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  1. signfan

    ITG User Survey

    Yep that's what I said. Add the ability for more waypoints in the route planning tool, add grooming delay feature and add a snow depth option that shows Snow depth. Not rocket science.
  2. signfan

    Mazinaw Ride Report

    Was out today. Unloaded by the road into the substation north of Mazinaw. Tried heading north on 1009. Ran into large sections of bare ground within 500’ of the truck on the hydro line. Turned around and tried to go west. Got to the substation and same deal. So spun around again and headed north on E101. This was the ticket. Great riding with the odd bare patch. Rode E101 to E. Then E down to 1009. 1009 back to 1003 back to E101 and back to the truck. Trailered down to Skootamatta and did a ride around the lake as well. All in all a great season finisher. Trails were all smooth groomed within the last week for sure. Met 4 sleds. Group of 2 and 2 OPP sleds who stopped us for a friendly chat. I’d call it 5 out of 10 due to the bare ground we encountered in some spots. It was comical. Ride for 5 miles and it felt like mid February. Then around the next turn it felt like mid June. Followed by more mid February. If you’re looking for a last ride tomorrow that doesn’t involve 6 hours of driving go check it out. Just don’t take your freeloading buddy with no permit as the OPP are out. Or maybe do take him just for the laugh. They said they nailed a few freeloaders last weekend on the same trails.
  3. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    This topic has officially been hijacked!!!
  4. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    Everything I've heard so far says no. Must be powered. You'd probably be ok in 5 degree weather, but not sub zero temps. I always ride with a heated shield, so can't see that being an issue.
  5. signfan

    Oxygen Helmet

    Anybody tried one of these at a BRP demo ride? Curious to hear some first hand accounts on them. They look to be well made. Wondering is the inside of the helmet actually heated?
  6. signfan

    A trail - between Rolphton and 137

    Thanks for the post. Great info.
  7. Looking at North Renfrew trails. Why is the A closed in this section? Was it plowed?
  8. signfan

    Laurentien Lanaudiere Ride Report

    100 lac de suds. Food was exceptional. Not so impressed with the rooms. They were clean and modern, but extremely small and the bed was a sheet of plywood and 2x4’s. No blow dryers or TVs in the room. I would have been fine with that, but not when you’re paying $120 a head plus taxes. The bill was over $280 for the room, supper and breakfast. I’d try pouvoire Fer a cheval. It looked nicer when we rode by. Didn’t make it all the way to Parent. There might be something else there as well.
  9. Just got back from three days of exceptional riding. Day 1 - Mont Laurier - St Zenon Day 2 - St Zenon - Outfitter just south of Parent Day 3 - Outfitter - Mont Laurier The area got fresh snow last week. We rode in 4” of Powder Thursday which was on top of a smooth base. Last two days I’d say 95% of the Trails were freshly groomed. Everything in these areas is still mid season. Mont Laurier will be the first to deterioate, but it hasn’t yet. If you haven’t got your riding in yet I highly recommend this area.
  10. signfan

    Quebec trip 3rd week of march

    Sacacomie is pushing the $500 a night range. You park your sled 1/2 a mile from the resort. They do provide sleighs to tow your gear in. Still not what I would call snowmobile friendly as you do have to walk it. They should run a shuttle if they want to keep the sleds that far from the lodge. We stopped for lunch to say we’d been. Can’t see ever going back. It was a 10 km ride in off the main trail to boot. Just a little too uppitty up for my liking. The Manawin near Trois Rives seemed really nice. I know not really St Zenon, but it’s only 1/2 a days ride away. You could run to La Tuque and back one day and St Zenon and back another. 3rd day go east to St Raymond and back. Probably not much further to drive to. Better highway to run north on.
  11. signfan

    North Bay

    Any first hand accounts of what things are like in the North Bay trail system?
  12. signfan

    Countdown is on!!

    Lol. Yeah I’m not looking to start that argument. IMO Polaris has always had some of the best ergonomics in the business and the suspension to go with it. After blowing my 2000 XC 600 up I vowed no more Polaris 2 strokes. On a Doo 4 stroke now and I’ve ruled all 2 strokes out. Period. Everyone is entitled to buy what they want still.
  13. signfan

    Countdown is on!!

    No 4 strokes again. These guys are missing a large segment of the market. Too bad as they arguably have the best chassis available.
  14. signfan

    600 ace true mileage

    So 14 L per 100 km roughly. Not bad for an 800.
  15. signfan

    600 ace true mileage

    The ACE 4 strokes get very good mileage at trail speeds (40 - 80 km/hr). If you start running them wide open or in heavy snow the mileage numbers fall off considerably to the point that higher horsepower sleds get better mileage. I do think a 600 e-Tec will beat the 900 ace in mileage in most conditions. It won’t beat the 600 ACE. The mileage readout on my 900 ACE reads 11 litres per 100 km in my last big trail ride. That was with good trail conditions (groomed and -15 out) riding at trail speeds 40 - 80 km/hr.