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  1. zrtkat

    St Zenon pic

    looks good we will be in the area in mid february bought our passes this week Zrtkat & CREW
  2. zrtkat

    Doo dealer visit today..

    Nice helmets Jeff new helmet, new sled,life is good in Ontario will be looking for the pics of the new sled Congrats Greg
  3. zrtkat

    April 6th to 9th Temiscaming Quebec

    Trails holding up well Fabio get that last ride in nice area around Temiscaming Greg
  4. zrtkat

    halfway haven

    Glad you guys had a great trip Greg
  5. zrtkat

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    I love when I get a chance to snap a picture of a lynx, most of the time they disappear quickly, last good photo was years ago somewhere in Ontario cannot remember now
  6. Scott the pictures look Amazing Thanks for spending the time posting them ,maybe next Winter Zrtkat &Crew will make it there
  7. zrtkat

    Non Branded Linq accessories

    Micar That' what we installed on our sleds we also bought the locks and covers that lock them to the sleds from whiteout tech
  8. Looking forward to the pictures Scott and reports Greg
  9. zrtkat

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    revrnd trails look Great hope you guys have a great ride Enjoy Greg
  10. zrtkat

    Gowganda Lake Resort

    must have been a great trip all the Smiling Faces
  11. zrtkat

    Zrtkat made it to the truck yahooooo

    Denis it was getting warm melting pretty fast and getting foggy
  12. zrtkat

    Zrtkat made it to the truck yahooooo

    Thanks slomo hope I never have to try THAT
  13. zrtkat

    North Adventure Inn

    I remember that Revrnd the good old days lol
  14. The day started great 5 degrees F when we left Val-dor, freshly groomed trails passed the groomer on 309. Then we hit freezing rain bad stuff to ride in ,then turned to rain which was better for us on the shield. Anyways we are here in Temiscaming, heading to Ohio ijn the morning ,1800 miles on Odometer for this trip . WE had a great time t
  15. zrtkat

    Zrtkat in Amos drinking coffee

    Denis I really like the GPS at times today I could not figure out the trail and I like the GPS it got me thru Quebec with ease,I would put the hotel in and it would send us on our way.