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  1. Wild Bill or Denis would be a much more reliable source of information on this than me
  2. Sounds like a problem with the stator. Essentially the equivalent of an alternator in a car. It generates power when the engine is running. There's a bunch of them on ebay in the range of anywhere from just over $100 to $300. I'm not the most mechanically inclined but every now and then someone mentions something I have some familiarity with. Perhaps Wild Bill or Denis could lend a much more informed opinion of the likely cause. http://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_pgn=1&isRefine=false&_nkw=skidoo 380 stator
  3. So what you are saying tells me... Be the lead ATV of the group
  4. If she really is a good kid like you say don't do her wrong by painting it yellow... that would be downright insulting. If you're going to paint it a nice green would be good. You do realize how high you are setting the bar. It's the grandparents that are supposed to be giving your kids all the things that mom and dad don't. I'm sure the smiles from her would have been priceless.
  5. As I evolve toward the summer sports, putting my brothers 1978 Honda CBX 1000 on the road (real soon, almost ready) and perhaps investing in an ATV, what do people do for a helmet. Do you have a helmet for your ATV and another for your sled or do you use one helmet for double duty. Back in the late 70's early 80's when I had a bike I used a helmet that I believe had a lot less insulation to it than the snowmobile helmet I have now. Insulation to me means heat. In the 70's I had something that looked like For the sled I use I was thinking of something like one of these two (only for about 30 seconds then gave my head a shake) Seriously though.... what do those who ride sleds AND ATV's do for helmets?
  6. So it sounds like there isn't one permit that gives you access province or at least Muskoka wide.
  7. I was in Port Severn yesterday and everywhere I looked people were getting boats ready and putting them in the water. It's currently 64F 18C with a forecast of 20C for Wed & Thu.
  8. We have ATV trails in our area but where you can go appears to be limited in comparison to where you can travel on a sled with trails interconnected from club to club. I have been considering an ATV but having limited areas to ride leaves me still hesitant. I find myself venturing out with the sleds on a trailer more often than in the past as after a period of time you look for something new. What and how do people typically find trails available for ATV's? The map below can't be all there is? If I was trying to ride the same few km's of trail over and over I think I would tire of it very quickly. I also get the sense that the ATV's typically travel much slower than the sleds so what would be a good days ride, both time and distance. The OFATV map doesn't show much in the way of trails in the province. We seem to be relatively fortunate around Port Severn with what appears to be more significant trails than most areas but knowing the area from a sledding perspective this may get old fairly quickly. I am really on the fence about an ATV purchase. Some here have convinced me not to worry about the bugs in spring and summer so that is behind me. Mind you if I do get eaten alive I will come looking for those that told me not to worry about it.
  9. There should be a non-golfers golf tournament where they can just hang out at the club house.
  10. It would be fun to get together with a bunch of sledders but I'm just not a golfer. I gave it a solid try but called it quits the day I hit the cow on the other side of the road in the side of the head with my golf ball. Good luck to those that go. I'm sure it will be a good day for a good cause.
  11. Wind resistance does make a difference for sure. I can't comment on pulling with a smaller narrower vehicle as I never have. I tow all the toys with an F150 4 door, 4 wheel drive, with a 6.5' box and a fiberglass cap the same height as the cab. I just towed the sled trailer from Port Severn to Toronto. Just before I headed for Toronto I filled up. I was burning about 4.1 L/100 km on the return trip with the trailer than I did getting there without. Based on that I figure it cost me an extra 7 litres or an extra $8 with the trailer. I can't go to McDonalds for $8 any more. How much will I actually save on fuel by having the narrower single trailer? Towing a single definitely won't be the same as without a trailer so I would guess I could cut the increased fuel consumption in half compared to the double trailer. If that is the case instead of costing me an extra $8 for the trip from Port Severn to Toronto it would only cost me an extra $4. My net savings for the trip would be a whopping $4 for a single trailer versus a double trailer. If you're planning on a lot of miles I guess it will add up. Compared to the amount / cost of the gas we burn in the sleds and even worse the boats the extra cost for gas on the double trailer versus the single won't show as a concern on my radar.
  12. Can I ask a silly question. Why just a single? The price of a single is almost as much as a double if I recall correctly. The double gives the flexibility to add that second sled for a family member (daughter) if not mistaken or pop a friends sled in rather than two rigs going down the road to the same destination
  13. Must be a studded track.... imagine the holes that would dig in the trails with the throttle jockeys
  14. It seems that while there is an OFATV as the quasi equivalent to the OFSC they are still not as "evolved" as the OFSC we know today in terms of aiming for consistency and trail passes. It appears that the individual clubs sell OFATV trail passes that are inclusive for all OFATV trails but varying clubs seem to have varying dates for the availability of their trails. At least that is how I interpret what I have been reading. In our area we have some absolutely fabulous landowners who grant permission to the snowmobile club to use the trails in the winter AND the ATV's in the spring / summer / fall. At one of our joint events one landowner smiled and said it just makes it so much easier when I don't have to worry about opening and closing gates based upon the season.
  15. I like to think of the past year as a mediocre year for snow. In reality we had lots of snow but it came way too early before there was frost in the ground or the swamps etc. had gotten firmed up. Orillia apparently had 14+ feet of snow this year and actually exceeded their snow removal budget. I'm with you though... here's to Winter '18.