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  1. Summer Peojects

    Seeing as things are quickly dying around here I thought I would start this thread. Sled related or not, post up. My project to start is a wood splitter. I already have one that works just fine but what the hell
  2. I am not putting the shovels away until I get the lawn mover out
  3. all in...all done

    Baby's are also put to bed here as well. Season totals 2016 1389 miles 2018 1505 miles Ttl 2894 miles. Not to bad on the 18, picked it up Feb 16th
  4. Mustang or Challenger

    Yup 2017 challenger 5.7 l Shaker package Track pac Sunroof Only thing we can find it doesn't have is rain sensing wipers a d adaptive cruise control.

    Could you post a picture
  6. Axys Seat

    I got one if you need one. No rips or tears. $175
  7. Encore to last ride of the season.

    We may be sledding into may if we get the 25 to 35 cm on sunday
  8. Wanted polaris seat

    I have an axys seat ?
  9. Winter 2.0

    Snowing here AGAIN !!!
  10. Kirkland Lake to Cochrane

    Keep in mind the canyon gas is closed after April 8th.
  11. Show your 2018 pics.

    I love it. Butter smooth clutching, lots of power when wanted/needed. Ride is great, going to play with suspension next year, has a bit of a push at times even with very aggressive carbide. Fuel mileage is better than my 600 if you stay OFF the fun flipper. Oil consumption is great, again better than my 600. Overall 9,9 out of 10
  12. Winter 2.0

    Your not going to get close to any lakes up here with a boat mid April !!
  13. Winter 2.0

    Cursed is more like it. WINTER IS OVER !!!
  14. Winter 2.0

    See pics in 2018 thread.
  15. Winter 2.0

    37 cm total so they say. Went riding today