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  1. J Feces

    600 ACE Sound Level

    Not an owner, but I rode one when they first came out. It’s almost like it has an electric motor. So quiet the track noise seems loud.
  2. J Feces

    BITTER Lake to REDSTONE Lake need advice

    I looked at the map. I know Redstone pretty well, never been on Bitter. Looks like Piccadilly or Arnott lane will put you on the ice. Not sure if those roads/lanes are plowed or not. Can’t imagine you’ll have any trouble by the looks of it. Good luck.
  3. J Feces

    Gas - Wilno - Esso

    We also always gassed up at that station just before Wilno going east. Sorry to see it go. Very convenient. It wasn’t always so easy to get gas in BB as it is now. As to price differences between Whitney and BB? Way more competition in BB than Whitney. Is what it is..
  4. J Feces

    Revrnd's Adventures

    That’s a great ride. I know it well. How was 173 and 175 up to Madawaska? B trail across to Whitney in decent shape? We have a group going to our camp on 173 this weekend. Trying to give them an update.
  5. J Feces

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    Zoos I’ve read your posts. I get what what you think of your position. Do you own any land besides where you live? Do you OWN any land that trail crosses? I do. A few hundred acres worth. I think my opinion has value. I’m an actuall invested landowner and will continue to be. Are you???. As I said before, I’m all in. I just think we need to realign where the money is actually spent. You will continue to bitch about being able to ride out of your yard. I will continue to provide land and support for trails that actually have value. Hundreds of sleds pass through my property on any given weekend on land I OWN. You are going to educate me? I’m sorry I don’t think you can understand my concerns. I’m out.
  6. J Feces

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    There needs to be more of this, a lot more of this.
  7. J Feces

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    Sad reality I guess. We will continue to pour money into areas that don’t deserve it. I will continue to go north. I will always be a permit buyer. I will always be a cooperative land owner. My land will continue to be used by those that don’t deserve or earn the right to use it. Am I the only one that sees this as a broken system??
  8. J Feces

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    Ok so the long and the short of it is all clubs need more trails for more money. See my post above...I can’t help but think some of these trails shouldn’t exist. Too costly to operate for the short period of time they are used. I get it, I understand, I live here and support the system. It seems like a waste to have new groomers sitting in a shed that they might be able to use, vs clubs that have snow, traffic and conditions that deserve better equipment.
  9. J Feces

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    So would I. Pics are of trail on back of my home farm. To be fair this trail is not listed as open. That doesn’t mean it’s not being ridden though.. I kind of have to question the point of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a life long snowmobiler and supporter of the system. I also own property in the north that has an ofsc trail cross it. The money, time, and effort to put a trail in place in the south that might get 3 days use, and I say might! When we have areas in the north that have adequate snowfall and temps for a full 90 day season or more, and can’t get decent equipment to work with. It seems to me that it has gone backwards. We have used our trailers in my family for 50 years to access our property and good snow conditions. That will not change for us. Trying to sell permits based on being able to ride from home in the deep southern portions of the province seems crazy to me. Sorry if I have offended anyone..
  10. That’s not logging...they are widening the road into camp Gan Israel so they can get their buses in easier. I think we as a group are lucky to be able to use their summer road as a trail in the winter.
  11. J Feces

    Pembroke to Kearney in a day?

    I would think you can do it. We do round trip loops w that kind of mileage in the same area. It’s a full day on those trails. Other option is cut up highway 60 and head for round lake area. Probably no further drive and cut some miles off ride. Only problem is you miss some of the best section of B trail. Either way. Good luck.
  12. J Feces

    QC puts the hammer down.

    I’m personally happy to see this. There needs to be more people speak up about the negative impacts of pipes-cans on trails and landowners. Enforcement is only part of it. There needs to be more willing to lead by example and take a stand. Good job I say.
  13. J Feces

    Coe hill bancroft area

    More specific to Bancroft area....I see MLSS 179 and 180 are still red. Any body in the area w update? They are usually some of first open, however I know Baptiste can be the last lake staked in the area as well. Thanks.
  14. J Feces

    Is there anywhere you can park in gooderham

    I think someone else might have suggested....just pastGooderham is Tory Hill. Park right beside trail. Very safe and lots of room. Good luck.
  15. J Feces


    I have a rule at our camp. If you have a can on machine, your not welcome. Same goes for no permit. I will not ride with or be around those that have so little respect for the landowners that allow this system in the first place.