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  1. 02Sled

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    With the US exchange you're getting a bargain. $20 is for courier
  2. 02Sled

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Maybe those you ran across that were not in the best of moods had just finished dealing with snowmobilers that made their jobs harder and gave them a whole bunch of attitude. I don't come across many OPP on the trail. Almost all of those that I have either just wave as I go by or I slow down they see my license tag and trail permit and then they wave. I have had to stop once when they were checking the numbers on the trail permits for some that had been stolen and only a couple of times where they asked to see documents. Once when they checked was at the end of an open field where it meets the trail coming out of Coldwater. He says you know you were speeding a bit. Yeah the trail was rough and very slow then we hit the field. He checks the documents and says having all the proper documents and trail permit gets you forgiveness, your speed wasn't outrageous. The two with my partner were doing about 100, don't have all their documents and started off with you don't have anything better to do than hassle us. My understanding is those on sleds actually request being on the SAVE team. Snowmobile, ATV and Vessel Enforcement if I am not mistaken.
  3. 02Sled

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Insurance is so easy to get multiple copies of. I go online and request extra insurance slips and a few days later they arrive so I always have spares.
  4. 02Sled

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Don't need it on the phone. I do have mobile service for my laptop though which is much more relevant for me
  5. 02Sled

    2019 Grand Touring 900 ace Turbo

    Either that or get your daughter a sled of her own... a lot more fun than being a passenger.
  6. Baxter Snow Riders are kicking off the 2018/2019 season tomorrow at the groomer building, 35 Violet Drive, Port Severn. Violet drive is located immediately west of the hwy. 400 southbound off ramp to the Honey Harbour Rd. and runs north from the Honey Harbour Rd. Starting at 10:00, we will be reviewing groomer maintenance and preparation with prospective groomer operators for the coming season. The groomer education session will be followed by a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ from 11:30 to 1:00. If you are a current volunteer or considering volunteering with YOUR club come out, enjoy some good food, good company and meet other snowmobilers that ride the same trails as you. After the BBQ we will have a crew of volunteers working on trail preparation / cleanup. For anyone that would like to volunteer to help get YOUR CLUB TRAILS ready for the coming season your help would be greatly appreciated. If you have a chainsaw and or ATV that you can bring along it would be a benefit. Don't forget that volunteer hours with your snowmobile club count toward the required volunteer hours for students.
  7. 02Sled

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    I'm in a similar situation. My phone doesn't have a data package. I only get email when I am at home or somewhere with wifi such as Tim's. I don't need access to email when I'm driving or out on a trail. I do however get text and phone messages.
  8. 02Sled

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    It's sad but too many people use/abuse personal information when they get a hold of it. A friend had his contacts list hacked a couple of weeks ago. It included emails and phone numbers. Suddenly people from his contacts started getting spoofed text messages that he was broke and that he and his wife were splitting up and more. None of which is true. Police tell him there is nothing they can do. As for helping out someone who is in trouble. Either you are that kind of person or you're not. I have towed people that have run out of gas for miles, and boosted people with dead batteries. When I've given people directions to where they can get gas and they have been unsure whether they would make it there or weren't sure of the directions I've turned around and led them back to town and gas. Some have been very grateful others have been indifferent.
  9. 02Sled

    Novi 2018

    The exchange can be a killer on value. I've been traveling the US quite a bit lately and when it costs me $1.34 Cdn for $1 US I'm finding there's a lot of things that would net out to costing me more if I bought them in the US rather than at home.
  10. 02Sled

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Tough one but 1
  11. 02Sled

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Our snowmobile club and ATV club work exceptionally well together. We have members in common, some shared trails, some not and some shared events. They have contributed to improving or improved on their own some of the trails we have in common. It would be great if snowmobile clubs and ATV clubs could work together for their common benefit. For us the problems arise when the landowners who don't want ATV's on their property and close gates don't have their property rights respected. The ATV club has their own trail maps and if the riders stayed on their trails only it would be perfect. Why make it easier for someone to trespass where they don't have a right to be? Why not keep your land owners happy by demonstrating that you are taking reasonable and easily achieved measures toward having their private property respected?
  12. 02Sled

    OFSC Trail Guide

    If you can see where the trail is and the roads around it then the ATV people can as well.
  13. 02Sled

    OFSC Trail Guide

    That is the same information I was given. Off season trespassing is a growing concern with locks on gates being cut. Gates being broken down and some people traveling with bolt cutters to overcome the obstacles the land owners put in place. Misguided people often believe if it is a snowmobile trail it is open year round for ATV's and dirt bikes then get _______ off when they find a gate in their way. I would rather delay my planning than risk losing access to the trail completely.
  14. 02Sled

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I checked my Visa statement for October 2017. Permits were $190 each. $395 total. $190 X 2 = $380 + ($7.50 X 2) handling. I checked my Visa statement for October 2016. Permits were $180 each. $375 total. $180 X 2 = $360 + ($7.50 X 2) handling The price increased last year.
  15. 02Sled

    A Look Into The Past

    So true... at some point we may see those who live off of government handouts leading a better life than those that live off of their hardwork and pay for those that don't.