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  1. Last time I rode Georgian Bay to Beausoliel Island was 2014. Never trusted it after. You will have to contact the local club for information. A 26 yr old woman broke through the ice after Christmas. Found her body new year eve.
  2. Prepare to pay big bucks for gas there. They charge a lot of money.
  3. Just came across a Butter Tart Trail in the Kawarthas. Thought someone may find this interesting and useful... Cheers. Ty
  4. Okay I'll pass also. Cheers next time.
  5. Any word on trail conditions from TBR - Lindsay?
  6. Yup... rain melted everything was such a good snowfall yesterday.
  7. I'll be there for 9 am. See ya Friday. Hauling a Single Covered Hyland Trailer. Infernobuster ... let's make it a trip. Will be good to ride with you again
  8. Okay I can do that. What time? Where are you parking? TBR is the best location. Just let me know what time.
  9. Which day this week are you going to Haliburton? I can make the trip Thurs or Fri.
  10. How does that work.... you ride up to the pump, fill up, walk inside and pay. Is that where the cashier ask if you have a permit? If the answer is no... does the snowmobiler get to ride away... with a full tank. I suppose a pump operator will always have to be present to dispense gas to a sledder.
  11. Shouldn't this thread be pinned?
  12. Gary ... I do the very same thing to secure my trailer to my vehicle. Once I came back from a ride to Snow Voyageurs SC where I parked and some guys were at my trailer. I didn't realise they were trying to steal it. I rode up and stopped behind the trailer ... they realised it was mine, one said hi and the others took off in a F150. I thought they were admiring my rig .. (stupid me, naïve comes to mind). After the 3rd guy chatted with me for awhile ( he had a open trailer without front guard) I tried to open my trailer and noticed the key had a hard time opening the trailer. It did eventually, I loaded my sled ... then it hit me. I looked at my coupler lock ... that was ok. I looked at my trailer hitch lock to my SUV and the lock was rotated from where I usually set it. The huge nut with lock washer that holds the 2 1/2 inch ball had a wrench still tightened to it. Long story short .... I got to keep the wrench. This was back in 2014. I consider myself one of the lucky ones ..
  13. Hate to be the devil's Advocate here ... this thread was started with not enough information provided as to identification, location of Trailer and snowmobile when stolen. Then it's like pulling teeth by other members to get the info from the original poster. However ... sorry to learn of your loss. A pox on those that stole it.
  14. I was there on Saturday. I did Lindsay to Haliburton. On the way back I detoured up the E108 towards the TM Club House (didn't get that far) but I rested awhile by "The Junction" then turned back. Trails were smooth ... I believe I was the first on the trail. By the way, I am a member of Twin Mountains SC. They always ... can't stress that enough ... do a fantastic job on their trails. The trails were like you are floating on air when it is that smooth, also between Fenlon Falls and Haliburton . Saturday was a good day. The melt down is now complete in Pickering... I was looking at my grass yesterday (Monday Jan. 2nd ) ... depressing. Hoping for the best of snowfall by next week. Cheers.
  15. Wish you had mentioned this ride a day before. I'm planning on next weekend. Rode from there many times. Really nice trails, SV Club does a great job grooming their trails. I see it is limited open so some spots might be bumpy. The rail bed should be fine heading to Midland. Have a great day and Happy new year. Cheers. If you are up for it next week we can meet up.