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  1. zrtkat

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec part 2

    Nice pictures and a great report looks like everyone enjoyed the ride Greg
  2. zrtkat

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec

    Glenn Good thing Fabio is there to show you the way lol. Looking forward to up-dates Zrtkat
  3. zrtkat

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Jeff the pictures look great except for the water crossing, looking like everyone is having fun . Enjoy your ride. Zrtkat is trucking across Indiana enjoyed your pictures Jeff. Greg
  4. zrtkat

    St.Raymond Quebec - March 8 - 12

    Nice pics slomo beautiful area around St Raymond enjoy the trails Zrtkat
  5. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    Patrick, scott,Paige, and the rest of the guys Thanks for letting zrtkat &crew tag along . We seen some amazing scenery Greg,Gary,Scott
  6. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    Dan These pictures where taken with my cell phone anymore the cellphones take very nice pictures,I used to carry a big bulky camera lot easier to carry a cell phone Greg
  7. zrtkat

    After the snow n wind storm in Gaspe

    Fabio we just got home from the Gaspe and that wind storm plus the snow we where stuck in drifts and digging out I never worked so hard snowmobiling before like that ,the groomers where catching up busting them drifts down and grooming.when we where heading back to RDL Thursday. Greg
  8. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is snowed in at Caraquet NB

    Denis we where stuck in hotel all day the town was shutdown we are planning on leaving this morning but it does not look good the wind is cranking this morning will see what the leader decides
  9. We had a big snowstorm last night high winds today we are waiting a day and leaving tommorrow.
  10. zrtkat

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    Here is some pics from the other day in Quebec,we have 12 people in our Group Patrick took us to this place it was amazing never seen anything like this,he is leading our group and doing a great Job,also Scott and Paige are here leading the group also and the rest of the crew we are having a great Adventure Trying to catch up on our post
  11. zrtkat

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    Looks like you guys had a perfect day of riding ,trails look awesome Zrtkat
  12. zrtkat

    Quebec permit point of sale locations.

    When we stayed at Temrose they called the club and she came to Restuarant and sold us our passes Zrtkat
  13. zrtkat

    Happy new year

    I should have put this in off topic forum
  14. zrtkat

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year hope we have a great riding season Zrtkat&Crew
  15. zrtkat

    St Zenon pic

    looks good we will be in the area in mid february bought our passes this week Zrtkat & CREW