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  1. Ive got to admit man your are the high miler champ.While Ive heard hearsay about some quebec guy that put 25000 kms in 2 years.You my man are here and now ....congrats
  2. griff you sending emails from florida? cant get enough eh ....Puggz you wont be disappointed in Rabaska or mekoos both are top notch well except windigo resort , exceptional chalet/condo accommodation and gourmet food better than your fav place in your town or city.be prepared to pay 275.00 each a night includes break and din but worth every penny.Trails are (Ontario 10+) quebec 8.5 to bucket list.
  3. A couple of us Likely heading out to temagami/cobalt area riding to and around temiskaming shores/new liskard
  4. Hey guys wondering if there is any parking overnight for a few days for trailer and truck along or close by this hwy 12 route from beaverton area up to washago
  5. 528rick

    Quebec Weekend January 20th

    x2 on the Sainte Ann du Lak, park in behind restaurant/ motel in town and sled north to 100 Lakes outfitters
  6. 528rick

    The Quebec Report

    Ok group Thought it wood be interesting if guys and gals would post there food experiences, trail conditions,fuel considerations and any no no 's in Quebec I can tell you that are group was at the Outfitters Mekos and 100 lakes about 120 km north.For those of you who are not familiar with outfitters these are lodges with rooms,cottages and chalets.They generally have great food ,fuel ,liqueur and pretty much everything you need for snowmobiling . The trail conditions north of sainte anne du lak on jan 7-8 can best be described as #401 of trails with approx 8 inch of hard packed table top snow and typically a few inches of powder.Stepping off the trail will put you in snow up past your knees. With the lack of snow in southern ont and cochrane motels filling fast This is a great option and personably a better one if your going to trailer 5-8 hours north ...See Yah in Quebec
  7. 528rick

    *** 5 feet of snow ????

    Yes 5 feet of the white stuff south of Erie Penn. over to Buf
  8. 528rick

    I think I’ve been converted...

    Gather round boys and girls I have a Christmas story to tell. Years ago Manufactures used to and still do put big block high HP performance motors in chassis no matter the vehicle that while drive straight and true leave something to be desired when going around corners.Alas most MFG continue to this day to promote top HP and top mph while relegating handling to the dustbin and why not speed sells .No Cats or Poo were mistreated ,bused or harmed in any way in the making of this public service
  9. 528rick

    I think I’ve been converted...

    GRIFF thats quite a package .do tell more Addemum sorry baylaker and fellow readers spring package only for handlebar adjustment, mxzx for sure consult dealer for add on equipment for your model
  10. 528rick

    I think I’ve been converted...

    BTW Baylaker once you get some quality seat time in that machine im sure you'll be that much more impressed. It rides like a normal sled in a neutral skid position soft till you throw the handlebars full forward move up to the front of the seat as far as possible and i doubt you'll have to lean much to lead if desired
  11. 528rick

    I think I’ve been converted...

    Im going to enjoy those new shocks when your riding my sled.
  12. 528rick


    alrighty then anyone else that has a pass ill take it
  13. 528rick


    Hey Monte i"ll take that pass call me at 416 230 9015 to make arrangements for payment
  14. 528rick


    looks like wildlife is booked saturday if anyone cant make it let me know as i have a couple a guys interested
  15. 528rick

    Webcams for ride planning:

    x2 on the revrnd MTO site... lots of interaction and info http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/traveller/trip/map.shtml