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  1. soupkids

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Bring it up here, I'll show you places with DEEP snow to play in.
  2. soupkids

    Done with winter!!!

    As much as I love winter I'm so done with it. Snowing here again (10cm). Nowhere left to put snow !! Have to snowblow so I can get out with the sleds. So done.
  3. soupkids

    Timmins to Sudbury

    If I remember t correctly the L143 is the grassy lake rd. Talked to a buddy that ran it on Monday, no groomed, no signs and LOTS of deep snow.
  4. soupkids

    Shining Tree Update - 2018

    Yes they have gas
  5. soupkids

    No respect!

    Add quads and SxS on the trail as well. Stopped both on the trail today and asked if I could take a picture of the plate so I could have them charged by the police, " I'm going fishing". I tell him the lake is behind you and you f'n well know where the lake is so turn the f around and get on the lake. You do not need to travel on the trail to access the lake so don't bs me. I follow them back to the lake and watch them both get really stuck in the slush.
  6. soupkids


    So I'm sitting at home watching TV with the wife and I get a call from our district GM. Some guy and his buddy from down south blew a corner on the C115D and burried one sled, needs help and a groomer to get him out, hmm. Yes the sled is in deep but not that deep, see video the owner took. So I give him a call and make arrangements to meet him today to retrieve stuck sled. So we dig and pack down a path (snow is waist deep or better). Now we can't get the sled going (A.C. 7000, 4 smoke). Pull a battery from another sled, away we go. I tell the owner to jump on and ride it out, he looks at me and says I do it. Drove it out with hardly spinning the track. I would say it took less than an hour for the whole process, hardest part was getting the sled started.. IMG_4125.3gp
  7. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Working on it trust me.
  8. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    No, that was from the ride in. I was helping out another club with a brushing project, mechanical brushing. All I had to do was bring the operator and fuel to the excavator. The first picture is from the first trip in. I thought it would be wiser to bring the operator in to get started and to break the trail, over a foot came down overnight. The stuck was on the way out to get fuel. I got caught in the excavator track and got sucked in to the deep stuff. I spent 1 hour getting unstuck, yes I was alone. All in all it was not these best day I have ever had out sledding. Oh and I burnt up a $250 belt towing the fuels back in, 40 gallons.
  9. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    From this morning as well. Not so pretty. 1 hour stuck. Yes I was alone, long story.
  10. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    From this morning
  11. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Hmmmm. No
  12. soupkids

    144 closed.

    144 is closed between the watershed ad 101 for those driving north. Check ontario 511 for updates
  13. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    I'm not getting any !!! Oh crap, wrong subject !!!
  14. soupkids

    Watershed Truck Stop

    More like road running to get to them.
  15. soupkids

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    My 36" tall fence has just about vanished.