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  1. I had a heated seat 3 years ago on a viper. I made the switch to Doo and I kinda miss it. Only appreciated on a couple of rides per winter but it was nice. Have a new Enduro on the way and am looking forward to having a warm tush once again.
  2. Friday was a Chandos-Coe Hill (hide away lunch) - rail trail south to Marmora loop.Saturday was Stoney Lake ride with 14 of us to Honeys for lunch. Sunday we had a mini snocross track at a friends farm and had all the kids on 120’s. Peak season around here .
  3. I hope your lunch was satisfactory, sorry i missed ya, I was out riding.
  4. We couldnt be so lucky.
  5. i will sleep safe tonight.
  6. My doo muffs fit with the handguards on my 850.even the little flip out mirrors still function.
  7. Just heard of a pair of sleds in Chandos . Guys are ok.
  8. I made the move to the ski doo muffs and thin gloves 2 years ago , been great . I take a ribbing for the muffs but when you wake up in Cochrane and it’s -20 everybody wants them. Usually carry one pair thick gloves in case grips quit working.
  9. pt3189


    You got the lot that reverend mentioned. Closer to Havelock is a large lot on county road 50 approx 200 metres South of Highway 7.both are right on trail.
  10. I live on Belmont Lake, icy , cottage roads. Buddy going to work this morning was blocked by 2 stuck bmw’s and an Audi ,all suv’s. Seventeen people headed to a newly sold property that is now an Air BnB .
  11. Reid’s Store , with gas is open under new ownership , at East End of Stoney Lake just South of Nephton.
  12. My son is starting 3 years of college in Owen Sound , 4 hour drive for me. Trying to plan some hub trips and really missing the ITG. Just upgraded trailer yesterday.
  13. Thanks for the reply, May give it a shot tomorrow. I plan every ride around my stomach.
  14. Hey Rev, what would be available for food in Apsley these days. I ended up at the general store for subs last year a couple of times.. We used to frequent the Stoney Point Marina on Kosh but it hasnt opened for two winters now.
  15. Any idea on the conditions on Rice Lake. I have some friends that want to get to Bewdley from the North east.
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