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  1. So far BRP have been pretty helpful. Would be nice to save my deductible and making a claim. I have pics and a vid but unsure how to attach
  2. 2022 Xrs 850 with 2900 kms . Last day of riding in Timmins, had already done 600 k the first two days. Twelve of us headed to Iroquois falls. I’m in middle of group, about 45 minutes into ride I begin to smell a faint odour of gas fumes. I check my gas cap and link gas caddie, all good. I think it must be a loose gas cap ahead of me. Within 30 seconds we are at a road crossing and I flag the group to pull over. I tell them I can smell gas and they should check their caddies . After being stopped on trail for 20 seconds or so , smoke starts coming out of my vents,open left panel and see flames about 6 inches high. We scramble and try to put it out with snow to no avail. Within 30 seconds it was fully involved . Really sucks as it was the first brand new sled I have ever bought. Something either came loose or rubbed through.
  3. I had a heated seat 3 years ago on a viper. I made the switch to Doo and I kinda miss it. Only appreciated on a couple of rides per winter but it was nice. Have a new Enduro on the way and am looking forward to having a warm tush once again.
  4. Friday was a Chandos-Coe Hill (hide away lunch) - rail trail south to Marmora loop.Saturday was Stoney Lake ride with 14 of us to Honeys for lunch. Sunday we had a mini snocross track at a friends farm and had all the kids on 120’s. Peak season around here .
  5. I hope your lunch was satisfactory, sorry i missed ya, I was out riding.
  6. We couldnt be so lucky.
  7. My doo muffs fit with the handguards on my 850.even the little flip out mirrors still function.
  8. Just heard of a pair of sleds in Chandos . Guys are ok.
  9. I made the move to the ski doo muffs and thin gloves 2 years ago , been great . I take a ribbing for the muffs but when you wake up in Cochrane and it’s -20 everybody wants them. Usually carry one pair thick gloves in case grips quit working.
  10. pt3189


    You got the lot that reverend mentioned. Closer to Havelock is a large lot on county road 50 approx 200 metres South of Highway 7.both are right on trail.
  11. I live on Belmont Lake, icy , cottage roads. Buddy going to work this morning was blocked by 2 stuck bmw’s and an Audi ,all suv’s. Seventeen people headed to a newly sold property that is now an Air BnB .
  12. Reid’s Store , with gas is open under new ownership , at East End of Stoney Lake just South of Nephton.
  13. My son is starting 3 years of college in Owen Sound , 4 hour drive for me. Trying to plan some hub trips and really missing the ITG. Just upgraded trailer yesterday.
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