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  1. Great pics and video of Lily Glenn, future Poo Gal. Love the Brapp pic.
  2. I don't think there is any set amount of discount for paying up front in cash from BRP for a spring order sled. Best thing to do is get as many prices as you can from different dealers because you'll be surprised how different they can be. Hope this helps.
  3. IQ, both the guys I rode wirh on the big loop liked their Sidewinders. As WD said in a post they were comparable to his Switchback on fuel but my 800 etec was still a bit better. Still you have to take into consideration with me on the sled and my size the other 3 were weighing in more than me. The only negative comment from one of the Sidewinder guys "It's a great motor but it's a Yammi in a piece of crap AC chassis". Don't switch from BRP. Got to keep us Doo guys together. Will be at the show in Barrie on the Friday night maybe see you there when we're both buying our new 850's.
  4. Totally agree with you IQ once I see his site. BRP definitely sees the market is in the mountain segment. I was also really hoping for a 4 stroke turbo also but I won't jump ship. Still like the manuverability of the 2 stroke. Never owned a 4 stroke so I shouldn't have been negative to it's reliabilty. My 2015 is out of warranty Nov. 2017. So I will more than likely get the 850 with an extended full coverage warranty as long as BRP is offering it, it's a must with the 2 stroke. Fuel mileage has been great on this 800 etec and the 850 etec is suppose to be comparable. I
  5. Probably a new 850 for this Doo faithful in 2018. Heard that even the Doo Guru Mr. Cudney is off the 1200 this year and running an 850. That should tell you something.
  6. Hey Fab! Most definitely! I've got your number and let you know once WD(the planner) has a place and dates. Hopefully you're up for a second northern blast with us. Lol!
  7. Great report as ususal Glenn. If I'd been doing my job as Amber had asked maybe your phone would have been charged for pics of the first day.Lol I did see it. Thanks to Chris for organizing this ride. Great meeting and riding with Crawdaddy,Northstar,Fabio and Grizzly Griff.Can't wait to do it again.Always a blast and great time riding with you over the years. Sure missed Bill. Great to see Dennis again. As well as Scott and Paige. Elliot Lake 1 Halfway Haven Missanabie Fire How many people
  8. Stayed in Gowganda Tuesday night. Urs had not been able to properly repair the area on A107C yet. They hadn't had much snow since the big melt down. We woke up to probably 6ins. fresh snow in the morning. Rode the A107C from Elk Lake to C it was all fine, bit rough in places on bush trails but with the new show Urs was going out and pretty sure it will be great now. Could check GEM Snowmobile Club Facebook or call Auld Reekie Lodge Urs is the owner. Hope this helps.
  9. Carm. Read on GEM facebook that Urs was going to fix that section of A107C today as logging was done. Will pull in the banks. Great for us next week.
  10. Check out Timmins facebook page. They were having trouble at White Birch crossing. Posted 11hrs. ago they had made it to Opishing.
  11. Great ride today! Conditions were pretty good considering it's before Christmas and we could get in a ride. Great to meet Al and Anthony. Always an entertaining time with Blake and Glenn. Stock broker confirms I'm good to go to ride this season!!
  12. Blake great to see you're joining us for the Invasion of Hearst. I'm booked in exactly the same as SJ and irREVerent in Hearst and Dub. As of Thursday night WD and Pink Dragon were doing the same. Amendola will be sharing accomadations with me on the 5th&6th in Hearst. See you up there.
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