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  1. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    That's true but I heard they are together talking again...trails are monitored with trail wardens....been stopped way way more on my atv than on my sled
  2. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    every mile of trail we ride is on trails that require a permit...atv permits over all is a sh*t show...OFATV permits covers Renfrew County , Bancroft area is EOTA...then Haliburton , Kawarthas, have their own pass and so on....Southern Ontario trails are usually private land and a mix of county forests, non maintained rds, etc...Huron Shores ( Walkerton area), West Grey Atv Club between Walkerton and Markdale, Duffrein Grey Atv Club in Markdale and Owen Sound area and Sauble Beach Club which covers that area and Wiarton area...all theses clubs are legally connected and can ride from one to another...
  3. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    very true...I do most riding on the RCATV trail system in the Ottawa Valley...can really pack on the miles if you want to...this club has done amazing work with the different communities that are all atv friendly....
  4. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    We ride Huron Shores, Duffrein Grey and Sauble...all legal trail systems...my local club, GLATV can be a bitch for bugs etc because the whold trail system is in like you say, swampy area...
  5. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    Guess depends on where you ride...usually from May to mid June we ride southern Ontario due to blackflies..I put on over 3 k this season on my grizzly and bugs or flies were never an issue...now dust is another story at times..lol
  6. Diceman

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    Can use atv almost year round...
  7. guessing black Friday deal.....sled ramp for $179...regular price $299......bought same ramp 4 years ago and still working great....
  8. Diceman


    does he ride Arctic Cats?
  9. Diceman


    so after contacting OFSC in regards to receiving 2 passes that were not mine I was told to shred them and they will send the owner of the passes 2 more.....luckily I am a very honest chap because it would of been easy for me to slap them onto other sleds...
  10. Diceman


    I contacted the person who purchased the permits and they are going to contact OFSC...they wanted me to send them to them but I suggested that would be a bad idea in case they get lost....they did not buy the insurance
  11. Diceman


    Same thing with me.....ordered my pass and came within a week...then yesterday got home and had 2 more passes at my door...2 passes fpr a guy in his name but my address....
  12. Diceman

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    do some groomers get paid or is it all volunteer?
  13. Diceman


    totally disagree....our club for every 10 members , one may have a sled....its kinda funny, when you read alot of the post on here about atv's it the same as how others in the community talk about sleds...I know a few people who have farms and property and they tell me that they have way more of an issue with sleds trespassing and being idiots on their land than atvs...
  14. Diceman

    Atv winter trails

    not sure why I guy riding his atv legally would be a moron or a dick ??..
  15. Diceman

    Sleds stolen in Huron County

    I said " do you speak-a my language"