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  1. Giddy UP


    Hi. This is ‘t a business ..this is a private cottage for rent if anyone is looking for a great place right on the D123 in town. Just doing a friend a favour and hopefully helping others here find a place. Giddy UP!
  2. 5 BEDROOM Apartment! Hey Everyone! I am posting this for my friends - the Owners of Kearney O’Niel’s Pub in Kearney! They have a 5 bedroom flat above the restaurant they are looking to rent for the Season. Jan 1 to March 31st 2019. Apartment has 5 bedrooms, each bedroom has either Queen or double bed, 1 bathroom, Large Kitchen, Living Room, Large Screen TV with Bell Expressvu, and of course Restaurant/bar right downstairs! Plenty of parking for trucks and trailers. Trail off D123 is groomed right into parking lot. Walking distance to LCBO, General Store. Gas station right there too! $4,800.00 for the season. This is a great opportunity for a few friends to share. Pictures coming soon! Please send PM if interested and I will connect you with the owners Giddy Up for a great sledding season!
  3. Giddy UP


    I am sure Michele will give you a good deal! I put in a good word for ya
  4. Giddy UP


    Anybody looking for a great place to rent for the winter sledding season? My friend has a 3 bedroom cottage that sleeps 6 right on D123 in the Town Of Kearney. At this time they are open to renting for the entire season. Check it out www.thelakeviewcottage.ca - also right on ATV trail too for fall! walking distance to LCBO, Suds on Main, Legion, Kearney O’Niel’s Pub, General Store If interested, please contact directly at thelakeviewcottage@gmail.com Snow Dancing has started! Giddy Up for a great season ahead!
  5. Giddy UP

    Tatachikapika Lodge

    Agreed! Nice lodge, greataccommodations and much needed in that neck of the woods!
  6. Giddy UP

    Fantastic Cochrane trip March 17 to 22

    Great trip! The snow is still pretty deep when u step off the groomed trail. 4 days of riding, 1,000kms of easy riding. Trails were groomed to perfection. Thank you to all the great volunteers and the Polar Bear Riders for another great year of riding in Cochrane! Still lots of riding up there to be had! Giddy Up to Cochrane! The Westway was great as usual, certainly the busiest I have ever seen up there.
  7. Giddy UP


    Thank you Dan! Your assistance was very much appreciated. It is exactly this kind of help and i for ation that makes this Forum such a great place to find it! I am glad he is safe amd has a place to stay for the night! cheers! Giddy
  8. Giddy UP


    UPDATE. She has received some help. All is good. Thank you
  9. Giddy UP


    Thanks. I have sent her all the accommodations In that area to see id anyone can help, and also messaged Dan Senior, but nothing yet. Waiting now for her to let me know if she was able to find help. Thanks a bunch
  10. Giddy UP


    Thanks Viper
  11. Giddy UP


    Posting for a friend. Any help appreciated URGENT...NOT A JOKE...Help needed....My Husband Albert and his buddy were sledding and are in Searchmont, ON (north of Sault ST. Marie One of the 2 sleds is completely disabled....there is no vacancy in the limited accommodations there due to family weekend....is there anyone up there who could A) give them a place to stay tonight and or the same or different person who could help them get back to Port Severn with or without the sleds. If he can at least get back here he can drive back up there with the trailer to get the sleds....but if somebody has a trailer that he could get them to bring him home ...he will work something out with you to compensate you! Text me 705-816-6116 or call me......This is posted at 5:58 PM Saturday. Otherwise I have a 6 1/2 hour drive ahead of me tonight one way!
  12. Giddy UP

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Thank you
  13. Giddy UP

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    First of all. Let me make myself clear. I am not from the city, i have lived in the country for most of my life. Second, my family and my friends are also hunters. And i am certainly NOT entitled! I am sorry, do you know that these hunters were in fact the land owners? Sounds like you have personal knowledge of who they were? I happen to have friends that have had these wolf hunters tresspass on their land in this same area and do this very same thing and yes Blake, I was quite shocked more than anything to see this. I have been sledding for 50 years in and around this area, as well as Northern Ontario, long before OFSC had trails. I was suggesting that I find this perhaps a safety issue. I am not suggesting that a hunter can not use his or her land for whatever use they want, they absolutely have that right. However, accidents can happen, I was simply posting a warning that they were there. I think I was perhaps disgusted by all the blood on the trail and the fact that the animal had been left on the trail. Sorry “boys”, but this is not something that you come across everyday on the snowmobile trail. A warning to let folks know that they are on this trail I thought was warranted in case there are others that would prefer to take a different route.
  14. Giddy UP

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Perhaps the snowmobile club could post a sign so sledders are aware of it happening
  15. Giddy UP

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    The trails were great. Base is thin over the farm fields. Definitely more snow closer to Midland. You are correct Reevester, it was Tiny Marsh not Wye Marsh. Either way, if there are hunters shooting on the trails (assuming it is their property), where sledders are riding, perhaps there should be a notice or something for folks to be aware of it. It is concerning that if they shoot rifles where there are people sledding there could be an accident! This animal was shot on the open trail, not off trail.