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  1. ArcticCrusher

    eye in the sky

    I heard photo radar is coming back, at least in Toronto. Fines may be set at just 1 km/h over. Thanks Tory, just another reason to avoid that s**thole.
  2. ArcticCrusher

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Looking forward to riding mine next week. Thanks for the update.
  3. ArcticCrusher

    Kearney area ride?

    I'll wait til more opens before riding local.
  4. ArcticCrusher

    Kearney area ride?

    Nothing yet on the cameras. Patience Grasshopper.
  5. ArcticCrusher

    Are We Getting An App ?

    Same here with the GPS, but still bought the app, again.
  6. ArcticCrusher

    Are We Getting An App ?

    Personal injury lawyers try to fix stupid every day. If it was my station I would lecture but not deny service.
  7. ArcticCrusher

    Get ready to blow.

    I know, but Utah appears to have a problem, unlike Ontario.
  8. ArcticCrusher

    Get ready to blow.

    How does Utah compare to Ontario for impaired driving that has been on a good decline for almost 50 years?
  9. ArcticCrusher

    Used sled prices.

    The powers that be make more off the sale than the ones doing the selling. And they don't get off their asses or break a sweat.
  10. ArcticCrusher

    Old & New

    Dr. Ho. It works.
  11. ArcticCrusher

    Flotation jacket - Ice Rider

    That's it.
  12. ArcticCrusher

    Used sled prices.

    Don't think Team has ever charged me that, not for sled, Toon or Trailer. From their site, plus Cat has a 3K rebate that ended yesterday. CC does charge both from when I enquired. We have new 2018 ZR 800 Sno Pro units in stock at a great buy 11999.00 Fright and PDI included give us a call and get your deal today. Trades Wanted
  13. ArcticCrusher

    Get ready to blow.

    No, ban cell phones in cars since they are the #1 cause of accidents.
  14. ArcticCrusher

    Get ready to blow.

    Instead of assuming everyone must be guilty. Next they will be knocking down our doors searching for whatever the government deems is appropriate, IDTS.
  15. ArcticCrusher

    Get ready to blow.

    The point here is there is zero presumption of innocence and a total disregard of our legal rights. For me it matters none since I don't drink and ride, but that really isn't the point being made.