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  1. Online trail permits now available

    Hi SuperG ... does that mean I get to do trail patrols with you? You be the leader ...
  2. Online trail permits now available

    Just got my Trail Pass in the mail .. . It' Brown Goldish in color
  3. Online trail permits now available

    Correcting myself. Seems I'm number 15 at 8.08.27 am. Your order details are as follows:DATE: 2017-10-01 08:08:27ORDER ID: ORD-00015-UX5SOU Wow ... there are 14 ppl ahead of me in 8 mins. :)
  4. Online trail permits now available

    Yes. According to OFSC website the report Number, name of the recording Police Officer and email copy of your receipt. Check OFSC website for procedure.
  5. Online trail permits now available

    Hi Blake... sale started at 8am . Got my pass also. Number 17 to be exact. Be back in Canada when the snow flies . Hello everyone on OC.
  6. Giants Tomb Island

    Last time I rode Georgian Bay to Beausoliel Island was 2014. Never trusted it after. You will have to contact the local club for information. A 26 yr old woman broke through the ice after Christmas. Found her body new year eve.

    Prepare to pay big bucks for gas there. They charge a lot of money.
  8. Butter Tarts close to Trails

    Just came across a Butter Tart Trail in the Kawarthas. Thought someone may find this interesting and useful... Cheers. Ty
  9. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    Okay I'll pass also. Cheers next time.
  10. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    Any word on trail conditions from TBR - Lindsay?
  11. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    Yup... rain melted everything was such a good snowfall yesterday.
  12. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    I'll be there for 9 am. See ya Friday. Hauling a Single Covered Hyland Trailer. Infernobuster ... let's make it a trip. Will be good to ride with you again
  13. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    Okay I can do that. What time? Where are you parking? TBR is the best location. Just let me know what time.
  14. Lindsay to Halibuton for lunch??

    Which day this week are you going to Haliburton? I can make the trip Thurs or Fri.
  15. why are all the trails still showing red?

    How does that work.... you ride up to the pump, fill up, walk inside and pay. Is that where the cashier ask if you have a permit? If the answer is no... does the snowmobiler get to ride away... with a full tank. I suppose a pump operator will always have to be present to dispense gas to a sledder.