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  1. Those where also some of there reasons they gave. I just had the feeling they are. going to shift there world wide marketing to more of an eco theme.Could be wrong but thats were the money is. Peter is a very smart guy.I guess the money I gave them over the last 50yrs wasn't enough.
  2. The Forest announced today that they are discontinuing there acclaimed dog sled program.One of reasons given was there going to focus on a less impact user experiences . I think that spells trouble for sledders.
  3. One trailer I store has a solar powered vent with a fan.I believe it is from a marine application.
  4. Dr Cheerios has come with a new way of keeping NBPS closed down. AS of today we have ZERO new or active,and hoping to be out of Red.Oh no we are not an island and other regions have cases.So we are staying red.Guy gives me a migrane.
  5. Nice of them to open skating rinks,to bad the ice has been pulled.Our Trails will be open Monday thanks to the over site allowing them to be maintained.
  6. I live in the same place as you,must be why I would say the exact same thing,"I felt they didn't appreciate my business". Ended up at Northland Rec.
  7. Look in the Ontario North section under 400 twin laning. I explained it there.
  8. I believe it is 21 cases,All in 1. apartment building. Drop them off some pizza and toilet paper,and lock them down. Not the whole region.Mean while the members of the X country ski club are having a very gay old time.Please don't support the Dr that has very little qualifications for the job.Google him,go to medical sites.not much there.Take Dr Bonni Henery for example,somebody that helped so much with SARS in Toronto and area and read the pages long resume on public health qualifications. Dr Cheerios has a agenda that needs to be stopped.Oh and there is no provincial record of the brazilian strain in NB.
  9. Unbelievable. Our numbers don`t even begin to justify this. What does DR Cheerios have on the the Chief MOH. Did they go to medical school together or work together? Northbay has all there active cases in 1!! apartment building. Parry Sound is up from 3to 4. The fact that we are the only ones out side of the GTA not to released from lockdown is almost criminal.
  10. Pretty easy pickings for anybody enforcing unfair lockdowns. Tends to keep people away.
  11. It looks like that letter could have been sent to Minister of Sport and Tourism. Mt Packenham ski resort got an exemption to open from them.The MOH for Leeds et all didn`t even know about it. They are in a grey lockdown area.
  12. Should be green except NB had an out break at an apartment building with 17.otherwise NB had 2 or3 and PS 1. Same problems as your health unit trying to compare Frazerburg with Barrie.
  13. i go out every day.Perks of trail maintenance.Most clubs in D10&11 are grooming with the blessing of the OPP.
  14. He needs some of his own medicine. He is an anesthesiologist.
  15. I had one as well. Single carb.Machine looked new from the dealer as a left over.$595.00
  16. No it's CP. Cp and cn cross paths south of there.CP heads east fora bit then northward,while CN comes from the east a bit before taking it's journey NW through the new alignment. Not that it matters through this area as they trade tracks. Cp goes north CN south.I expect they do this because the limited sidings available for trains to pass.Never the less good to see cooperating. We are hoping to use the old 69 corridor,But I am not going to be involved the way they are going.Completing date to Parry Sound is 2017,2020in writing from MTO. My estimate is 2030,that would make my involvement in organized volunteer snowmobiling at over 55 yrs. Time to throw away the oars and pull the boat to shore. Cheers
  17. Yes it is permanent.Thank CP rail for that. However we have a trail off of C that will be ready next year that is much closer to C105d. Then the whole thing will change again when the 4 lane expansion comes across the Key river.
  18. Yet it seems like 1/2 the Town of Parry Sound is out skating on the Big Sound today.
  19. Oh I saw them. Put up a trail Closed sign. They rode around it.
  20. So I talked to my MPP today. I said I was disappointed in his local health unit officer making his own rules. I thanked him for being in the country. He said he would get back to me on my concerns.I said don't worry about that I will call you tomorrow and the next day. More to come tomorrow.More should do this instead of taking up bandwidth.
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