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  1. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I’d like some more details as well. Almost looks like the whole inside of the helmet is heated. Kinda like the way you hear the interior of your car which stops your breath from digging the car up. If you look at the videos online for it no one is wearing a balaclava in it. Looks like there is a neck warmer built right into the helmet. Wonder what the price tag will be. Given all the toys on it it would be nice if BRP would just build in some communicators. Then you have the deluxe helmet will all the toys you’ll ever need.
  2. Sudbury will survive the weather

    Thanks for the info. Peterborough will not. Can just about see all my grass again. Lol
  3. North Channel

    Looking at a trip to Elliot Lake in a few weeks. Does anyone have any local knowledge of what the north channel crossing to Manitoulin is like? Roughly how far across is the trip? You don't loose site of land correct? I'm thinking two days to run to the Sault and back (basically the north shore loop). Just looking to add a third day to the trip and figured this would be worth doing so I can cross it off the bucket list.
  4. L143

    Is the C trail through shiny tree and Gogama faster running? Looking to run from New Liskeard to Timmins. 300 km is usually the limit when riding with my wife. Might push it some, but wondering if the entire 410 km is all fast trail or not. Don’t want to push my luck with her too much.
  5. L143

    Gowganda I believe.
  6. L143

    To Timmins. North of Gogama.
  7. L143

    Anyone know why this trail is listed as limited? Is it plowed for logging?
  8. 2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I think it's time for a 4 stroke in the new chassis. It would be very disappointing if all they offer is the new 600 across the lineup.
  9. Christmas in February

    Lol, not according to the disclaimer from BRP on the muffs. It's clearly stated on their muffs not to use the finger throttle. Thought is when you pull your hand out of the muff the muff will pull back caught on your glove and engage the throttle accidentally. I agree you can do it. But BRP is saying not to and I see there point.
  10. Christmas in February

    Guess it's personal preference. I can see it being a bonus if you have health issues with your thumb.
  11. Hand Sigbals and Ride Lite

    Recently guy back from Quebec. They use the approved last sled in line signal while in Ontario I see everyone using the slowing signal to indicate last sled in line. I'm wondering how we got this messed up in Ontario. Everyone here signals improperly. Also curious is anyone using the ride lite system? If so how do you like it? Easy install? Any issues with it?
  12. Christmas in February

    If you got the BRP muffs they will fit over factory BRP hand guards. So you don't have to remove them. Only rule with them is you can't use the flip throttle in finger mode with the muffs on. To be honest it's a gimmick anyways. I've played with it and prefer the thumb throttle. The drive by wire throttle is great though. No more sore thumbs. Windshield swap is simple. It's tool less. Just pull up gently and the windshield pops off (Mirrors and side windshield panels will come with it). The other one you put on will just push back in. It's plastic tabs that fit into rubber grommets that hold it on. Should you ever breakdown (not likely with a 900 ace) and need to dig a snow hut for shelter you can pull the windshield and use it as a shovel.
  13. Christmas in February

    Brand new Chris? I have a 2016. Same sled. Absolutely love it. Great chassis, suspension and motor. The ultimate long distance touring sled. You'll love it. You just need to accessorize it now - mirrors - linq tunnel bag - brp muffs - maybe the glovebox extension and a gps - ice scratchers No more blown motors for you.
  14. LH mirror in Quebec.

    Agree it should be law everywhere that you need them. Why put something ugly on the left side. Get a proper set of factory mirrors and be done with it. I hear you that the odd slow group doesn't use them. I've encountered it myself in Quebec behind a tour group doing 20 km/h for 10 miles straight before I found a safe place to pass them. I chocked it up to new riders to the sport. Don't we owe it to the newbies to have a little patience with them. With this said many groups do use their mirrors religiously. My wife and I let faster groups by us. We are normally middle of the pack running 60 - 100 km/h on logging roads and 30 - 50 in the tighter bush trails. There is probably one to two groups a day that will want by and we never hold them up for more than a mile while finding a safe place to waive them through. If we didn't have mirrors those groups would wait much longer. I see having mirrors as a respect thing to the people you ride with and other groups that you encounter. There's no reason everyone shouldn't have them.
  15. YES!!!!!

    You jinxed it. Calling for rain Thursday now. Best get out and ride this weekend.