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  1. 02Sled

    Post,email, pass around please!

    My vote would be groomer guy
  2. 02Sled

    Post,email, pass around please!

    You got me curious so I looked it up. I couldn't find one for OPP but did Toronto Police. It's not as bad as I thought it would be for Paid Duty.
  3. 02Sled

    Kap Snow Rovers Facebook Page..

    Unfortunately it's 8 hrs 45 min from home. That doesn't include stops to; pick up the sleds, gas, lunch, washroom. Likely 10 hrs. one way. The itch to ride is making it a bit tempting though.
  4. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    The OPP have used aircraft to patrol the 400 highway. The officers in cars on the ground issue the tickets. Zero Tolerance doesn't seem to be the case or they would have to block off the highway and ticket virtually everyone yet someone believes assumes that if aircraft are used zero tolerance is the only option. It would be ridiculous to think that any municipality would raise a speed limit on a multi-use trail where you are going to encounter people walking with their kids and dogs and others perhaps cross country skiing etc. One trail I know of that runs through a residential area with peoples yards backing onto the multi-use trail not only reduces the speed they limit the hours at which snowmobilers can use the trail. A couple of years the township was about to close the trail leading into Elmvale that ran parallel to hwy 27 due to high speed, people being seriously injured, concerns of residents and liability concerns.
  5. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    Educate yourself. The municipality does not have jurisdiction over an ofsc trail on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY. I sign a LU P for a trail with certain expectations. If someone tries to tell me that the speed limit on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY is going up because the municipal government decided so, I also have the right to say the trail is closed. Get off my property. I'm now concerned about the liability. Parry Sound are currently working on a reroute due to liability concerns closing a section of trail. Remember the push back over the Fiberals bill 100, I believe that was the number, regarding trails when landowners saw themselves losing control over their property. The municipality can and does change speeds in places like parks which they have jurisdiction over. I've seen those go down not up. Back on ignore.
  6. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    So if there is an ofsc trail that runs through your backyard and you have a LUP with the ofsc which specifies a speed of 50 you think the municipality has the authority to override that agreement. Wrong. It has nothing to do with the municipality. Your backyard is not their jurisdiction
  7. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    If the municipality doesn't own it, it's someone else's property and the don't have jurisdiction on private property. That's why it cites examples such as parks and fairgrounds.
  8. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    I can't see them raising a speed limit on a multi use trail where you'll find hikers etc.
  9. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    That doesn't cover a whole lot of situations where a trail runs through municipally owned property, park or exhibition ground.
  10. 02Sled

    Ofsc site not showing any of trails for me

    Not just you... me too
  11. 02Sled

    Are We Getting An App ?

    X2 - I haven't any interest in a smart phone based app. I would rather they provide me a set of maps I could load in my Garmin GPS... last I checked they were about $80. I wouldn't expect that to be included in the permit cost either.
  12. What if he is planning on keeping the sled in the garage when not traveling to the trails with the truck?
  13. That's where I thought he would have his problem as his original post was Hi everyone, I just got a sled this year and plan to load it from my garage onto my truck Everyone is telling him he should be okay with a ramp and I'm still thinking he won't be for loading from the garage to the truck.
  14. I see people use the ramps all the time out and about but his concern was loading from the smooth concrete floor of his garage. Will that not make a big difference?
  15. 02Sled

    eye in the sky

    $36K in medical bills is gone in the blink of an eye. There are so many other things that come into play. Pain and suffering, loss of income and more.