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  1. 02Sled

    Bed / Tailgate Protection from studs

    Lots of us have used a stall mat from TSC on the floors of our trailers for track mats. It is easily cut into strips the right width for the tracks with a jigsaw or even a heavy duty box cutter. Many have actually used cut up plastic box liners for the skis in the trailers with the carbides running between the grooves. I imagine a full size stall mat would work in the bed of your truck to protect the box liner.
  2. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    You could be right... the complexities of merging districts could be significant enough that the BOG have heard... not enough time to make this happen... we need an extension but can't set a realistic timeline without more consideration of the situation.
  3. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Your problem with a conference call is???? Why do they need to be face to face? Business does conference calls and video conferencing all the time. We used to have a weekly conference call meeting that included people from Europe, Asia, Canada and the US.
  4. 02Sled

    Missing winter? Me Too.

    I have never heard of anyone that just before they passed away said the only regret I have is I should have worked more.
  5. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Okay... forget video conferencing.... that gives you a warm fuzzy when you can see the face of the person speaking. If there are documents to be reviewed distribute them by email in advance so everyone has an opportunity to retrieve them when convenient. Then just have a simple "old fashioned" conference call. Conference calls do have a charge associated but far less than the cost of people driving. They can participate in the meeting from the comfort of their recliner and look at their own copy of a document in front of them. For those with reliable internet there could be concerns about the individuals eating up some of the bandwidth that their internet plan allows.
  6. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Who said they aren't
  7. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    OFSC is a business, don't doubt that for a second.... business changes direction and strategy as required. Managing and adapting through an ever evolving business environment IS LEADERSHIP. Simply following a previously set concept just because that was the right decision at that moment and may no longer be the right decision is NOT LEADERSHIP.... THAT WOULD BE A HERD OF SHEEP.
  8. 02Sled

    OFSC BOG Decision

    On July 19, 2018, the OFSC Board of Governors held an unscheduled meeting via conference call to discuss and vote on the MOTS district realignment plan. The Board had previously set a deadline of May 31, 2018 for the realignment plan to be completed, however that deadline had passed without any of the district mergers or District 14 club reassignments being acted upon. Consequently, the Board had to decide on how to proceed next. By a majority vote: "The Board approves the More on the Snow realignment plan be deferred indefinitely, and therefore maintain the current board status of 16 Districts".
  9. 02Sled

    On line trail map?

    My friends Cfmoto side by side is 51 or 52 where the quads seem to be 48. I guess before buying a much wider Sxs it would be wise to check the trails in your area. There seems to be a growing trend to keeping the trails narrow to keep the jeeps and trucks out
  10. 02Sled

    On line trail map?

    Some ATV clubs are now ensuring they keep their trails narrow. With the average ATV being 48" wide they clear the trails just wide enough to let them pass comfortably. The reason... keep the Jeeps and pickups out.
  11. 02Sled

    On line trail map?

    Where you live is vastly different from i.e. Muskoka where the vast majority of snowmobile trails are on private property thanks to the generosity of those landowners. Lots of those landowners do not want ATV's on their property in the summer months and therefore do not give permission to the ATV clubs to use their property. Unfortunately however there are ATV riders who feel entitled with the attitude that if it's a snowmobile trail then obviously to them it's an ATV trail as well. They have been known to cut locks on closed gates and in some cases hook onto gates and destroy them.
  12. 02Sled

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    http://www.manitoulin.ca/2018/06/22/without-president-snowdusters-snowmobile-club-may-dissolve/ Without president, Snowdusters Snowmobile Club may dissolve
  13. 02Sled

    I quit

  14. 02Sled

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    What about the countless tourism / service businesses that benefit from snowmobilers at a time of year when they would have little or no business otherwise. Many don't contribute in any way. As for Craig... I don't ever recall hearing a useful radio spot or reading a useful article. Now... Groomer Guy... much more useful and enjoyable reading
  15. 02Sled

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Perhaps it's similar to District 7 / Muskoka Snowmobile Region. Where Snowcrest and I believe Hill & Gully were not part of the grooming association.