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  1. Yamaha Fan

    Summer Sucks/Nunz's 50th birthday August 24th

    Hi Nunz..... Happy 50th birthday to you and all the best. I'm sure you will enjoy that day. It's a testament to you being a great guy that so many people appreciate you and are willing to celebrate with you. . I would have liked to attend but diabetes now seem to want to take me down..... as you know, I will fight every step of the way, I'm down to eating uncooked veggies etc and no carbs. Unfortunately, bbq's and beer I have to stay far away from and resistance is futile if I attend and see all that food and condiments. Have a "Butter Tart" with Blake G for me. However, enjoy your bday bash ..... moderation is paramount when you are over the hill Cheers.
  2. Yamaha Fan

    New Snowcrest Executives

    Congrats Nunz...... you have stepped up and I'm sure you will do a great job ..... now get Blake G to restart the fun rides
  3. Yamaha Fan

    A New Trailer Suspension?

    Tires look like different sizes also.....
  4. Yamaha Fan

    Beer cans on trails

    Just got home from Trail Cleanup - Ken Reid Conservation Park to Fenlon Falls. The Railbed was without snow - even though snow fell for a few hours all the way into Fenlon Fall. Lot of water run off and creek/drains were bulging with water. Lots of Beer Cans and Pop cans off the side of the trail..... couldn't believe it, along with garbage and cigarette boxes etc. One tree was blown over.... we cut that up and took it off trail. Left the garbage in Fenlon Falls and had lunch with the group --- 15 of us in total. I know that we shouldn't drink on the trails, but it wasn't that bad as statistics go...... a few will drink but most of us snowmobilers are good ppl and mean well for each other. Conclusion ..... trails were clean as can be. Cheers to all of us who respected the trails and to those of you who had a few it was a good season.
  5. Yamaha Fan

    Beer cans on trails

    Cannabis use on trails is just as dangerous as beer drinking along with speeding around bends. They all produce litter in the form of beer cans, brain debris and broken sled parts.
  6. Yamaha Fan

    Beer cans on trails

    A lot of money can be had at the LCBO for turning those cans in gas money?
  7. ..... had me for a tiny moment. Good one Blake.
  8. Yamaha Fan

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec part 2

    WD .... nice trip and report. Good to see Lily still enjoying snowmobiling and hanging with her dad. Belated Happy Birthday. I see Blake enjoying the snow also with family. Cheers guys.
  9. Yamaha Fan

    Braap Shack Busted

    'cmon revrnd ... I shop at the Foodland in Ennismore. Get good fresh stuff there also, Chemong Lake is a haven for Ice Fishing Shacks, Snowmobilers and ATV's. They must have a big population to supply " colitas " <----- Hotel California reference.
  10. Yamaha Fan

    A little teaser Video from PBR Riders.

    This is so cruel .... I washed my sled and put it away already
  11. Yamaha Fan

    Braap Shack Busted

    This is so funny.....
  12. Yamaha Fan

    The freeriding has to STOP

    skidooboy's comments are the best I've seen over the years. A solution should have been found by now by Clubs or the OFSC (?) Snowmobilers are in two categories .... those that have trail passes and those that don't. Those with Trail Passes are the ones who leave the trail surreptitiously and cause damage to farmers fields and mostly speed. Most Freeloaders will do the same using the excuse that ".... I just live over there and use 100 feet of Trail to get to my neighbour's field etc..." if they are caught. The list of excuses can go on and on. Those without Trail Passes.... local snowmobilers in my area (and maybe other areas) ride lakes, use the fence line of local farmlands, roads, shoulder of roads etc..... miles of local unorganised trails and they are very respectful of what they have and don't trample local farmers fields. They support their local grocers and restaurants and have family outings often. First time I've seen so many families with their kids on their own 120 snowmobiles riding around on lakes and local trails. This is just my 2 cents observation ppl. It's been too many years of the same debate without resolution. Cheers.
  13. Yamaha Fan

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    Only on birch trees. This is an amazing tree. It's peeling bark is high in resin and can be torn off like paper. Crumple it and use fire steel, matches or a lighter and use as a fire starter. I sometimes do this when snowmobiling alone and have my Chaga drink..... brings out the survival or pioneer spirit in you. Be careful however when starting fires in the wilderness ... survival skills are somewhat required.
  14. Yamaha Fan

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    Boil water... then add a tea spoon of Chaga. Let simmer off the fire for 10 minutes ... strain then drink as you would coffee i.e:- black, with milk or with milk and sugar. Don't buy Timothy's Tea Chaga.... it's not real. It's a simulated mixture. Part of Chaga is the fun and exploration to find it... best harvested in Winter or Early Spring. I harvest mine in the Canadian Shield in Frontenac.
  15. Yamaha Fan

    Tek vest

    Jerry .... slow down .... 50 klicks is too fast for you . You need to limit your speed between 20 and 35 klicks or ride without a handle bar .... lol