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  1. Am I better to go with a cable type like what qualipieces makes? Or the double spring type that BRP offers. What's your experience been?
  2. Be nice.
  3. Bought the 2014 renegade for the wife. 900 ace motor. Looking at the same sled, but a 2016 for myself. One thing that caught me off guard is the 2014 has a 16" wide track. The 2016 specs say that doo went back to 15" tracks. Will be interesting to see how the extra width effects things.
  4. Tried the goo gone today. Worked great. Wayyyyyyy better than WD-40. Took 25% of the time and work to get rid of all of the residue. I'd be afraid of fading of the plastic with straight gas.
  5. I've used WD-40 on a rag for years to remove the residue left behind from trail permits. It's always worked great on windshields and didn't hurt anything. Windshield looked as good as new once it was all cleaned up. I usually hit it with winded to remove the WD-40 once all the permit gun was gone. I recently bought a sled from Quebec with the permit applied to the body panel. On body panels am I still safe with WD-40? Or should I use something else? I'd hate to have the panel fade or go cloudy from a chemical reaction.
  6. Some good points. Not enough analysis is being done that actually looks at numbers. Total life cycle cost of a groomer should be looked at and this varies depending on the terrain it operates in. To get this to work though it can't be on a club by club basis. The district boards need to get stronger and take on this role feeding good information back to the OFSC and taking control of the decisions around their individual fleet. 10 years and 5000 hours is and always will be a pipe dream. 15 years and 7500 hours is more realistic. In many instances those last 5 years can be the cheapest ones to operate. If you blow a motor or rear end at 6500 hours don't fix it. But use that time where the amortization is essentially free. In many cases the equipment will run through with minor repairs. Also looking at it as a whole could save lots of money in purchase price. District 1, 3 and 5 don't need a fleet of expensive Huskys. They need a few to put the trails in in swampy areas. Then run farm tractors that burn much less fuel and produce as good or better trail afterwards. In many instances they are also cheaper to buy.
  7. Noticed the OFSC has the rfp up on the website. Looks like it's been put together very well with some foresight. Putting a multi year rfp out should help to standardize the fleet some too which is a good idea. Noticed nothing about new drags though. Cost saving measure I'm sure. Good idea?
  8. Well I gave up on TD last night. Bunch of a!? ho?$&. After calling back this week that said they would give me full coverage, but needed a written application back. I said great e-mail it to me. We can't e-mail it. Have to mail it. So 5 days later it still hasn't arrived. Talk to them last night and they said 1 - 2 weeks after I return it (once it actually arrives) they'll let me know if they will insure me. Meanwhile I've bought a new sled and have it sitting in my yard with no coverage. I had a heated dispute with a manager on why I was getting the run around after being a loyal customer for 20 years. I was basically told to go to another insurer. It's their policy they are following. In my view it's discrimination because I filed a claim. I have a clean driving record, am married with kids and am over 30 years old. The only thing on file is I got robbed and processed a claim. How that could be considered anything but a no fault claim is beyond me. I'd strongly recommend that anyone insured with TD to find another insurer. I'm proof that they will jerk you around if they have to do anything, but collect your premiums. Like I said bunch of as? hol!$. Please spread the word.
  9. Looking for stand alone sled insurance if I can. Everything else is with All State with great rates. They just aren't competitive for the sled. Was quoted roughly $650 by them today.
  10. Thanks. I'll try them. That's about what I was paying TD. Do they have all your stuff? Or just the sleds?
  11. Who is everyone using and what are you paying. Any insurers you'd recommend for snowmobile insurance? Was with TD. Had a no fault theft claim and today they say they will no longer offer me fire, theft or collision coverage on my new sled. Just liability coverage and only offer $1 million. Anyone else been through this BS with them? Looking for a solution that isn't 40% higher than I was paying.
  12. Absolutely yes. They need to improve the range and decrease the time needed for charging, but a definite yes.
  13. I know what you're saying. She's prone to headaches though and two stroke fumes trigger them. I know e-tecs are better for this, but the smell is still there.
  14. Yeah looking at 900 ACE's for both of them. My TNT had that motor and I fell in love with it. There was the odd day I would have liked another 20 km/h of top end, but other than that it was great. I'll never go two stroke again. The 1200's are more money unless you get an older chassis model which I don't want to look at. You guys are putting my worries to rest on the long track. Thanks. Trailer is 11' clamshell, so I think I'm ok on the trailer front.
  15. Looking at a couple used 2014 renegade's. I was very happy with my 2014 TNT. Do the renegades ride and handle as well as the TNT? I'm just leary going from a 121" track to a 136" track. 99% of my riding is trail riding. Will the sled push in the corners with a longer track? One of them will be for my wife who is an experienced rider, but doesn't like heavy steering.