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  1. OC group ride

    I would try to make this. Good stuff.
  2. Most who are buying don't sled. Best of luck.
  3. Anyone Know what this is about?

    My kid has just one friend who sleds, that has been the common story. His uncle has a cottage where they generally launch from.
  4. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Who subscribes to magazines these days? Nothing against Boomers but, Isn't the goal to attract youth to the sport.
  5. Had to share this picture i found...

    Well the tongue weight will help with traction. Lol. Vettes have zero towing rating.
  6. Summer Sucks Party-Saturday August 12th

    According to the LGBTQ community, that can change anytime.
  7. Insurance

    Makes sense now.
  8. Insurance

    That sounds expensive. Any kids (teens) under that policy?
  9. Ski Doo Repairs during the Summer in Muskoka Area

    Sounds reasonable.
  10. Insurance

    I believe they would be added to the home or cottage insurance. I wanted standalone.
  11. Insurance

    I am with TD (Meloche) and every time I look around it doesn't seem to be worth changing. I don't have the boats or cottage with them, but everything else.
  12. Help from the IT guys

    I would get an Android Streaming Box, far better than Chromecast. Sounds like the Smart TV is running a proprietary os that doesn't account for internet logins. You could also try using a router.
  13. First 100% Electric Pickup Truck

    Likely get ticketed unless they are using Android Auto or the iPhone equiv. Bold: Thats funny. I don't think too many tech savvy kids I have met are attracted to EV cars but whatever. They will become better and better but make no mistake, its still a ways out. On a side note I still have my corded drills/saws etc from over twenty years ago, can't count the number of cordless ones that have ended up in the trash, batteries and all.
  14. First 100% Electric Pickup Truck

    How does it know how many are waiting? Plus in 5 mins the wait times at stations can change dramatically.
  15. First 100% Electric Pickup Truck

    Could very well be an hour waiting before getting a charge. I can just imagine the frustration forthcoming.