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  1. signfan

    Sleds stolen in Huron County

    This sucks. I lived this story myself a few years ago. Not fun. Hope they aren't insured with TD.
  2. signfan

    B trail washout

    I'd have a little faith. That's fixable in a matter of days with the right equipment. Look at it from the clubs perspective. Why fix it early on just to risk having it happen again over the summer when they don't need it fixed should another major storm roll through. Also OFSC Grant apps just went in last week. Maybe they were applying for some assistance. Washouts like this happen more than you'd think across the snow belt. Not good, but definately something that can be repaired. Hopefully the club has been notified about it. Who knows maybe the loggers would fix it as well.
  3. signfan

    Resqlink vs Spot vs PLB1 Ocean

    Thanks guys. Guess it really depends on whether I think I need the tracking and text msg's or not. The PLB with no subscription is looking attractive. Probably small enough that it could be kept in my jacket all the time should I ever need it and most likely will never need to charge the battery. Inreach definately looks to be the better option if I want all the bells and whistles. Just not sure I really do.
  4. Been doing some research on emergency locators. Does anyone have any experience with these? I've heard some not so good reviews of the SPOT units. Then I stumbled upon the PLB1 and Resqlink units. A little more upfront cost, but no subscription costs which is very attractive. I ride with location sharing on my phone turned on when riding alone, so don't really need the other bells and whistles Spot offers. Do the batteries in these units hold up to the cold? Any other reason why they wouldn't serve us well snowmobiling? Seems like a good product and should be robust if designed for an ocean environment.
  5. signfan

    Great news for northern trails

    So is this marketing or trail improvements? Maybe more consistent grooming in the Matheson area?
  6. signfan

    FXR - Best time to buy and where

    It does. Thanks
  7. When and where is the best place and time to pick up a new suit? Is the Toronto sled show at the Royal Booth the place to go? Or are there other annual sales I should be waiting / watching for?
  8. signfan

    10' Toy Carrier

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is a great idea. Although I agree a little crude it would serve the purpose. Not something I'd want on my rig that makes numerous trips across Ontario and Quebec each winter, but this is for my father in law who is just getting back into the sport. He's looking for a used enclosed trailer and spending $1500 will be a stretch. He's only going to ride from the cottage an hour from home a cpl weekends a year. I figured these older toy carriers are a cheap option that still get him into an enclosed trailer instead of an open trailer. Will the backrest on the grand touring fit ok as well in the toy carrier height wise?
  9. signfan

    Barrie to Collingwood ?

    Removing the tracks and leaving the rail ties in to fill or pave over??? People writing this report haven't thought that out much. Each tie will heave individually with the frost making a mess of the trail surface. Also $2500 a km for maintenance annually. That's ridiculous. If the snowmobile club wants to use this trail they better get involved and sort this out. Looks like the staff at the city needs some lessons on multi use trails. The club should be able to sell council on major cost reductions if the club is involved. They should hit it with screenings 12" thick and use the Peterborough Lang Hastings trail as an example of how this can be dealt with for much less in the long term. Snowmobile trail in the winter and non motorised in the summer.
  10. signfan

    10' Toy Carrier

    This thread has officially been hi-jacked!!!
  11. signfan

    No 2020 TOP Trail Guide

    District maps. They will still be printed. This isn't the end of the world. Sign of the times.
  12. signfan

    10' Toy Carrier

    Anyone know if a 2011 grand touring 600 ace would fit in a 10' toy carrier clamshell? The white ones? Sled specs says its 122.4" so about 3" over 10'
  13. signfan

    OFSC promoter

    I doubt that are paying anything.
  14. signfan

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    Yeah no organization is perfect, but if it's regular grooming you are after Quebec is hard to beat. There is areas to avoid on weekends (ie Quebec City, Charlevoux) where no amount of grooming can keep up with the traffic, but we have those areas in Ontario too (Muskoka). I have found the grooming to always be very good provided the weather was co-operating.
  15. signfan

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    If the amount of snow that consistently falls within an hour of Montreal and Quebec City fell within an hour of Toronto, Ontario would be as good or better. That's the main difference I see between the provinces. It equates to Quebec riders seeing more value in their permits. Yes more gov't support would always help too. Truth is we have excellent trail systems in both provinces. More money is always welcomed.