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  1. 1049

    Beer cans on trails

    I took down stakes two weeks ago found 5 cans and our trails where only open for two days very frustrating
  2. 1049

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    I went with the 1.5 ice ripper
  3. 1049


    Yes 2020 renny 850 we both liked the 19 850 I put 3000 km on it in Quebec keeping it and getting rid of the sidewinders
  4. 1049


    It certainly was this year!!
  5. 1049


    My wife’s new sled just hoping she let’s me try it out
  6. 1049


    Looks like you guys had a fantastic ride . Really making me wish I was back up there oh well i will appreciate the first ride next year even more !!
  7. 1049


    I would bypass Wawa and take trail 5 to Dubreuilville instead it’s 105 miles from halfway to Dubreuilville
  8. 1049

    Mileage this season, so far...

    About 4700km on sled and about 9000 on the truck
  9. 1049

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    The trail from Dubreuilville to Hearst though Hornpayne is the best Ontario has to offer.Hornpayne and Dubreuilville clubs do a fantastic job
  10. Wondering if any one has rode from Dubreuilville to Hearst since the snow on Monday
  11. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Awesome thanks Matt our return trip should be fantastic
  12. 1049

    Timmins to Chapleau

    Just wondering if any one has rode between Timmins and Chapleau since the storm on Thursday
  13. 1049

    Timmins to Chapleau

    ya we are driving home on Tuesday one of these times we will cross paths
  14. 1049

    Timmins to Chapleau

    Thanks thinking of riding up here for a couple days then doubling back to Dubreuilville instead of doing the loop
  15. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    You should be fine in a week it wasn’t that bad along the highway
  16. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Groomer was heading north from Hornpayne followed a group so made it ok
  17. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Lots of drifting snow snow is crazy deep north of Hornpayne
  18. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Just got to Hearst snow is crazy deep from Hornepayne to Hearst just one turbo now
  19. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Lots of snow broke trail all the way to Hornepayne
  20. 1049

    Oh baby!...

    Just started snowing hard in Dubreuilville should have rode to Hearst today dam fake weather man
  21. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    It’s always a adventure Scott lol
  22. 1049

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    We drove to wawa last night driving to Dubreuilville now I will talk to Patrick when we get there
  23. 1049

    QC puts the hammer down.

  24. 1049

    D trail south of Wawa

    Thanks zoso that's exactly what I'm looking for