January. We rode from Dubreilville to white river, turned and back to Dub. Pretty decent fast trail out of Dubreilville but then tightened up and pretty twisty on last half. At the time there were 3 pretty major washouts on trail. All closer to white river. I would expect it’d be a pretty full day from Dubreilville thru to Marathon. Good luck.
  6. Riding tomorrow??

    Friends just home from cottage south of Whitney. As of Friday, B trail to Moose and Eagle was mint. B trail across to Spectacle Lk was perfect as well. Little rough patch coming off B into Whitney, as usual. I’m sure it was busy this weekend tho.... Talked to neighbor today and very little freezing rain. Pretty much all snow. Hope this helps.
  7. Haliburton Lk trail 10

    Ahh..I see. Thank you.
  8. Haliburton Lk trail 10

    Thanks. I did see that post. I know the lake and would travel it this point in season. Thought it might be something on south end of lake that connects to E trail. I guess we wait till Tuesday?
  9. Haliburton Lk trail 10

    Trail 10 from B to E...I see it still shows closed on OFSC site. Any body w info on wether Haliburton Lk is staked? Thanks.
  10. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Sorry I brought it up. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing. That should work eh...future looks bright... Not sure whom you are referring to about being cheap and whining? I will continue to support the system and buy permits. I do believe it can be better tho. I will also continue to be a supportive landowner that allows the trails for the benefit of all. I guess we all do what we can....
  11. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    Doesn’t need to be that complex. I believe permit cost would be reduced and create more funding. I believe it would simplify enforcement. I believe it would create an improved, stronger trail system. We have different opinions on this. That’s ok.... Im out. Work to do.
  12. WILL O.F.S.C. open their fat wallet

    I would like to see a system where the snowmobile license is a trail pass. Every licensed snowmobile in the province has a valid trail pass. More funding and a lot less enforcement issues. Perhaps even incorporate basic insurance into it. A guy can only dream eh.....
  13. Hunters with rifles on 301!

    More of the entitlement attitude. Bought a permit so they feel like they have “ownership “ of the trail. I also have private forest access w snowmobile trail as well as a few farm properties that we ALLOW trails on. We are constantly challenged by these users when on our own property, hunting, cutting wood, etc... How dare we interfere with their use of our property!! Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of organized snowmobile trails. Committed multiple permit buyer for 20 plus years. You can well imagine how the farmer-landowner must feel when confronted by these type of people....
  14. Upper Michigan-Muninsing

    Shhhhhh....lets keep that between us eh!!!
  15. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Searchmont to halfway limited at best. A lot better Halfway to wawa. D trail on west side wawa a mess. Logging and road running very poor signage. Hawk up to Dub pretty good. Soft new snow. Hasn’t been groomed for a week for sure. At turnaround south of dub fresh groomed and smooth. Getting quite warm here. Think it will be a lot better in a week. Good luck.