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  1. My update

    Congrats on stopping smoking and losing the weight. Your body, family and friends will thank you. Especially your family. Hope the rest of your recovery is speedy. Next year you'll be able to look and feel much better when you get your picture taken with the Amzoil girls.
  2. 2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    Yeah I was just trying to be polite or politically correct. Ever notice how similar the words polite and politically are. Oh well... another way to put it is he has a Santa suit he uses for a Christmas event. He doesn't need any padding.
  3. Elliot Lake

    They were marketing it as the ideal retirement community with all of the services that retirees would need. Medical, shopping, transit etc. What went wrong?
  4. 2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    Way back in the late 70's I went for a drive in a Lotus that even when I was young and nimble was awkward to get in and out of. A friend who is "plump" has a Vette. It's interesting to see him climbing in and out.
  5. Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    Reminds me a lot of the Cat colours... couldn't Poo find their own colours....
  6. 2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    Nice Vette.... Particularly the colour... I went online for build and price. They aren't cheap but not quite as much as I thought they would be. My wife won't let me have one though. Not on our her priority list. Happy driving.
  7. 2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    Perhaps a pontoon boat. Easy for someone with arthritis to get in and out of. Walk on walk off usually at dock height.
  8. Disappointing to read this.

    That is where there needs to be some clarity then and uniformity from one district to another and the clubs within the district. I can see conceptually where it would be a mess to manage. One club has two groomers and another has one groomer. Both are paid by hours of grooming. One has breakdowns on two groomers, another may be lucky and go without breakdowns or only one or two minor ones.
  9. Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    I remember some of those real low snow years too. Back then I didn't have a snowmobile and I was one of those that were really happy to not have to shovel it. No snowblower for us back then... they weren't too common for most people. I also remember years of huge amounts of snow. Walking the beach front of Wasaga and saying look at that, there's a roof on the ground. Then you walk up and find you're standing on hard packed snow as you look at the small space between the walls of the cottage under that roof and the snow built up around it. Nature cycles, it comes it goes. It always has and always will.
  10. Disappointing to read this.

    Matt are you saying that the costs for the groomer building comes out of the $ per km that is paid to operate? As you said there are variables from one club to another. Our groomer building expenses are paid for by the district. It however is on township property with a low cost long term lease and we paid for the construction by and large from fund raising activities and donations. We have a furnace but only heat the space when required. We don't have hydro but do have a diesel generator we can run when required. Prior to that the groomer was parked outside all the time and we were fortunate enough to be able to make use of the township service garage space after hours when we really needed to. Like you said there are so many variables. A good goal and that is what I believed OFSC is trying to achieve is to standardize business practices wherever it is feasible and makes sense. Things like a groomer building having the operating expenses covered at the district level. You may have some scenarios however where there are discretionary decisions that are made which are not practical. Is it necessary to heat a groomer building all the time or do you heat it up when you need to do work. Things like that.
  11. Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    It will probably drive their cost down. If you sell say 500,000 sleds across 20 different models the cost of producing the individual unique to each model parts will be higher than if you sell 500,000 sleds across only 10 different models. The standardization will reduce costs and those can be passed on to the customer or depending on their balance sheet restore profitability.
  12. Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    Don't forget that when the Poo breaks down, the Doo hooks up to tow it then it breaks down and the Cat hooks up and tows both of them.
  13. Helmet Suggestions

    I doubt that was bought to be worn... a collectable perhaps
  14. Countdown is on!!

    The reality is that we all like different things and there are different characteristics of varying brands and models that we find appealing. It would be a real boring world if we all liked exactly the same things. There would be one make and one model of sled and that's it. Vive la differance
  15. Helmet Suggestions

    We have one that has been in the closet for about 10 years. There is in fact nothing wrong with it. Never been dropped etc. My wife used it 4 times then she got the BRP modular helmet simply because it was so much better. Regardless we won't be selling it. We would maybe loan it to one of our friends who wanted to try snowmobiling for a few hours. If I knew someone who was tight on funds and needed a helmet I would likely give it to them letting them know she always had a balaclava over her hair and how much it had been used then let them decide if they wanted it or not. I have some used polar fleece underwear for sale