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  1. Yamaha Fan

    Early and late rides 2019 - 2020

    Blake..... the ski's on your sled look like Toboggans but they are good for balance
  2. Yamaha Fan

    Vintage Photos - 2019-2010

    Rode to Beausoliel Island alone back in 2012 from Midland.
  3. Yamaha Fan

    Day trip out of Gowganda

    Okay...... the laughs are on me.... Haha I meant 2013. Final answer.
  4. Yamaha Fan

    Day trip out of Gowganda

    I agree. Tata Chika Pika is overated and expensive. The trails are nice though and windy especially on the Hydro Line..... it's a lonely ride with no one passing for long periods. Back in 1913 I did it from Timmins and met a woman who tried to turn her sled around and got stuck. When I came up she was so grateful....she was stuck for 2 hrs. Helped her get her sled out and she was on her way. If you do that trip.... don't go it alone. Cheers.
  5. Yamaha Fan

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    You can cancel your insurance online ( if you have Internet ) with TD. Takes about 10 minutes. TD is good for that and you get a confirmation a day later no questions asked.
  6. Yamaha Fan

    Clothing and Toy drive

    Worthy cause Nunz. You are a gentleman and a snowmobiler and off to a good start with your club. If I can make it..... I'd drop by forsure. Cheers.
  7. Yamaha Fan

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    Hi Dave..... I should have given you a heads up but I did have a good time meeting the other OC'ers and chatting with the vendors. I was surprised at the popularity of sledarama, the line up to get in started before 8.30am. Cheers Dave...... and have a great winter.
  8. Yamaha Fan

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    Was there from 8:45am to midday..... my first time at this show. Wow..... fantastic, got a pair of gloves on my way out. Met Bigfish, revrnd, nunz and his wife. Was asking around for Sledjunk..... everyone said..."oh, he was here 5 minutes ago" but I didn't get to meet up. All in all.... it's was a show well worth the money. Hope the open up a bigger area for food though.... . Cheers all.
  9. Yamaha Fan

    Haliburton Forest

    I rode early one time. Lots of snowmobilers with their own sleds and lots of other ppl who rented from the forest. I should have rented. The early ride has no base and you pick up lots of rocks etc in your tracks..... these are flung around and chips your frame and arms. Some get their exhaust dented badly. Causes rust on your frame etc. It cost me to powder coat with color match. Should have rented their sleds. It's a catch 22 what you want to do with prior knowledge. Read the earlier threads. Besides.... only a few trails are rideable.
  10. Yamaha Fan

    Early and late rides 2019 - 2020

    When I woke up and saw the snow this morning..... I thought of Blake right away. I knew he would be out there somewhere. Cheers Blake.
  11. Yamaha Fan

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    I dunno.... I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.... go to the show and get a $3 discount or go to the Nespresso Boutique this weekend for a 15% discount on coffee pods. Hmmm .... at the Snowmobile show I'll get to see Nunz.... possibly revrnd. Don't know about Blake G.... he'll be looking for snow Or.... I can go to the Nespresso Boutique and possibly get to see G. Clooney I know what I'll do... I'll join Puggz at the Zanzibar for a couple of JUGS Decisions decisions.....
  12. Yamaha Fan


    Got my email on Tuesday (yesterday) that my sticker was posted....looked on my sled and it was already stuck to the windshield wow, that's service. Okay Okay .... got mine last Friday evening Oct. 11th put on the sled on 12th ( saturday and forgot)..... then got the email on the 15th. Wouldn't it be neat though if the Snow Fairy had come over and placed it on my sled without me knowing? Eh!
  13. Yamaha Fan

    Summer Sucks/Nunz's 50th birthday August 24th

    Glad you had a great time Nunz..... you look different without a Snow Suit on. I didn't see any pics of "Butter Tarts" . Cheers and have a great day after.
  14. Yamaha Fan

    Summer Sucks/Nunz's 50th birthday August 24th

    Hi Nunz..... Happy 50th birthday to you and all the best. I'm sure you will enjoy that day. It's a testament to you being a great guy that so many people appreciate you and are willing to celebrate with you. . I would have liked to attend but diabetes now seem to want to take me down..... as you know, I will fight every step of the way, I'm down to eating uncooked veggies etc and no carbs. Unfortunately, bbq's and beer I have to stay far away from and resistance is futile if I attend and see all that food and condiments. Have a "Butter Tart" with Blake G for me. However, enjoy your bday bash ..... moderation is paramount when you are over the hill Cheers.
  15. Yamaha Fan

    New Snowcrest Executives

    Congrats Nunz...... you have stepped up and I'm sure you will do a great job ..... now get Blake G to restart the fun rides