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  1. drpaul

    Nice Places on the RAP

    No, I'm new to all this. Only way I can learn is ask. Sounds like a fantastic trip. How long does it take typically? So..no Drake.
  2. drpaul

    Nice Places on the RAP

    Sorry, I gotta ask....whats a RAP tour, and would be able to meet Drake?
  3. Thanks for that, the ITG is very useful resource, appreciate it. Still no open trails for me to access without tailering. Was in Haliburton yesterday and saw 2 or 3 dozen sleds parked so I was envious, but looks like they are all using that one trail so that one trail must be busy with traffic.
  4. Yes, very confusing what with inaccurate postings. What is IAFG ? I look out my cottage seeing tons of snow and a beautiful winter wondérland, but no where to ride. Sigh.
  5. As a newbie, I'm a bit confused. Is the Rail line open? Because according to HCSA website the only trail open is Top B. Or is the Rail line part of different club system?
  6. I am new to sledding and am hoping to meet others in my area of Miskwabi Lake who wouldn't mind me tagging along out on the trails this year. I am always a bit worried when I go out on the trails alone, just doesn't seems that safe if I were to break down, etc. So if there's anyone out there who would like an extra person out on trails with them then shot me a message or text me at 416-268-5106. I do have a trailer as well so open to trailering. My machine is a SkiDoo Grand Touring 2010, so I can even take along another person!
  7. Hi all I am excited to start enjoying the natural winter beauty of Halibiurton/Algonquin Highland this year. We cottage all winter up on Long Lake / Miskwabi Lake area, and so far it looks like its going to a good year. I only have one sled, so am hoping to meet others in my area to hit the trails with, as going out solo always seems a bit risky to me. I am new to sledding but enjoy getting out in the winter months instead of staying couped up inside. Family Doc here.