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  1. signfan

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    What was the issue Halfway had this year? Late start due to trail issues? Or is there more to it than that (low traffic, facility issues???)
  2. signfan

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    The existing trail isn't in question. This is a new route that would go downtown. It would be a great addition to what already exists.
  3. signfan

    Griffith Club needs help

  4. signfan

    Mileage this season, so far...

    4000 km roughly. Seemed to get a little riding in everywhere this year. Dist 1, 2, 6, 7, 11 and 15. Also one trip Quebec City to Saguenay / Mont Valin and a cross border day trip north of Swisha to Pouvoire la Verendyre that started in and finished in Deep River. Not sure if that's considered Abitibi Temiscaming or Outaouis territory. For the most part I found very good trails in my travels. Can't wait for next season.
  5. signfan

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    Well made the trek tonight (was in the area with work). Was great riding. 175 km out of Hornepayne. Just ran north to hwy 11 and back. Great way to finish the season. A little mashed potato like in spots, but all in all mostly still mid season conditions. Not a rock or bare spot to be found (I didn't go into town albeit). I'm done now. April 15th is a good end date for the sled season. 4000 km season that I'm pretty happy with. Back to work now. Happy Spring.
  6. signfan

    Sudbury - Snow conditions

  7. signfan

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    Please let me know how they are Denis. Road trip came up with work. So why not throw the sled on for the ride I figured.
  8. signfan

    Hornepayne - Hearst

    Anyone have any inside info. Will this still be open come Monday for a ride? Are they still grooming? I see Kapuskasing is stating they will close Monday and the Polar Bear riders are hinting in that direction as well stating they made their last grooms.
  9. signfan

    Snow tracker carbides

    Wow this is pretty resounding. Guess I'll try a set. I had heard that they were a good choice handling wise. My main concern was how well they wore. If you've got 7000 kms from them then that's as good as any other carbide I could buy.
  10. signfan

    Snow tracker carbides

    Anyone run these? How do you find them for handling and do they last? Running the aggressive or semi aggressive versions?
  11. signfan

    North Bay - March 27th

    Did a 250 km loop today leaving from the Portage. Headed north on A, then across A102Q and south on NB308. Then headed east on A112A to Mattawa, down to the A and brought it back to the Portage outside town. All in all great riding. 85% I would call mid February conditions (no bare ground, no ice, no washouts, just awesome well groomed trails). Only bad spot I rode was the trails that are 5 km in any direction of Mattawa. Bare road north of the river and the hydro line just sucked (bare ground and 24" moguls) south of town. Bonfield club gets points for best grooming, but really everything was very very good. If you are looking for one last ride this weekend and don't want an 8 hour drive I highly recommemd North Bay and area. Don't be discouraged by what things look like from the highway either. Things are still very good and worth the drive. Not sure if this is it for my season or not. If it is things ended on a very positive note.
  12. signfan

    Last trip for this season

    They quite grooming the C trail north of Sudbury a week ago. You might want to start further north.
  13. signfan

    Sign Posts

    Yes what many OFSC clubs use is called Mini u-channel. Road departments use standard U channel posts or tele-strut for the majority of their sign installations.
  14. signfan

    Sign Posts

    Prices should have dropped back to the old levels by now. Aluminum and steel has corrected itself. We saw increases like this in commodity items last fall at work. Thank Trump and his ridiculous tariffs.
  15. Buy some ice scratchers and go. Bases are holding up well.