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  1. Greatings. Probably not a lot of guys hanging in here right at this time of year but wanted all arrangements made this summer. Looking for hotel that is easy access. No running payment down town to get to room. And not too run down. Last 10 day trip north some hotels where seeing better days. We will have truck so restaurant close by is ok. Thanks
  2. My daughter bought this last year. She fogs everything and the oxygen does Not fog. She is a seasoned sledder and loves it.
  3. Condolences to the family and Daves friends. I didn't know him but he certainly was a good person by the pages of stories and memories posted in all these pages. RIP
  4. Sorry for your loss. Cherish every moment.
  5. Can you still get gas here ?
  6. About a foot fell in Severn since Tuesday night to Wednesday night.
  7. Never sledding area before I didn't know how many miles you could out on doing speed limit and trail conditions. I know it's easy to put the miles on in Cochran,. Don't try that around orillia area.
  8. Can anyone elabrate on a day trip out of Gowganda, returning to lodge before dark. Thank you
  9. Can anyone tell me if they have stayed at Rocky's cabins. I understand they have no bathrooms and I am ok with that. Probably February or March trip for one night. 1. Warm? 2. Clean? 3. Lots of parking for 3 Trucks and Trailers? 4. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Updated Sale of MXZ 900 Ace Blizzard. Actual tack when done the season. 11,900.00 Call 705 686-7781
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