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  1. Yamaha Fan

    Help needed in whitney

    You're still super in my books.
  2. Yamaha Fan

    Help needed in whitney

    revrnd... you're a good man. Thank you for coming to the assistance of a fellow snowmobiler . You're super. Cheers.
  3. Yamaha Fan

    Help needed in whitney

    Sorry to hear this. It will take time for your wrist to heal. I know you love this sport ... don't give up, get your sled repaired and get back in the saddle. What about an insurance write- off , get some money from them and buy a new snowmobile?
  4. Yamaha Fan


    Terry .... we're all up north. Why are you still riding on ice down south?
  5. Yamaha Fan

    Only in sudbury

    Congratulations. Kewl idea for setting up the proposal.
  6. Yamaha Fan

    Oh no. Do we have to go to Kirkland Lake this weekend?

    2 1/2 hrs ago the trails were green. Good observation GG.... those guys we met on the trail doing the RAP might be in for a bit of trouble. Seems like rain in District 2 all day Tuesday with above 0 temps again before the weekend with no snow in the forecast. Hitch up those trailers ..... follow Nunz and Sledjunk et al up north.
  7. Yamaha Fan

    OFSC's first Round About

    Ahhhh ..... c'mon boys, it's prevalent in Great Britain. It came about when the English was trying to capture William Wallace, he kept running in circles and there were no accidents .... hence the "Roundabout" ...
  8. Yamaha Fan

    OFSC's first Round About

    I thought so. That 2010 Vector has a different windshield. Just a little observation. I haven't ridden those trails in 3 years. They look mint. Hope they hold up after this weekend with rain in forecast.
  9. Yamaha Fan

    OFSC's first Round About

    Nice to see ppl out and enjoying the snow. Did you guys park at the GoCo Gas Station? What happened to the Yamaha Vector rider.... did he fall off going around the Roundabout?
  10. Yamaha Fan

    Great Lake run today

    It was fun. Grizz and his crew are the best. I thank these guys extensively for the tour. What a blast. Thanks once again for having me.
  11. Yamaha Fan

    Warning new skidoo handlebar muffs

    Be safe out there guys...... I just had the same experience with a stuck throttle (not wide open) hit a snow bank and I ended up against a tree. Still painful. I'm fine now and the sled is fine. No damage.
  12. Yamaha Fan

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    I now use the Yamaha Dealer in Bobcaygeon. They now have a new customer forsure ......
  13. Yamaha Fan

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    The Secondary Clutch was sticking and was completely stuck with the -19 temp at the Yamaha Dealer. They serviced both the secondary and primary. I was just advised by another OC member to do this every year including changing belts.
  14. Yamaha Fan

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    Hi ZR Sledhead...... did you get your sled looked at and fixed?
  15. Yamaha Fan

    LinsaY to Haliburton today or tomorrow

    Okay guys ....... just got back the snowmobile from Yamaha. .... all error codes cleared. Nothing wrong with the oil Pressure Switch. They think it might have been moisture. I was riding in the middle of a group and snow dust was plentiful, sometimes you couldn't see the rider ahead. ..... For the throttle problem...... right away when they started it up, they knew the secondary clutch needed servicing. They checked over the whole sled. I'm good to go. Cost including taxes = $136. Shucks.... I could have lost my life or crashed into the front rider for $136 bucks. Well alls well that ends well.