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  1. signfan

    2019 Grand Touring 900 ace Turbo

    If you were happy with the ZR5000 then you'll be happy with the naturally aspirated 900 ace. Save some big money and less chance of future trouble with the turbo. It's a great motor.
  2. signfan

    OFSC Trail Guide

    I'm wondering if maybe a dumbed down version could be made available for the summer months. Get rid of Google earth aerial photography, gps positioning, etc. Maybe even use a poorer base map with even less detail. Seems there could be a happy middle point to be found here.
  3. signfan


    How bad is it? Has anyone on here done it and experienced major problems?
  4. signfan

    NWOSTA Wilderness Loop Opening

    Yeah it's a hike. Why not try something new though. Start in Kakabeka Falls and do the loop. It's a little closer than the west coast of nfld was.
  5. Looking for some local knowledge on when this route is historically open by each season. I've heard there is lots of ice crossings. Am I safe to plan a trip for third week of January? I know we can't control the weather, but if we look at the last 5 years has the loop been open by that time in January each year?
  6. signfan

    F-150 weight

    Yeah that's what I was afraid of. I just bought the truck 6 months ago so I have a safety for it. Is the CVOR license expensive?
  7. signfan

    F-150 weight

    Not commercial. Looking to pull a 5500 lb trailer once for one day. From what I can tell it is very close. Truck needs to come in under 4450 lbs. I'm gonna have to find a scale. Or risk it. Not sure how stiff the fines would be.
  8. signfan

    F-150 weight

    Trying to figure out if I need a COVR for my truck to pull a particular trailer. Can anyone tell me where I can find a reliable source to figure the weight of the truck out. It's a 2015 F-150.
  9. signfan

    Doo dealer visit today..

    Nice lids. Definately on the "to buy list" once everyone has ran them for a season and worked the bugs out.
  10. signfan

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    For the guys running FXR are you running the TEAM jacket? Or the Adrenaline? Or something else. The TEAM has a 9 rating for warmth where the Adrenaline has a 10. Just curious if there is any real noticeable difference between the two.
  11. signfan


    I strongly suggest dropping TD. They wouldn't offer me insurance again after our 1st claim which was a theft. How could we be in anyway at fault in a theft situation. Terrible company. I still have a bad taste in my mouth over the entire ordeal.
  12. signfan

    Photo Request (Paudash Area)

    That 1st one is 605 and E. The second two are at the haliburton miskwabi intersection.
  13. signfan

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    Why did they have to remove the trail? What was the reasoning? Giving the adjacent neighbors a say is a little much in my view. They should have an opportunity to comment at most. Not authority to make a yes or no decision. It's public land. They don't own it. Existing trail should be grandfathered as well in my opinion.
  14. signfan

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    Lol Good for you. If only we could all be that lucky.
  15. signfan

    Trailer decision

    You've made the call so that's cool. One thing for others viewing this to consider is where you need to go with the trailer. I pull into our cottage regularly. With snow piled up getting anything longer than 12' in there becomes an issue as the road and driveway are not wide open aread. Width is tight too, but I've always made it between the banks. I'm not sure that would be the case with a 16' long unit. If someone else looks at the 12' unit the lower deck with the wheel wells poking up into the cargo area is a good idea to cut wind resistance when pulling.