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  1. Can you get insurance for these? Do they have license ownership registrations? Or do you just get a bill of sale when you buy them? Wondering how this works when they are kids sleds with unlicensed drivers using them. Can my kids legally ride these on the lake at our cottage? Or are we restricted to our own property?
  2. signfan

    Venture Lite / Phazer Reverse

    The issue I've had was not electronic. It was actual engagement. It was trying to shift, but it wouldn't occur.
  3. is there a fix that actually works for these sleds?? or do they all suffer from the reverse that won;t engage without the shimmy rocking of the sled to make it engage? I had an 07 Phazer and it was terrible for this. Just curious if the newer units were any better or if they all suffer from this flaw??
  4. The upgraded bumper is still aluminum. It's just built heavier. It was aluminum on my 04 rev as well. But the heavy one came from the factory.
  5. No so they can sell it back as an accessory. The XRS with the upgraded gauge from the factory only has one trip meter.
  6. Yep totally agree. One is my trip mileage and one is from the last fuel stop.
  7. I think it's a point worth bitchung about. In 2004 if you bought a gsx you got - heavy bumper that needed a $30 hitch to tow a sleigh - a tunnel bag - mirrors - a gauge cluster with two trip meters - 2 carbides per ski Now you buy a renegade Enduro and everything on the list is extra. I'm sure its helped BRP's profits, but there comes a point as a consumer when you look at the situation and have to really question whether your needs are being addressed. If Polaris produces a 4 stroke in the 90 - 130 hp range in the axis chassis with the new rear end I'll jump ship. Until then I'll ride what I have. Disapointing BRP. You can do better.
  8. signfan

    Griffith Club needs help

    Yep a new board in place. Looks promising. The work starts now. Good news is the past executive has left the club in good shape financially. Sign of the times. Good people willing to step up and help out.
  9. signfan

    Your last ride this April

    No pics, but it was north from Hornepayne April 15th. Great season. When is the 2020 season going to start again???
  10. signfan

    Griffith Club needs help

    AGM is tomorrow. Let's get a good turnout to it.
  11. signfan

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    It again depends on the weather, but when I ran that stretch near Powassan it was snow covered road running and was nothing detrimental. It does run for a while, but I think its blown out of proportion. The majority of the time that road is snow covered. One of those sections that 80% of the time is fine. The other 20% its brutal. There is a few other big road running sections south of Kearney north of Dwight as well. Same scenario. RAP is not dead. It's still the great tour it has always been. I would recommend it. Especially in mid February.
  12. signfan

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    What was the issue Halfway had this year? Late start due to trail issues? Or is there more to it than that (low traffic, facility issues???)
  13. signfan

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    The existing trail isn't in question. This is a new route that would go downtown. It would be a great addition to what already exists.
  14. signfan

    Griffith Club needs help

  15. signfan

    Mileage this season, so far...

    4000 km roughly. Seemed to get a little riding in everywhere this year. Dist 1, 2, 6, 7, 11 and 15. Also one trip Quebec City to Saguenay / Mont Valin and a cross border day trip north of Swisha to Pouvoire la Verendyre that started in and finished in Deep River. Not sure if that's considered Abitibi Temiscaming or Outaouis territory. For the most part I found very good trails in my travels. Can't wait for next season.