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  1. soupkids

    Is the OFSC missing out

    AFAIK its totally against OFSC policy, and insurance, to use the groomer to make income. If a club does they can loose all sources of OFSC funding.
  2. soupkids

    Rockys Restaurant

    We have had issues with those trails in the past, was better last year. This year I expect will be bad for other reasons. The area is almost land locked due to issues with CP rail, I wouldn't expect miracles this year.
  3. I bought an expensive klim this year, tried it today, very, very warm.
  4. soupkids

    Are you getting the storm

    Hard to tell exactly, wind blew it around a lot. I'd say 10 for sure. I went for a RIP today and in places there where huge drifts.
  5. soupkids

    About time I bought a sled.

    Should be able to head up anytime now.
  6. soupkids

    Rockys Restaurant

    Lake should be staked next week. C105 was done friday with 14" of ice.
  7. soupkids

    Are you getting the storm

    Pretty much over here in sudbury
  8. soupkids


    Park at the STP yard or head out past the airport and park at the skead recreation center. You can find the rec center with google maps. Let me know when your heading in, maybe I'll ride with you.
  9. Come up here anytime and I'll guide you around for free.
  10. With the heavy wet snow we got 2 weeks ago, nothing will be open anytime soon no matter ho much snow we get. Trails are plugged solid with downed trees..
  11. soupkids

    Borrowing a sled - Moral dilemma

    I borrowed a dealer sled back in 15 and crashed it, I paid for the parts.
  12. soupkids

    Bite Harder Carbide Sharpener

    55 you pay shipping to me ??
  13. soupkids


    They have in the past around here.
  14. soupkids

    TIMMINS Accommodation

    Beer store is east of the super 8 (I think)
  15. soupkids


    Generally speaking the OPP/Local police will lay the charge with you making a sworn statement to them regarding the trespass. You may not have to go to court. As far as how many times has it been done, lots up here.
  16. soupkids

    Only on a sled...

    Only on a sled can you have an "OH CRAP" moment and only you know if you actually did !!
  17. soupkids

    D201F Question NW of Elliot Lake

    Your first day is a short one. 4-5 hrs ride time max, a lot less if trails not busy. Let me know when your heading up, I'll ride with you on day 1.
  18. soupkids

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    The new list has been put up here
  19. I would imagine that the driveways would be included in the lease this cover by the persons own insurance.
  20. soupkids

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    I'll have to check my master, think I did !!
  21. soupkids


    I welcome you option on matters but saying the the trespasser has mental issues I take great offence to. I in the past have had my fair share of mental issues, which i have gotten professional help for. Labeling all idiots with mental issues is so wrong on all fronts. Please keep comments like to out of the forums unless you have absolute proof of your statement.
  22. soupkids

    Happy New Years

    Happy new year
  23. soupkids

    Where is Santa

  24. soupkids

    Manitoba considers mandatory permit

    I believe they where above at the Dec 1st deadline.