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    17 mxzx 850 13 mxz 800 08 mxz 03 mxz 700 02 legend 99 mxz 84 moto doo 79 bliz 5500 76 sonic 72 moto ski capri with such rare options as go anywhere 18 bogie wheels,4 bed springs, non carbide skis for powerfull bank to bank road turning, 6 stops to a gallon, fleur de lis trim over hemi orange , dual headlights sometimes, 336 jello motor with carb open to gut for quick choke when cold or hot, slim foot runners for quick action sliding down of boots for extra stopping power, easily seats 3
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  1. 528rick


    Hey apexman I see your out of uxbridge how is the trail out of town and are you on the east side of town
  2. 528rick

    Friday ride.

    let me know what time
  3. 528rick

    Friday ride.

    Thanks for the update fish hey griff maybe head north to the top of curve lake
  4. 528rick

    Friday ride.

    any reports on trails around rice
  5. 528rick

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    Glad to here your in fairly good shape after bailing on a runaway sled,Let us know what the dealer says.Im curious to know if you had a tether switch connected to you
  6. 528rick

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    Well its being a number of years while sledding it snows like crazy, a beautiful sight indeed.Ran today from north end pigeon lake through the pinery to the b103and straight to haliburton.trails were for the most part where good to very good with mixed riding lakes and trails.Thanks master scout griff for direction and new guy Chris
  7. 528rick

    Eagle Lake

    Nice pic yukon how much do you fiqure fell and do you have any update info after the rain.Griff we"ll likely see see you at fenelon propane fri morn.The trail shows red from approx propane staging to trail area showing green any updates
  8. 528rick

    Who is thinking Quebec this week

    Alright Thanks for the report Jeff and Northstar much appreciated its good to have these first hand reports as the trail maps from que are a tad hard to read
  9. 528rick

    Who is thinking Quebec this week

    okay guys what the hell is MISSING link,Doobie your right next door to me,,, got room for one guy,trailering to either mt zenon or st anne du lac quebec this week 16 cm of fresh snow last night
  10. 528rick

    Who is thinking Quebec this week

    griff your cell is not working
  11. 528rick

    Who is thinking Quebec this week

    Thanks zo looking to head up and ride before the cit-diots get up there and pound the trails on the weekend.I like the way quebec riders respect the trails
  12. alrighty anybody going or thinking of going to quebec wed,thursday till the weekend.Even northern ontario if trails are good
  13. Ive got to admit man your are the high miler champ.While Ive heard hearsay about some quebec guy that put 25000 kms in 2 years.You my man are here and now ....congrats
  14. griff you sending emails from florida? cant get enough eh ....Puggz you wont be disappointed in Rabaska or mekoos both are top notch well except windigo resort , exceptional chalet/condo accommodation and gourmet food better than your fav place in your town or city.be prepared to pay 275.00 each a night includes break and din but worth every penny.Trails are (Ontario 10+) quebec 8.5 to bucket list.
  15. A couple of us Likely heading out to temagami/cobalt area riding to and around temiskaming shores/new liskard