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  1. If you follow any topic closely about sled related questions, you'll find the ones who know all the facts and brand bashing ride the same manufacturer.
  2. Only common sense will tell you that you should pass the Doo 800 or 850 you got 40 or 45 more HP. Let's compare apples to apples! Not apples to oranges!
  3. You are just asking for trouble by not tying down. Doesn’t matter how careful you are, you can’t control what happens around you on the road. MTO wants 4 points of attachment for each sled. So if you ever get pulled over that’s going to be one hefty fine and you’re opening yourself up for more problems because they will always find other things to charge you with. Have seen them do these checks on 400 on busy sled weekends. They only check sled trailers. Just a warning.
  4. Great looking sleds Jeff! Might be a bit bias though. Big test for the 850 tomorrow riding with WD and crew. Gonna push those POOS all day. LOL!
  5. Great pics Scott. Great to see that you got out on the new sled. Hope to see you and Paige soon. Great to hear the gas situation in Dub has improved.
  6. Well got out today for the first time on the 850. All I can say is WOW! It's definitely different than the 800. Everyone always complained about a mid throttle lag. Not this thing! Hit the throttle and instant response. Just make sure you're ready and hanging on. Maybe not quite as twitchy in the corners as my 15 was when it was new but I figured it out and I'll figure this one out. Installed the new Pilot R2 skis right away and that definitely helps IMHO. Play with the suspension a bit and it'll be good. Was definitely chilly today but I bought this sled to ride not
  7. Okay! Will watch for you guys.
  8. Looks good Jeff. Glad you’re enjoying the new sled. What’s Frank’s thoughts? Also you forgot that all 850 riders are to post where they’re riding for corner safety! LOL!
  9. Going to leave from the Sno Voyaguers Clubhouse around 9-9:30. Anyone interested?
  10. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best in 2018. See you on the trails!
  11. Can’t wait to get out on it Fab. Going up to friends in Magnetawan for New Years get out on it up there. Maybe we could hook up for some rides around Barrie in the New Year. Got to get some seat time on it before the big trip. Have a a great Christmas. See you soon!
  12. Baylaker and Fabio good place to park is the Sno Voyageurs Club House on Snow Valley Road between Anne St. N and Wilson Dr.,Minesing. Should be able to Google Map it. Would like to join you guys but it’s a busy time right now. Enjoy the ride.
  13. Maybe a 50 lb. weight in the front!LOL! Will definitely have to figure it out. Dennis was thinking of taking some of the preload out of the front shock springs to lower front end but with the Pro 36’s there’s a retaining clip there from factory. That doesn’t allow you to lessen preload. I was wondering if I move clip up to lessen preload but leave enough preload on spring to keep it in the bottom retainer that might help. That’s how I’ve always adjusted the center shock preload to keep it softer, no clip on this one. It’s a Pro 40 Just a thought!
  14. IQ, great to hear you're impressed with the new sled. Haven't had a chance yet to ride mine but very soon I hope. This time of year has so much going on and it always gets in the way of sledding. LOL! I expect you and the Dutchmen will really notice a change coming from the 1200. Hopefully meet up this season. Enjoy and try to keep the skis on the snow.
  15. Friends sent this picture. Magnetawan last night and still snowing
  16. Nice looking sled Scott! Hope we can meet up with you and Paige for some rides this season.
  17. Great looking sled gobills. Really like that colour combo!
  18. Great looking sleds Jeff. I'm sure you and Frank will love the 850. Everyone I've talked to about them says you'll have a constant smile all day long and hang on! Hopefully ride with you and Frank this year. Maybe the 850's can lead the way!
  19. SOLD This forum is the best!
  20. Have this bag for sale. Doesn't fit on new sled. Still have instructions on how to install. Easy to take off and put on. Great bag for saddlebag trips. Excellent condition! $100.00 This pic shows which chassis bag fits
  21. The studs on the BRP site are Woody Studs. Using these studs means BRP will warranty the track if anything happens. Hopefully you have a great relationship with your dealer and they'll put it through warranty if you use a different stud than in the book. Thought about using the Sharp Studs for my new sled also but Parts Manager told me there is no difference other than the price.
  22. Congrats Scott. Can't wait to meet up next season. Are you getting rid of the 7000?
  23. IQ, maybe this is the same sled you ordered. Will have to wait for the pics in the fall. Right? When I ordered the 15 couldn't bring myself to get the McDoo but once you saw them on the snow they weren't too bad. Doo always offers the black option, which is the safe route. It's time to not be safe. Can't wait to get it and take it for a rip
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