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  1. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Surprisingly it's been snowing in Toronto for a couple of hours now (south of the airport). I can only hope there's snow coming off of G Bay
  2. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    I'm going to remain optimistic... I have seen some very dramatic temperature differences between Windsor and Parry Sound.
  3. Tree lines in Honey Harbour

    I haven't been out on the ice of Georgian Bay yet. I have only been out on the trails on the weekend of the 6th. The ice breaker had been into Midland Harbour just days before so I wasn't heading out. The OPP were also warning at that time of large pressure cracks opening up. Apparently the high winds had been tough on the ice in a number of places. You get the waves from open water creating swells for quite some distance under the ice and heaving it up making cracks. I had also heard of there being some open water popping up with the cracking and shifting of ice. I haven't heard what it's like since the thaw. Having said that the ice just north of the township park in Port Severn hadn't been that thick that early in a long time before the thaw. We were running from my friends place on Yellowhead Island to the Amco without any slush or concerns. The winds had kept the snow off and it made for lots of ice during the deep freeze.
  4. Garage Goodies

    Kaboom... Once saw a guy trying to get a camp fire going. He had it smouldering with small flicks of occasional flame. He thought it would be a good idea to pour gas on it. Flame ran right up the stream of gas. He threw the gas can down spraying gas all around including his pants. They and the vinyl siding on the cabin were now on fire. Fortunately there was a garden hose right there that I was able to spray everything down including his pants. He was lucky with only relatively minor burns.
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Don't go it alone. That's the time for sure that something like the DESS failing or something worse will fail. I know what you mean about being prepared though. I went riding for the first time this season with a friend of mine a week or so ago. My sleds were ready to go but did have a short delay digging out a bit of snow in front of the trailer. Maybe about 15 minutes. Had a great ride that day. The next morning we were riding early. We had another friend who was supposedly coming up to ride with us but didn't say when. We think he expected us to wait for him even though we had no idea until when. 11:00 and he was still on his way up just getting to Barrie. We had been out for a while by then His sled was on an open trailer and hadn't been touched since last spring. It was going to be a challenge for him to get to and drag the trailer out. LOTS of digging. He had the battery and the sled had over a foot of snow on it. Mid afternoon he had the sled started. I suspect he was annoyed that we weren't around waiting for him. We took a short cut back to go for a ride with him. He had left for home about 15 minutes before we got back.
  6. I agree... the most likely motion of the sleds in the trailer would be the result of a very sudden stop or impact. The forward momentum from the stop would see the sleds moving forward in the trailer. Straps going down and in front of the rear bumper would just become looser. If they went down and back they would stop that forward motion.
  7. You forgot the fold down bed from the side wall for when you're in trouble with the other half....
  8. In the ad the ATV was directly following the lead sled followed by more sleds on the one trail
  9. I just saw a tourism ad on the Barrie news for the Laurentians with laurentians.com across the bottom of the screen. There was lots of snow and lots of shots with snowmobiles. Now right near the start of the commercial they showed a number of sleds in a row but I'm sure right behind the lead sled was a blue ATV. Do they allow ATV's on the snowmobile trails.
  10. This weekend- January 13th

    I have a spare as well now but it took about 9 or 10 years until I had the first problem which was on one side the dome snap broke. Talking to other people the most common fail point seems to be where the yellow line is. That seems to be attributable to people stopping trail side and unsnapping only one side of the breath mask, swinging it open and letting the mask hang off of the one side only. When you do that the piece of plastic bends to a 90 degree angle. You can only bend that plastic in the cold so many times until eventually it will start to crack and eventually break. Apparently it takes quite a while for that to happen though. When I stop and take the breath mask off I take it off both sides so that piece isn't hanging off the helmet and bending the 90 degrees. I have never had it crack or fail. This picture has that foam and fabric cold protection in place over the breath mask. I have outlined in blue where it extends protection for your cheeks and up to your temples just behind your eyes for those real cold days. I carry it in the tunnel bag. It goes on or off the breath mask in seconds. You just feed the vent tubes through the holes of it on either side and you're ready to go. It was nice to have the day we set out at -27 without the wind chill. Electric face shields are nice and I know many people have them but I never have. If you go without a breath mask because you have an electric face shield I suggest you carry the breath mask for your helmet with you regardless. One of my regular riding buddies had his electric face shield fail far from home. It was as he put it a very slow cold ride back. He had to keep the shield about 1/2 way open to see where he was going.
  11. Parry Sound Area Trails

    okay... time for everyone to pray in unison followed be the naked dance to the great snow god. If you're really serious the best effect is achieved when you do the naked snow dance on your front lawn.
  12. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    Seems there's a bunch of yellow close to home for you. I believe Blake was riding around the Seguin / Parry Sound yesterday and reported it being pretty good.
  13. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Looks sharp.... I can only imagine how time consuming cutting out those numbers must have been. $80 for custom numbers? Next sled shop around. I paid $24 in my choice of font and colour. The Cat dealer in Wauabaushene gave me the number of the local guy who they use. I was in a hurry so I arranged to go to his house. He made them up while I waited. Not sure but I think Wild Bill now does them as well.
  14. This weekend- January 13th

    I've tried both "modular" styles of the BRP helmet and prefer the older one over the newer. With the model below the breath nose cone is adjusted by cranking it in. You turn the dial in front of it to increase or decrease the fit against your face. For me the problem is that regardless of the weather you're still using the nose cone. The most you can do is crank it away from your face a bit. In the real cold weather you may get a little bit of air seepage around the shield but not much if any. The one I tried had the amber flip down lens inside like shown in the picture. The other thing I wasn't fond of was if you wanted to ride open faced in warm riding you could flip the face shield up but the nose cone remained in place. Either that or you flipped it forward and down but it was still there kind of bouncing up and down. It does have the absorbent felt like material in the nose cone to absorb any collected moisture. Over all a great helmet. The one I prefer is the one below. The breath deflector looks something like what military pilots wear. The tension against your face is adjusted with the elastic straps that you can see either side of the taper for the nose. The breath nose cone is completely removable. It connects to the helmet with dome snaps. In the second picture you can see the round holes at the end of the tubes on either side which is where your warm breath is vented out. When you put the front of the helmet down they line up with holes on the side of the helmet which are shielded to create a vacuum when moving and draw your breath out. In extreme cold you may find a tiny bit of seepage around the shield however the helmet comes with a fabric covered foam piece that provides additional protection. It extends up the cheeks to just below the eyes and down the neck below the jacket. The picture on the left doesn't have it shown. The one on the right does. It integrates with the breath deflector in seconds. The slide down sun shield on the one I have is the green blue which I find better for me. It also has the absorbent removable replaceable felt like pads for moisture. I don't always use the breath nose cone. A lot of times I don't need it and simply ride without it. If I start to get a bit of fogging their is a small slit vent in the jaw piece I can slide open to provide just enough cool air to keep things clear. If it gets colder I crack the shield up one notch, about 1/4 inch. When it gets colder yet I resort to the breath nose cone and only on a couple of the coldest days have I added the neck and cheek protection. This one is also so much easier to put on and take off if you wear glasses.
  15. I agree on tie downs. I used to just use the bar that held the skis down. Late fall south bound 400 north of MacTier. There's a car off the road in the centre median in the distance. The road is bare. Suddenly the truck and trailer is fish tailing down the road on black ice. At one point it's heade for the rock face. The computerized braking system does its job pulsing one wheel at a time. Get through it and the sleds stayed put on the front end but the back ends were swinging side to side banging into the side walls of the trailer. Had it been an open trailer I suspect the rear of the sleds may have gone off the sides. Sleds are are now strapped down at the rear as well.