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  1. soupkids

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    The wife is working so I might show up on the bike if the weather supports the ride.
  2. soupkids

    I quit

    Been a really bad couple of weeks for Me, not sure how it's all going to shake out.
  3. soupkids

    I quit

    I fell of the wagon this week but back on again.
  4. soupkids

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Umm provide new expensive sleds for us to ride.
  5. soupkids

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    As much as I think the guy is a tool as well. Some monies received by the OFSC have to be spent on programs I are at if on the trail.
  6. soupkids

    Mustang or Challenger

    Oh I'm sure it will happen
  7. soupkids

    Newfoundland anybody

    Try this one https://globalnews.ca/news/4228458/newfoundland-may-24-snowstorm-photos/
  8. soupkids

    Newfoundland anybody

  9. soupkids

    Mustang or Challenger

    Still no tickets for either of us yet
  10. soupkids

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Could you see the mess on the 400 north this Friday if you pulled something like that. I would sit up an a bank and watch.
  11. soupkids

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Use the e brake, no lights, then watch he fun behind you.
  12. soupkids

    I quit

    Everyday is a new challenge
  13. soupkids

    I quit

    Smoking. 4 weeks and holding
  14. soupkids

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    Crew cab long box is just a little smaller than a school bus