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  1. Or the moose rub them off.... I'll jist go further north where the folks aren't such Nancy's.... Our very first trip to sled in The Great White North, we were the first ones accrost the KB river between Dubruil and Hornepayne (after Ray told us that WE were Nancy's (not his words)) and we broke trail to Hearst on the old trail @ -30*. First ones through from Hornepayne for the year. Signage was almost non-existant, and we'd never been before. There was some really funky worshout in the trail that was maybe 6' deep, no signs. We arrived alive. Slo: Did you ride alone, or did you hook up with a random rider? Possibly the guy in the one pic? I have gone alone and hooked up with another group before, but in the end broke away and went on my own anyhow. I can only stop and eat so many times in 1 day. Not that the food at Pat's Resto isn't fine, but how hungary can you git since stuffing your gut with an Ernie Burger? Mike: You've prolly seen those slide before, but I was up helping my chum put the gable ends on the 2nd story of his new house/cabin in Da UP Eh! Roof had maybe 6" of snow on it, and we were walking around it deciding how/what we were going to doo (?) and all of a sudden it started to slide - remember - 2 story.... I just happened to be off to the side by a cpl feet, but he saw it coming and started to run away from it, and he could not outrun it. It basically tackled him and semi buried him. His nail pouch was completely packed in ice! LOL! Thing is that he knew better to try to outrun a falling tree - just step aside, but it just took him by surprise. Wish I could upload that 3 seconds of video from my brain to Youtube! LOL! .
  2. I could have lived in the 50's so much easier.... But the best sleds of the day were old Model T's, so ....
  3. Showing hydraulic fluid in the crick no less. If you take that pic down, I'll edit my post. What say?
  4. "Sue" I have a CNC lathe that was retrofitted somewhere down the 401 corridor several years ago. (before I bought it) I forget what it was that I didn't like about it, but I asked them if they would edit the ladder to opperate like I wanted. "Sure, we can doo that!" .. .. "Uh, you're state-side eh? ... Uh, I think we will pass...." "What?" "Yanks like to sue over everything." .
  5. Define negligence? If it was decided that they didn't need to doo any more than the basics, then not signing the rest would not be negligent. Other than aesthetics, all the signage starts down a rabbit hole. Now every Gomer is expecting that any little dip in the trail coming up will be signed. And if it's not? If a hole opens up? Then what? The precedent's has been set that they can expect anything other than the Corridor Du Norde to have every curve signed.
  6. Boy, I'm starting to rethink this sledding thing.... Maybe I should just stay home on the couch?
  7. Re "signage": Personally I hate all the signs. I ride a trail in the bush and I want it to look like wilderness bush! Plus all those signs take time and money. Is there an overabundance of those ? Then - in stead of not over-riding your line of sight - you are counting on signs, and then when one sign is missing and you pile it up - the club is responsible? You could tare them all down other than turn signs at the concessions so we know which way to go, and stop signs.
  8. Gold mine. And a lot of clear cut along the way. https://www.google.com/maps/place/ON-652,+Ontario,+Canada/@49.9808761,-79.799432,19250m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4d22e8f77d5f8409:0xb3ae0486c24f4c5d!8m2!3d49.44608!4d-80.473326
  9. Answered like a politician...
  10. So - how does this differ if it had been a skidoo trail going the other direction and that joker didn't stop?
  11. How on Earth does this git to be a safety concern? Sounds like a lobbyist stance when they can't find any other good reason...
  12. Why not? That could be fun too!
  13. Must'a been a "mini' blizzard? Are those "mits" on your handlebars? I have an old set of Doo mits that I have used for years, and they are just plain shot. Mine are just foam, not the big heavy ones that are better suited for touring. It looks like yours may be similar. ??? I like your rack. Don't see many go that route anymore, but that makes things SO much better for stowing. Toss a bungee net over the top and drive on! edit: What's the wheel on your ski(s?) Does that somehow facilitate garage use, or use as a disk blade to act like a scratcher? Sure hope those fields turn into bush roads soon! edit II: Seems pretty far N for dairy farms? . .
  14. My bad, I thought he said Idaho.
  15. Judging from the webcam, I'd say they got up to 3" overnight, but that's the first fresh snow I've seen there since I started watching over a week ago. Actually, that's about the only fresh snow that I have seen anywhere during that time. Monarch Pass in Colorado (where we normally go) did pick up 6" the last week or so, but they are still below 40" base at the ski hill. A chums chum there has a cabin near the top and said they have 2' of snow, but no base. Dig right down to the ground. I think I have a GPS at the bottom of the big hill at Tog, and a helmet along the road somewhere outside of town, so maybe I should go back and see eh? We will go wherever, but anywhere that has snow right now is not fresh and will be pounded to death. Wawa got more out of that big storm than anywhere in the Rocky's. You prolly got the e-mail too from Snowest that Island Park got some snow last week? So you know that lots of folks will be going there this week now. We'll go wherever the snow is, whenever it gits there....
  16. No, not moving there. Just could possibly go there to sled is all. (They are about the only ones with snow currently.) .
  17. Good grief - what's goin' on in Idaho? Quite possible that we may head to Island Park soon. Doo we want to re-think that?
  18. Can you back this up in some way? I am sure that not all accidents that happened with alcohol, would not have happened with no alcohol. (follow that?) How many could be the other guy's fault? Other guy blows a red light, yet since this guy blew a .1 - he must be the problem - sorta thing. Same has been in regards to minor drivers. The problem Shirley couldn't be with the adult. It has'ta be the inexperienced minor's fault.
  19. I wonder if you can load "Wilderness" bounderies?
  20. I've not used a "Garmin" auto GPS before, but does it really leave breadcrumbs and save waypoints?
  21. Y'all have short term memmory issues? .
  22. Well I aint had a drink in 25 years, so - not too worried aboot that...
  23. Boy, pretty low threshold for non-compliance around here.....
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