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  1. Lets see your new sleds !

    Can you post a close up of the posts for the ice scratchers. Not trying to hijack the forum, but I've been looking for a solution of that sort.
  2. Lets see your new sleds !

    While I agree it's a nice add on, the glovebox is in no way partially heated. I had a liner in mine last winter along with the 12 V plug. The phone was warm until I put it in the glovebox. It froze and wouldn't take a charge. Took it back inside in the heat and it charged right away. You need a bag heater in the glovebox if you want to keep electronics in there.
  3. Soucy Track Groomers

    Interesting. Wonder why the fuel issue? Just larger motors in the tractors with a heavier drag also? Or is the track setup causing the increase in consumption? I'm glad to hear you guys like the setup. Looks like that's where we're going. Gonna try without studs first and see how things fair.
  4. Soucy Track Groomers

    Looking for first hand experience from anyone that owns and runs one of these units. How do they do in the hills? On ice? Is studding them a worthwhile endeavour? How heavy of a drag are you pulling? In comparing them to a Sur Trac do you find they are a better unit or not? What's holding up well on them and what keeps breaking?
  5. Trail Closures

    It's just a 35 km detour. It works, but not great.
  6. New ITG

    Looks like some good updates. Does this mean my app is now obsolete? Or is an app update coming?
  7. Trail Closures

    Yes I believe district three did. Or a neighbourghing club. That really throws a wrench in my plans to ride the two northern loops STP has staging at the moonlight. Hopefully there's a solution to this closure.
  8. FXR FAST Suits

    Anybody have any first hand experience with these? Are they warm for trail riding? Last Floater suit I had was a FOX Leather Floater suit and it was cold. Before that was the Mustang Ice Rider which was even colder. Would love to try a floater again, but would be pissed to drop the $$ on one just to find it wasn't warm.
  9. BRP Warranty

    Yeah different sleds. Makes sense.
  10. BRP Warranty

    20,000 Kim's??? Where did that come from?
  11. Trail Closures

    100% agree
  12. Trail Closures

    And that would be the negative. Let's try being a little less pessimistic in this site for a change.
  13. Trail Closures

    That's positive news!!!
  14. Trail Closures

    Any word on whether the following links that had issues last year will be re-opened this year or not E - south of Harcourt E-102 south of Eganville Trail between Barry's Bay and Eganville others???
  15. BRP Warranty

    If that's the case then it is a warranty issue.