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  1. Glenn, know exactly how Fab feels! LOL! You need to have BILLIE BEAR sitting in the passenger seat running all the controls. Guaranteed no sleeping then. Saw the perfect sled at the show in Barrie for you. Give the 16 to Amber and Jake. Snow check this for 18. We'll both be on new ones next season. Everyone will definitely see us coming down the trails.
  2. Great news Bob! Really quick sale for this time of year. Someone's getting a great sled. Enjoy your new ride.
  3. MOST IDIOTS, like myself ask over what the value is because of the B.S. you have to put up with from Kijiji ads. Plus you have to start somewhere. It's called negotiating. Kijiji is a good way to get your sled advertised but as O2 said the tire kickers, the no shows, people not reading the ad properly, the low ballers, etc.. Dealt with them all but I guess I'm a gluten for punishment. Also I use Auto Trader, it's the same thing! Use bluebooktrader to get my sled value for trade-in and retail.
  4. Very well said Ski! Also to paint everyone with the big brush stroke that these young riders are ASSHATS because they ride an XRS, wear an open faced helmet, stand up, ride aggressively and wear a backpack! Then include this guy born in the 1950's as one of them. Definitely ride an XRS, have a 2018 XRS on order and have done the other qualifcations occasionally. Also I guess we need to include my son who really fits this big brush stroke profile to a T. Rides a Freeride, wears the open face, stands up and sports approximately $7,000 worth of tattoos over his body. Definite ASSHAT RIDER.
  5. Great news WD. Carter can definitely ride and is really a great addition to the WD Crew. Now all we need to do is work on Billie Bear to look back a touch more often! LOL! Till next season when the new and improved WD Crew rides again. CAN'T WAIT
  6. I can't really comment on the TS skis, never tried them! For the style of riding I do for the most part, I have had to replace the Pilot 5.7 even running 2 carbides per ski. Tried this set up first on both my 12 and 15 but will switch out immediately on the 2018. I run the Pilot 5.7R Skis. One deep keel and add 7.5 inch Stud Boy Shaper Bars. Wherever I point the sled it's going in that direction! I find the Renegades definitely push! Lots of bite, makes you work a bit but when the corner comes I know where I'm going. Everyone has their own preference when it come
  7. NP gobills. That blue sled really really does pop. To see it on the snow it would really stand out. IQ, I agree they r nice looking sleds.. Still staying with what I've got ordered.
  8. Ran into hi-mileage at the Sneak Peek this afternoon. Great to see you again Bob. Here's the recon photos I took in the Polaris Display. Hopefully these are what you wanted gobills.
  9. I'll be there Friday when it opens at 4pm. Want to get in and out in a hurry. If that's possible once I start looking at new sleds. Want to see the sled I've had ordered since February in person for the first time. Gobills will try to get some pics for you too. Don't tell WD I was in the Polaris display. LOL!
  10. Happy Birthday Glenn! Enjoy the rest of your day!
  11. Thanks Denis. It's been a great sled. No problems with it at all. Time to upgrade. WD will need to watch out now! LOL!
  12. Got my sled for sale. One of those AssHat Sleds! Even comes with a free Backpack! LOL! Here's the link http://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/mississauga-peel-region/2015-ski-doo-xrs-renegade-800-e-tec/1247652743?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Hopefully it works. Thanks for looking. Can always pm for more info.
  13. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and fellow sledder. My condolences to his family, you and your friends. So tragic that you and your friends had to witness the accident. Time will heal. You and your friends will always remember it was a freak accident and as his fiance said he at least died doing something he loved.
  14. I can see the smile from Bolton Denis! Enjoy the new ride. Glenn
  15. "even with the poor weather, and 3 warm ups, as long as the forecasted temps hold, we will be riding in april. with that... it means we could have rode at least 1 day per month for 5 months out of the year. the weather was weird, no doubt but, In reality it was a "normal length winter, and riding season" near superior". "your results, and feelings on this post may vary. Ski" Totally agree with Cuyuna's original post and Ski's oberservation. Where I live trailering is the only way I can sled. Not as fortunate to be able to upgrade at anytime but with an understanding non s
  16. Have a great trip! Gotta hate it when stuff gets in the way of riding. LOL! Just might have to change my spot in the WD Crew once the new toy comes. Should be able to see the big grin following you in your mirrors all the way around GASPE C u next season!
  17. Great report as usual Glenn. There's no possible way to have a bad time when the WD Crew sets out on a ride! The ride home from Elliot Lake is a whole other story but Billie Bear deserved to let loose after the problem he had on the trip. Can't wait for the next WD Ride. Will keep in touch. Moose Horn Lodge,Chapleau Dining Area of Moose Horn Lodge GREAT PLACE TO STAY
  18. Shivesy great talking to you too. We were all amazed to here you came to ride Ontario from Georgia. We made it safely and ahead of schedule to Elliot Lake. Keep us updated.
  19. Hey Shivesy! You stopped and talked to our group south of Halfway Haven. Great to meet you and your cousin. Hopefully the weather and trails cooperate letting you get in your planned ride. Look forward to your updates. Be safe!
  20. With this weeks colder temps and heavy snowfall the Drag Races are a GO this weekend Mar 4th and 5th
  21. Hey WD just wait till next season. Got a SURPRISE for you. Polaris might not win. BRAPPP BRAPPP
  22. Just got the word from close friends in Magnetawan the drags have been cancelled for Feb. 25&26. Thunderstorms there last night! Might try to run them next weekend depending on the weather. Will try to update later for anyone that was interested in attending. THIS WEATHER SUCKS
  23. Great report and pics. Good to hear that there was no major issues on such a long and epic trip. Our group of fellow OCers were always a day ahead of you on pretty much the same route of 2200 kms.. Looks like both groups were lucky to get such epic rides in. With the way the weather has been this winter. Couldn't agree with you more about the Relais Magpie. We were treated to the same great service as you and it has been the same everytime. We've been there 3 times in the past 2 winters. Last time we were fortunate enough to meet alot of the Dubueil family. What great people. Hope to ride with
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