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  1. signfan

    New Liskeard Staging

    Looking to stage from town (or one of the towns just south Latchford, Cobalt, etc). Where can we leave from? Not planning to spend the night, so didnt know if the hotel lots would be an option.
  2. signfan

    New Ski-Doo's

    Ugly new colours and a new gauge package on the 2019 lineup. I agree disapointing. If you own a 2019 no need to upgrade.
  3. signfan

    You Never Know.

    Depends on the details of the lawsuit filed. As the property owner he is covered.
  4. signfan

    Help needed in whitney

    I'm not in the area. Call Brinklow towing in Bancroft. 613-332-3308.
  5. signfan


    Keeping right is a major issue. Followed an older group of guys group last weekend (early retirees I would describe them as). They were not aggressive riders and were travelling at a safe speed. Inside of every corner though. Then the guy who is moving a little quicker will be the ones they blame when they have a head on, but IMO they would clearly be in the wrong.
  6. signfan

    Bon Echo Today

    Got out yesterday. Trails were great.
  7. signfan

    600 ACE Sound Level

    Very similar to the 900 ace. Not quite as smooth but still very quiet. You can talk to another rider at a trailside stop without shutting it off. Great trail motor. Torquey. Just not a lake runner. Top out at 60 mph. I would recommend them.
  8. signfan

    Bon Echo Today

    Anyone ride in the area today? How did things fair?
  9. signfan

    How Did Bancroft, Barrys Bay Trails Hold Up?

    Ice scratchers, studs, good carbides and away you go.
  10. signfan

    2 Linq bags - 129" Rev XS

    Is anyone aware of any kind of bracket you can buy to allow you to put two linq tank bags on a 129" rev xs tunnel? I know there is kits out now to make the bags fit on a Polaris. Just curious if anyone has come up with a kit for the 129" skid.
  11. signfan

    French River - Port Loring Area

    I'm not seeing that? Where is it?
  12. What is available for trail accessible accomodation in this neck of the province?
  13. signfan

    Grooming North Shore Loop

    Anyone have any first hand experience on how well things are groomed in the area. I heard they had a lot of groomer breakdowns this season. Are things up to snuff now?
  14. signfan

    Warning new skidoo handlebar muffs

    I don't buy that. If I can actually feel my fingers vs having them half frooze I'd say I'm in a better position to ride safely. I'm very happy with my BRP muffs. I have never had an issue with them and not being able to reach the controls. They are nice and rigid so you can easily get your hands in and out as needed.
  15. signfan

    Crossing rice lake

    Stoney Lake has more pressure cracks than normal too. Same with other lakes in the area like Chandos. Pressure cracks where they have never been in the past. Be careful running any lakes after dark this year. Its volunteers so I'd bet the line will go in Saturday or Sunday on Rice Lake. Probably not before.