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  1. Diceman

    Security Cameras For Camp

    thanks for info everyone
  2. Diceman

    Security Cameras For Camp

    Need some help...pops is turning 80 this year and still going strong...since he has joined the new cell phone world we want to get him a security system for the camp that he can check on his phone......thing is there is no cell phone service at the camp but we do have internet and a phone....any thoughts on type, were to buy, etc ?? Thanks ps- 5 mths and counting....lol...
  3. Diceman

    Royal D new website

    When I was at Royal and told the guy how the new site sucked, he told me the website is still under construction and they are adding products daily...they should of put that on the website that it is still a work in progress
  4. Diceman

    OVR/CPR Rail Trail

    wheres the article, can not seem to find it with the link?
  5. Diceman

    Throwback Thursday

    I don't think so...I think Snow Cruiser did
  6. Diceman

    Throwback Thursday

  7. Diceman

    Sudbury Girl....

    yep...I agree ..awesome...
  8. Diceman

    Very Sad News Once Again

    thoughts are with the families... https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/two-boys-dead-after-snowmobile-falls-through-ice
  9. Diceman

    HWY 407 Ticket

    thanks for info...had no idea it was that cheap...do they just send it to your home address?
  10. Diceman

    HWY 407 Ticket

    not sure if I would really use it enough...whats a transponder cost?
  11. Diceman

    HWY 407 Ticket

    was thinking about taking back license plate and taking if off the back and putting it somewhere in the back bed so the camera could pick it up...
  12. Diceman

    HWY 407 Ticket

    was cruising home Sunday morning from Barrys Bay with sled in the back of truck...jumped on 407 and went about 50 k and saw opp coming from off ramp onto hwy...I moved over, not speeding, all lights working so fiquire no worries...he eventually pulls behind me and lights go on....I pull over and he comes to window and asks if I have a transponder ?..I say no, why?...he explains that since my tailgate is down my license plate is obstructed so the camera can not take a pic of the plate.....he said they were doing a week long enforcement, zero tolerance... ..I never never thought of that even once before...I was then puzzled because I explained to him that I have taken the 407 many times with the atv in the truck with tailgate down and was always billed for it....he said that was odd( not sure if he believed me)...bottom line is $85 ticket....when I got home I checked my account and I was correct...I was billed every time but they had used the atv plate on the back of the bike to bill me...must say however that although he gave me a ticket he was the nicest guy I ever dealt with police wise...
  13. Diceman

    Snowmobile insurance

    2006 Vector with 2 million liability and fire and theft...$113 a year through Johnson Insurance
  14. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    well some roads you can run the side or ditch but after the sunshine yesterday I am guessing that most roads are bare...it kinda reminded me of atving abit in southern Ontario,,,ride a bush area then run road aways to next section of bush.....bush trails however are excellent and club did an amazing job on trails....
  15. Diceman

    Shelburne Durham Markdale report

    we ran that area on Saturrday and it was pretty good...must say though, we ran up towards Lions Head and once we got past Wiarton area towards Lions Head, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnthere was alot of road running...with warm temps I am not sure I would have any sliders left running up there...