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  1. Me and a chum spent a cpl days in a warm-up shack back in the 90's. We walked there b/c we knew there was a pot belleyed stove in there. We were glad for the [only partially crushed] empty's on the floor, so that we could cut them up and melt snow in them. .
  2. Who is asking this? Any guys? I always find that any border agent that is giving a hard time, is some chic that apparently has a power complex. The guys see a cpl of rednecks in a truck with sleds on and don't find any concern there. Not sure how we throw up red flags to the chics? Our crossing was at The Soo as well. I crossed at Windsor - prolly 3 yrs ago aboot right now, and was going to Toronto. I had a Siemens CNC control that needed work, amnd a fella that I have dealt with via mail and internet in Toronto would doo the work for me, but I didn't want to wait for the post both ways, and besides, who knows if it would make it alive. So I drew a chick at Windsor, and I told her that I was going to T town to get my "computer worked on". "All the way to T Town to get a computer worked on?" "Yeah, well it's not your every day computer." Yeah, I got pulled over and had at least 3 if not 4 agents crawling all over my truck. ... whatever .... .
  3. My . boy . eh? ... comming from Michigan to boot?
  4. You can leave your Wuhan Institute for Biological Warfare Flue cards home. Was up there aboot a month ago. .
  5. Well, don't feel too bad. There was one night when we were riding in the UP in the mid 90's and it was really late, and I'm sure that we were running on little sleep, and we just couldn't make it back to town. Started nodding off while riding through the trees wasn't a good plan, so we actually stopped for a bit to get a wink or two. (we were close to town) .
  6. Just to place a helpfull post in this thread - after eyeballing all your pics: Since I see that you have had the moniker "Killswitch" for over a decade now, I can only guess as to the reason for the name. Helpfull hint: A rubber band under the kill switch solves unwanted killings. You can still kill it if you hold the button down, but if you happened to just bump it - it will just spit for a second and then continue. Unfortunately - a rubber band only seems to last one season these days. The quality of rubber bands has seemed to deteriorate over the years. .
  7. I was wonderin' aboot that - on both accounts. Just couldn't tell if there was fence in there or not for sure. .
  8. Any explanation as to why the deer just stood there?
  9. That sounds like Brian Johnson? Who is taking the vids here?
  10. Oh heck, I'd longtrack that sucker! Matter of fact, a chum of mine did that 20 yrs ago! Here is a 162" tracked 550 fan Polaris, with light weight hood, snorkel intake, and no seat.
  11. I have never understood how the longer tracks git blamed for moguls? 121" is a special length that doesn't doo damage? But the same sled and motor with a longer track to disperse the weight and torque somehow builds whoppers? My 3" paddle may throw chunks, but my 165" track isn't going to dig holes. Especially when I can't go nearly as fast as the shorty's. .
  12. Well, in our case, it was likely winter of '02/'03. But that does seem to follow your roughly 20yr pattern tho. edit: I think that it was '00/'01 now that I think aboot it a bit more. (which sleds we were sportin' at the time.) Yeah, looks like Jan 4 / 01 I trust that they have a hydro line near there that looks like this? I know that;'s not Algoma. .
  13. Parry Sound looks high on the depth chart. We ran up there once many years ago when they got 5' in one dump. .
  14. One thing that I am envisioning is that you must need to "rotate" the camera digitally to git it to show up as up? Meaning that when you tighten it into the socket, "up" could be anywhere... ???
  15. That looks like the north one at Cross-over road, that is just slightly off the road and onto the entrance to the hydro. (as can be seen from the pic where the trucks are parked) It's been there for >25 years, and no-one has even known that it has been there for the last 20 yrs as the trail dog legs around it now doo to a bad bridge just south of it. The smaller shack is at the bottom of the dog-leg at Bauparlante Rd (5-10 klicks N of Halfway) and then the trail buggers off the hydro N/NE up to Cross-Over and then doubles back, where there is this shack. This update, along with the new one south of Halfway that I mentioned earlier, must be part of their prep for no Halfway. They must be gunna put a sign out on the road to let folks know it's there? This is right here, just east of the bottom of Tik Road. https://www.google.com/maps/@47.7275684,-84.3139526,2000m/data=!3m1!1e3 I wonder if they will doo anything to the smaller one at Bauparlante Rd or not? Just guessing that they are only aboot 15 klicks from each other via trail? .
  16. "Use at your own bloody risk" Isn't that what you agreed to when you bought your tag? Actually, I just saw a new (to me) warm-up shack not far south of Halfway the other day. I guess that I don't recall exactly where it was now, but it seemed pretty close to me to bother having it. I am pretty sure that it was on the hydro line somewhere, or at least in that stretch somewhere. Maybe there will be a Garmin SPOT hanging by the door at Halfway. "Pull chord if in deep schidt" .
  17. Well, there are certainly some Yanks buying passes that haven't the last 2 years! Michigan, Wisconsin, and even a few stragglers from Indiana and Ohio. I'm guessing that the bulk of New Yawkers head to Quebec tho? .
  18. Uh ... this is in Canada. No theft here... ??? OK, so it's not Hearst, Hornepayne, Revelstoke, or Golden... ---- OK, so put a crank handle pump on the diesel. Crooks are lazy eh? --------- After talking to my LP guy recently, "stealing" LP isn't all that easy. Especially if you don't have the proper stem in the tank, and you're not gunna install it when full! You can let it go out into the air, but to actually git it into something to scurry it away in bulk would require a bit of work, and you are gunna leave tracks for 60 klicks. A cpl'a game cams in the yard, and maybe a cpl more on the Loop Lake Rd, and a fella should be down to a reasonable risk? .
  19. I have watched this year after year, but have yet to understand the obsession with tag numbers? Is this a lottery? Who wins what? Is it the highest or the lowest number that we are hoping to yield? Maybe .. the fella closest to the average, or maybe means? (without going over?) Does the prize money come from the OFSC, or the club that the winner is linked to? Maybe ... MAYBE I should'a asked all this BEFORE I ordered mine? If it has anything to doo with delivery date v/s order date, I'm afraid I will likely lose that race. .
  20. Just like the cabin, the infrastructure is already there. I would like to think that the clubs would be allowed to fill the tank(s) there pre-season and just keep track of who uses what/when. They had been filling the diesel tank throughout the year, but maybe they could top up both tanks (the gasoline tank as well) with diesel to be able to make it through the season. Would likely want to replace the 120VAC pump with 12VDC pump so that they could power from the groomer, but that would be all that would be needed. Even tho the lodge is closed and no-one around, I would hope that the clubs would still be allowed access. I see no reason why not to. There would be nothing gained for not to. The clubs could fill, or partially fill, one of the LP tanks to have heat in the cabin when they come in as well. Algoma Snow Plan said that they were prepared for this scenario, so ... Maybe someone will start selling gas at Anjigami? Personally, I expected them to just close the trail - like they had done previously. But I s'pose that F was open to Dubreuil back then? .
  21. I wouldn't be surprised that they may keep the cabin for the groomers available. ??? .
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