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  1. Looking for ideas... Rigging a new trailer

    If it's worth anything....I left my floor board open. That way it dries out faster. I leave the trailer open whilst I'm home to let air in, then when I have to go out I close the door. This has been 7 years and the wood is still good but faded.
  2. Looking for ideas... Rigging a new trailer

    Whilst at Royal... you may want to pick up Edge Glides. They are cheap. The allow you to ride from the snow onto the Super Glides II for a smooth transition over the metal at the edge of the Trailer.
  3. Looking for ideas... Rigging a new trailer

    that can work too, but the rear Super Clamp is just as good and will not compress your shocks. That was something I wanted to get away from. The front and rear Super Clamps can be secured by two padlocks using one key... sold at Princess Auto. Is Princess Auto Canadian?
  4. Looking for ideas... Rigging a new trailer

    The Ski Bar in my opinion is an older design. Super Clamps are newer, sturdier, easy to release and clamp... best of all...it's Canadian.
  5. Looking for ideas... Rigging a new trailer

    You can use Super Clamps that you can access from the side of the snowmobile and Super Glide II to line the trailer bed. Here's a link.... http://www.superclamp.net/ Check out the website and see if it helps. I've been using the product since 2010.
  6. Lodgings with trail access in Kingston.

    The motel in Napanee is rundown to some extent.... if you are looking for parking your trailer, just past the motel on the left is Public Parking and the trail starts across the road. Be careful though.... the trail seems to be mixed use. A few years ago I rode from Napanee to Smiths Falls and there were UTV's, cars, ATV's on the trail. Coming around a corner ... there were lots of school kids. Hit my brakes really hard...phew. The main problem with that trail system is the dog walkers... lots of poo left on the trail, it was an obstacle course and makes a mess when you run over what you cannot avoid. In all fairness.... that was in 2013, so I don't know if the trail system has improved and better to ride. There are washrooms along the way and food and gas in Smith's Falls. Take you chances...
  7. Lake of Bays ATV Club is officially offside

    I would have thought that our $260 bucks would have more clout than their $50 bucks. As in Quebec... it might be time to have ATV winter trails along snowmobile trails. Red Markers for snowmobile and Blue Markers for ATV's. It's only a matter of time as the seed is sown. Snowmobilers may even see a reduction of fees.
  8. A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    You are a "Cunning Linguist"

    Hi Terry ... from this week's temperatures it looks like it'sgoing to be slushy. Yesterday was perfect. I rode from Sno Voyageurs clubhouse to Wasaga. Really nice trails. The road running might suffer though as it needed more snow yesterday. Cheers.
  10. Where to Eat in Wasaga?

    What time do they open on weekends. Good to let others know.
  11. Sunday Jan 7 ride..

    I too rode yesterday to Wasaga. Turns out it was one of the best days for riding ... not too cold and no sweating. Glad you guys had a great day. The remainder of the week is above 1 deg. Warm and wet. Cheers
  12. Where to Eat in Wasaga?

    Gary .. thank you so much for the detailed map. Those places don't open until 11.30am so I ended up at Sunset Grill for an all day breakfast. It's besides KFC . Had a wonderful day in Wasaga.
  13. Midhurst to Wasaga on Dec 31st - Day ride.

    Hi Blake ... on Sundays, the really good restaurants I.e:- KFC , Swiss Chalet, Boston Pizza etc open from 11 - 11:30am. I got there at 10.15am so I ate at Sunset Grill. Wonder why they call it that ... it's an all day breakfast joint. Go figure
  14. Midhurst to Wasaga on Dec 31st - Day ride.

    I'd be sure to let you know. I did post this thread awhile back but I got no response. Today I went for it and it turned out to be better than I expected. Terrain had everything ... straight and flat, twisty turners, moguls, farmers field and road running also railway crossing.
  15. Midhurst to Wasaga on Dec 31st - Day ride.