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  1. The last 3 years I’ve bought 2 Quebec and Ontario passes last year I didn’t use the Ontario ones. This year I may have to forgo the Ontario ones . In the big scheme of things the passes are a small part of the deal I’ve put 400 dollars worth of gas and oil though the two sleds in one day before .
  2. 1049

    Gaspe by SXS

    I’ve looked into it a bit more they have IQuad very similar to I moto niege . Most of the trails don’t open till may 15 so there’s not much showing up get .
  3. 1049

    Gaspe by SXS

    Yes it currently can be . the group I watched had mostly big horn tires there just a 4 ply we have 8 ply tires you can still puncture them but you’re odds are better. I carry a spare and lots of tire plugs
  4. 1049

    Gaspe by SXS

    I watched a You tube guy that has done this a couple times this is his route. Most of the group he is with are even older than me lol and it’s a fairly large group and they had a host of problems . Most of the tails are fairy good pace and there’s only 2 couples going I think it should be ok . I’ve rode Gaspe 4 times by sled but have never been there in the summer
  5. Has anyone done the Gaspe loop by SXS just wondering what maps to use ? Planning on leaving end of July starting in Amqui . Tentative route so far . Amqui to Point a la croix - 219 km Point a la croix to New Carlisle - 245 km New Carlisle to Perce 183 km Perce to Murdochville 235 km Murdochville to Mount-Saint-Pierre 75 km Mont-Saint -Pierre to Cap Chat 149 km Cap Chat to Amqui 164 km
  6. I keep the tax savings. My dealer charges me $200 per sled to run them through and the buyer pays $149 licensing fee plus his taxes
  7. The dealer I normally deal with has no problem running a sled through them but he also hasn’t been taking trades . He doesn’t sell X3 s SXS so I bought from another dealer they would take my sled on trade at a ridiculous low price plus the new sled was 400 more and would not let me run my sled through them .
  8. I’ve sold my last 10 sleds private but run them through the dealer to save on the tax it’s worked well so far but getting tougher to sell them . The one I sold this spring really surprised me only took one day to sell .
  9. There a lot good information in this thread can’t really think of anything to add done this trip 4 times by sled but never in the summer . We are planning a trip for the end of July with our SXS this summer starting in Amqui but haven’t done much planning yet probably 7 days to do the loop . As far as safety I don’t really think there will be many issues in the summer .
  10. I haven’t done it myself but I think it’s around 155 miles
  11. I think you’re probably right it looked pretty dirty in the picture’s. I thought the decals looked odd but I wasn’t sure .
  12. I seen this on marketplace looked like a ok deal
  13. 2022 Skidoo XRS 600R, 1694kms, electric start and reverse. Heated grips, 1.25 x 129 studded tracks. RAS-X front suspension. Asking $10,950 plus HST For more information email [hidden information] Hammer Equipment and Powersports Inc hammerequipment.ca
  14. Haha I thought the same as you . I had it priced fair and a few dollars worth of SC1 and I can sell everything 🤣🤣
  15. The open trails must have everyone excited again I sold my sled today LOL
  16. Automotive Paquin Ltee Saint Bruno -de-Guigues ?
  17. 1049


    It’s been a rough one Rick my lowest year since 1998 (1200km) already looking forward to some SXS trips . Hopefully you have a great summer on two wheels !
  18. 1049


    1900 I’m pretty sure I’m done 😢
  19. Well i think the X3 is the better choice for the day lol
  20. I think going to Cochrane is probably the right choice it’s melting like crazy now
  21. I think it’s coming to a end here in Fugereville
  22. No I haven’t I rode half way across from Amos last Tuesday and that part was really nice
  23. I would start in Amos or Val-Dor at this point did a 130 Km small loop around Lorrainville this afternoon lots of bare spots and rocks there calling for 8 degrees on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday with a chance of rain both days . I’m going to be up here all week so I will see what happens . Trails were still perfect around Val-dor yesterday when I left
  24. 1049


    I think I met you guys just east of Lorrainville around 11 there were 4 of you ?
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