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  1. soupkids


    Nice and mild up here today, same for tomorrow apparently
  2. soupkids

    Ofsc site not showing any of trails for me

    Not sure if this is where my son and I went wrong last year but we ended up way way north of any trail. We actually had a blast playing in the deeeeep snow. Finally found a couple guys fishing on some lake that told us we where way way off the trail. Still had fun.
  3. soupkids

    Post,email, pass around please!

    Do you have any idea what a rent a cop costs. Figure on at least the cost of one permit per hour.
  4. soupkids

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    Groomers in Sudbury have started moving.
  5. soupkids

    Trailer decision

    Sawzall !!!
  6. soupkids

    Maybe one of you guys have an answer...

    I got 100 acres on manitoulin island. 4 season road, great hunting with camp for $95k if your interested.
  7. soupkids

    Speaking Of Boots, What About Socks?

    I have 2 types of these socks. The blue ones are great for everyday around home riding. If it's really cold i have a pair of gray ones the are perfect. You can have the best boots money can buy but shitty socks will still leave you with cold feet. When i get home I will take a picture of they 2 types.
  8. soupkids

    Trailer decision

    It will fit BUT with the "rider forward" position of the newer sleds you may not be able to get the sleds as far forward as you need to because of the angle of the front of the lid of the trailer. With my 16 and 18 axys sleds I have to take the hood off or put it in backwards.
  9. soupkids

    St Zenon pic

    I'm going to ask a stupid question. What's with everybody riding QC. I get that the winters in the south have kinda sucked for a few years now. With that being said I know that lots of sledders have "run out of new" spots in the north to ride. I rode 600 miles or so in QC a few years ago and didn't find it much different than riding at home (sudbury) I also understand for some it's closer to ride QC then the northern part of the province as well. If I could I would love to ride some of the southern trails of ON. In my 30 years of sledding I have ridden once south of Sudbury, that was with Nunz a couple years ago in parry sound.
  10. soupkids

    First Open Trails

    Fleet still parked up here for the most part. Groomers are expensive to removed from wet spots.
  11. soupkids

    Boots! What do you recommend?

    Baffins all the way. I'm on pair 2 due to overheating the first pair drying them out over the camp stove.
  12. soupkids

    eye in the sky

    I know exactly what the eye in the sky is used for and it not for enforcement. I recently saw what it was used for. Used to keep officers safe in dangerous situations.
  13. soupkids

    Bracebridge Sno X Races Dec' 16th

    Link doesn't say anything about being cancelled
  14. soupkids

    Shaking My Head

  15. soupkids

    Shaking My Head

    Maybe she should have swallowed