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  1. Sounds stupid, but I'm gonna ask anyways. Any ideas on products I could use to save the plastic drop in bed liner in my truck from getting tore up from studs and carbides on the sled when loading it in the back of the truck. Mainly on the tailgate is where I made a mess of things on my old truck. New truck is a 2015 Ford so it has the bed step in the tailgate as well that I wouldn't want to markup.
  2. signfan

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    The only thing I don't like is they don't list trail conditions by individual trail. Just by area. OFSC has them beat on this front. Hopefully Quebec will add this feature soon. I do agree the FCMQ interactive trail guide is far superior in every other way.
  3. signfan

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    Another option is to start at Mont Laurier and ride to the La Tuque area and back. Take trail 63 or 33 over and 83 back. A little more remote, but great riding.
  4. signfan

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Have to disagree on this one. There is a strong business case for the govt to assist in funding the sport that pays dividends back to the government every season through tax revenue. There is certainly some wealthy folks that enjoy the sport. But there is also a large snowmobiling population that would be considered middle class. As for the conservatives not funding the sport. I'd suggest the past be looked at. The Mike Harris gov't provided the OFSC with the TSA program which was $15 million over 5 years. This happened while gov't spending was being scrutinized and cut. This time around should be no different. A permit price increase is a separate issue worth debating. But providing the OFSC with the minimal gov't funding that has occurred should continue. Its peanuts compared to what is being spent by the provincial gov't on other forms of recreation in this province. Just look at what has been spent on hockey rinks, bike trails, sports fields and community parks in this province. One of these projects would spend the equivalent of what the OFSC receives each year. Then the taxpayer pays to operate those facilities where OFSC covers all operating costs. It's an easy argument to make.
  5. signfan

    OFSC BOG Decision

    This comment is completely offside. If anything this is the biggest inefficiency that merging district 2 and 3 could have solved. In my view a huge lost opportunity. I used to be involved with a club from Bancroft and now have been involved helping dist 3. You can clearly see the traffic move across the boundary of these two districts depending on the weather. When there was no snow south of Peterborough Bancroft got slammed with traffic (Riders from Port Perry, Oshawa, Peterborough and Believille). Once it snowed in the south the traffics levels in the north dropped back some as a lot of riders stayed home and rode their home trail system. With the MOTS philosophy of reducing fleet numbers doesn't it make sense for a few of the groomers to do the same thing following the traffic? Instead of both the clubs in the south and in the north both keeping larger fleets to deal with the peak times. This is where you could conceivably cut some capital costs. Problem is it would involve clubs having to share across borders. Not saying we strip every groomer out of any one area at anytime. I realise the weather can change on a whim. But the fleet numbers could drop some with some proper pre-season planning that laid out plan A, B and C which was a different schedule based on district snow cover. With two districts we will see fleet reduction regardless to make the capital acquisition numbers work which will mean less equipment in both areas. This means not enough equipment when it is needed to deal with heavy traffic. Despite having less equipment the equipment utilization numbers won't be where they should be on the southern units when we get a bad winter with 4 weeks of grooming. At the end of the day the loser in this missed opportunity is the riders as the grooming will not be as good as it could be. In my view this has been fought in district 3 because there is a few on the board that won't accept change. I heard that many were afraid that dist 2 would take all the money north. Or that the dist 3 board wouldn't be listened too. Fact is there was more clubs in the amalgamation from dist 3 than there was from dist 2. Dist 3 had the majority say in a new amalgamated district. There should be an uproar at AGM this year in my view. The entire membership as a whole voted in MOTS and it was the BOG's job to implement it. What is the point in having a vote at AGM if the decision will just be upturned 10 months later by a newly elected BOG because they are listening to a select group of complainers. The membership should go back to AGM this year pissed off and send a clear msg to the BOG to put this process back on track. There is nothing unmanageable with the newly planned districts. There is also nothing unique about dist 3 that would prevent this amalgamation from being a success when comparing it to dist 1 or 5 which manage their size and complexity quite well.
  6. signfan

    EOTA Trail Pass

    What is the deal with their trail passes for ATVing? Are they required if the trail is on crown land where EOTA has laid claim to a trail? Bigger question is are they actually spending money on the trail system? Regardless of whether they are legally enforceable or not I'd probably buy one of their is evidence of actual maintenance occurring. Just looking for everyone's thoughts / experience on this topic. Mainly thinking of riding around Bon Echo.
  7. signfan

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    Why is that? What make Klim so much better?
  8. signfan

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    Looking for a new suit for next season. What would you recommend. Especially concerned with cold weather -15 to -30 performance. It seems every suit I've ever had I was cold in when the mercury drops. Strictly for trail riding. Is FXR the way to go? Wondering is the FAST insulation warm? I owned a mustang floater suit a decade ago and it the coldest suit I've ever owned. Seems my knees are the first thing to get cold in my current BRP suit.
  9. signfan

    ITG User Survey

    Yep that's what I said. Add the ability for more waypoints in the route planning tool, add grooming delay feature and add a snow depth option that shows Snow depth. Not rocket science.
  10. signfan

    Mazinaw Ride Report

    Was out today. Unloaded by the road into the substation north of Mazinaw. Tried heading north on 1009. Ran into large sections of bare ground within 500’ of the truck on the hydro line. Turned around and tried to go west. Got to the substation and same deal. So spun around again and headed north on E101. This was the ticket. Great riding with the odd bare patch. Rode E101 to E. Then E down to 1009. 1009 back to 1003 back to E101 and back to the truck. Trailered down to Skootamatta and did a ride around the lake as well. All in all a great season finisher. Trails were all smooth groomed within the last week for sure. Met 4 sleds. Group of 2 and 2 OPP sleds who stopped us for a friendly chat. I’d call it 5 out of 10 due to the bare ground we encountered in some spots. It was comical. Ride for 5 miles and it felt like mid February. Then around the next turn it felt like mid June. Followed by more mid February. If you’re looking for a last ride tomorrow that doesn’t involve 6 hours of driving go check it out. Just don’t take your freeloading buddy with no permit as the OPP are out. Or maybe do take him just for the laugh. They said they nailed a few freeloaders last weekend on the same trails.
  11. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    This topic has officially been hijacked!!!
  12. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    Everything I've heard so far says no. Must be powered. You'd probably be ok in 5 degree weather, but not sub zero temps. I always ride with a heated shield, so can't see that being an issue.
  13. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    Anybody tried one of these at a BRP demo ride? Curious to hear some first hand accounts on them. They look to be well made. Wondering is the inside of the helmet actually heated?
  14. signfan

    A trail - between Rolphton and 137

    Thanks for the post. Great info.
  15. Looking at North Renfrew trails. Why is the A closed in this section? Was it plowed?