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  1. OC group ride

    Likely central D12 is a bit further than I would want to travel. Now if you are looking at something around the Sudbury area that's more in keeping with how far I would want to trailer. It's about a 4 hour drive for me and that's about my limit. Usually I look at 2 1/2 to 3 hours but would go the extra distance for such an event.
  2. New sign

    He has indeed. This guy walks up to me while standing in line to get into the snowmobile show on Friday. As he approaches I'm thinking I know this guy, I definitely know this guy but can't place the name with the face. It's STG. I have always had trouble with names and faces. Often I come across someone, can't place the name and then it comes to me about 10 minutes later who it was. It's all the more problematic when you are dealing with snowmobilers. So often all you see is a nose and a set of eyes peering out from a helmet when the face shield is flipped up. When you don't have them standing beside their recognizable snowmobile wearing their recognizable snowmobile suit it can be real tough.
  3. OC group ride

    I started doing the snow dance just after labour day but with the temperatures we are still getting I think it's time to step it up a notch
  4. OC group ride

    Sounds like a great idea. Maybe two rides... one for mid-week for those who can and another for a weekend for those who can't. The weather gods are going to cooperate and bless us with lots of snow and ideal conditions this year. We are overdue. Two less than ideal winters in a row followed by a lack lustre summer which had so much rain it scuttled our plans for a tour around the 3 big Muskoka lakes.
  5. Snowmobile Show

    They have one at my dealer. Took it for a drive last week while I was waiting for my oil change
  6. Snowmobile Show

    No but I did have a peak at the Sherp they say was used in Fort McMurray. Looks like it should go just about anywhere. I think if you got it stuck it would mean you are in real trouble. Then I did take a look at the new F150 Lariat.... still think I prefer the King Ranch and if I go that route it would be my 5th King Ranch.
  7. Snowmobile Show

    Just got back from the show. A healthy line was forming almost 1 hour before the show started and by 12:30 it went from the entrance around the corner and just about out to the side doors. Bumped into STG while standing in line and he went off to look for Irrevernet. Saw WildBill for a moment or two before he had to go deal with customers. I think I got all my maps. Once again the district booths were scattered among the vendors so it was hard to be sure what district maps you had. Thanks to one of the districts though which had a great idea... they are sledders too... they were handing out little business size cards which had all the districts on them with a little box for you to tick off when you got their map. It seemed there were a lot more of non snowmobile ATV vendors than before. The guys selling ache & pain relief, meats and other unrelated things. I didn't need anything really but did get a good deal on a coat for $40 taxes included from Country Corners. Ideal to shovel snow or just walk around outside. There is a new trailer manufacturer on the scene... at least new to me. Georgian Bay Trailers from the Parry Sound area. He seemed to have a pretty good product at a fair price but not being in the market for a trailer didn't scrutinize it real close. Still worth the trip especially since it's about 10 minutes from home. Really gets me into the snowmobile frame of mind even though it's still so warm. Saw some people walking around the show in shorts and flip flops.
  8. Hey Trail Map

    Just got back from the snowmobile show and one of the topics of conversation for a lot of people was the ITG. When I asked the people at the OFSC booth which doesn't really jump out at you since it primarily consists of a Prinooth Groomer and a sign about buy your permit now and ride they were of little to no help. The standard answer about everything was... it's a work in progress and it will take time. I asked about the option to build your own route rather than the shortest.... a work in progress. I asked about the 1/3 screen of instructions on how to use it that you can't get rid of and he cited liability concerns. I tried to clarify I wasn't talking about the disclaimer Terms and Conditions that pops up and you have to click on that goes away but the instructions on how to navigate the map. He never really understood what I was asking I don't think. He explained that they were way behind schedule and rather than delay it any further they released it as is and cited companies do this all the time. Not quite. They may put out a software release that may have a few flaws that were missed in testing but they sure don't release a product that is definitely inferior to the existing one, far from complete let alone a couple of fixes and say it's a work in progress.
  9. Hey Trail Map

    It will be indeed. They may even find themselves with the occasional overnight guest as well. It's great to have good friends.
  10. Snowmobile Show

    Hmmm! I just went online to buy and print a ticket to the snowmobile show. Juniors and seniors are $15.00. But then they get you at checkout and add $1.95 HST. Bit of a scam if you ask me. You do the purchase online and you print the ticket. No cash for them to actually handle, count, reconcile or deal with like they would if you purchased a ticket in person at the show. They also have to pay someone to sit in that little booth at the show and sell you a ticket. The cost for that ticket at the show... $15 even. $1.95 less than giving them a guaranteed ticket sale where there will be some for sure who do buy the ticket and for one reason or another don't get to use it.
  11. Hey Trail Map

    Friends of ours just moved to Orillia. They don't know it yet but their driveway will likely be my new staging spot since they are right on the water on Cedar Island Road.... across their lawn and onto the ice.
  12. Hey Trail Map

    FYI - the trail no longer goes through the parking lot of the Comfort Inn Midland. It was rerouted when they put in the new LCBO - No Frills etc. on the south side of hwy 12 across from the Boston Pizza / Walmart to avoid having to cross the traffic entering all the shopping at the lights. But of course you see people coming up to the Trail Closed sign at the Comfort Inn and just ignoring it completely. It's impossible not to see. The trail still crosses hwy 12 in the same place near the OPP station. but I'm not sure for how much longer. There is a subdivision to be built on the north side of hwy 12 where the trail currently runs through. Either way if you want to ride west from Midland you need to cross hwy 12 and then the four lanes of hwy 93 adjacent the veggie market. It will be interesting to see what happens in the proximity of hwy 12 and King St. Midland. There have been lots of complaints from some of the business owners in proximity of that intersection about snowmobilers running across their property to avoid road rash. Another option to stay and access the trails in Midland is the Kings Inn on King St. You cross King St. and go down Smith's Camp Road which is access to a trailer park and the trail runs along the Little Lake shoreline of Smith's. You can still get the satellite view with the new ITG which is where this snip came from. Just select the hybrid base map.
  13. Snowmobile Show

    same here - always buy online
  14. Snowmobile Show

    I just may bump into you since I plan on being there at opening as well. I will be wearing my Baxter Snow Riders ball cap. Tan peak and sort of blue/purple top. If you see me say hi.
  15. New ITG

    I don't rely on an online app when out on the trail. I do however use the ITG for trip planning. Looking for open / closed trails, being able to easily plan a trip that takes me from one district to another without having multiple large paper maps in front of me Checking for places to get gas and food along the way Knowing the distance of one route versus another and so much more. On the sled I originally started using a GPS for safety. Get out on the ice in Georgian Bay and suddenly a snow squall comes in. You can't tell which way is back since no matter the direction all you see is white. Follow the track line on the GPS back the way you came. Last year we came across quite a few re-routes that were very poorly signed. The paper maps didn't show these, some very significant reroutes and at least with the GPS you could see where you were and the direction you were heading.