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  1. Suffering sled withdrawal ... grrrrrrr!

  2. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    And just for STG ... :wavey:
  3. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    Thanks, Rich. When I figure out timing I will definitely give you a call.
  4. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    Thanks, SJ. I did respond to your PM. Let me know if you decide to do the RAN this year ...
  5. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    Thanks, Canuck. I'll definitely check out the Clarion and the website!
  6. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    Thanks, WB. Possibly leaving from Whitestone, but not sure. I was thinking of leaving from North Bay.
  7. maple

    Looking to do the RAN Tour

    Smart ass. Thanks, slomo. Hopefully I'll get some good ideas.
  8. Haven't been on the sled in awhile (got 1/2 km in last year before the clutch went and nothing yet this year) and really want to get out on the trails. I'm looking to do the RAN and would appreciate any input regarding timing, lodging, etc. Have never done a saddlebag trip before so this will be new for me.
  9. maple

    Sad News - Sean aka DooNut

    Condolences to Daphne, Sarah and the family. Sean was a great guy and will truly be missed. I, like Slomo, remember vividly the Three Lakes Tour of 2008. It was great to see/meet other OC'ers and tour the lakes with a great group of people. RIP, Sean.
  10. maple


    The Kelly Shires ride will be going through that area Saturday ... just an FYI.
  11. maple

    Abitibi Canyon

    It didn't help though. LOL!
  12. I'm asking for your support as I take to the trails in the 13th annual Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run. For the fourth year in a row, I will be leading a group of women 150km in a women-only snowmobile ride to raise funds to help those battling breast cancer. Please consider support this worthwhile cause by clicking the link below. http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=1302508&langPref=en-CA See you on the trails! PS A huge thanks to those of you who have sponsored me already, not only from me but from the individuals who will benefit from your support.
  13. maple


    Wish I'd known earlier ... already have plans for the weekend. Definitely want to get some time on the sled before the Kelly Shires Ride in three weeks!
  14. maple

    Haliburton Forest January 7 & 8 2012

    I don't think it's the icy ones he has problems with in particular ... although almost every corner could give him trouble.
  15. maple

    Toronto Snowmobile Show-Who's Going?

    Yes, STG ... it was me! Thanks so much for paying the ransom ... it will help finance my snowmobiling trip(s) this year! Things have been busy ... enjoying my grandchildren has been so much fun! Now that things are slowing down, I'll be online a bit more ... you're welcome for the warning. It was great seeing everyone at the show. Worked the Kelly Shires booth again, bought some clothing (nothing Ski-Doo branded so you can keep those comments to yourself, SledJunk) and bought the trail permits. Can't wait for the snow! Looking forward to seeing everyone on the trails!