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  1. TD forgot to mention that the rubber was missing on the steel grates at Rapid Sept. Hopefully that’s addressed before you go if you use the 309.
  2. Rode with Fabio from Ville-Marie to Val-d’Or, Val-d’Or to La Sarre and La Sarre back to Ville-Marie. Riding was fantastic and trails were in great shape for the most part. Snow depth around VM is definitely less than other areas we rode but your not riding in snirt. Snow depth even increased once we hit 63 east towards Belleterre. Stayed on 63 almost to Belleterre and took a local trail north to La Force on trail 309. Trail was okay but we did hit a couple water spots and a stuck groomer. Snow depth was there but it’s early season. 309 from La Force was good into Val-d’Or. Snow depth definitel
  3. Love it! But we’ll have to see what 2021 brings.
  4. FIRE242

    Amos Quebec

    Sitting in the Motel Louise restaurant in Ville Marie right now. Post after the weekend on trail conditions in the area. Thanks PLC for your comment on Motel Louise. Great little place to stay.
  5. WD great report as usual of our Saint Donat Adventure. Great times and lots of laughs when the WD crew ride. Have a great summer. Always remember “ YOU’D BE SURPRISED, YOU JUST MAY WIN” LOL! Lots of snow in Saint Donat Near Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci Favourite stop on Quebec 33 Few from Montagne-Noire Quebec 63 Saint-Zenon Auberge Le Cabanon Near Saint-Charles-de-Mandeville Pourvoire Du Lac Du Repos Barrage Gouin Et Magnan Quebec 33 Lac-Bazinet
  6. Slomo. An update would be great thanks. We’re southwest of you, riding out of Saint-Donat-de-Montcalm for our Quebec Adventure.
  7. Been wearing a Tek Vest for years. I have the Freestyle vest. Find it to be less constricting than other models. Wear it under my jacket, great protection and added warmth for those colder days. Sure it might be a bit warm at times but the benefits of wearing a Tek Vest are far greater than not wearing one. IMAO
  8. Sorry didn’t have time get the tape measure out to confirm the actual amount! Too busy out riding.
  9. Woke up to close to a foot in Magnetawan this morning!
  10. Great looking sled Jeff. Can’t go wrong with a Doo. LOL! Hopefully our paths cross on the trails this season.
  11. X2! Never a dull moment!
  12. Was great to chat with you and Frank also Jeff.
  13. Will do Chris. At HH now. Trails were beautiful today. Saw 9 sleds all day. D13 is the place to ride. IMHO
  14. Great to meet up with you yesterday Dan. Can’t wait for the video. Trails we ran were in good shape.
  15. FIRE242

    My update

    Great to hear you're feeling better Nunz. Missed you here on the forum and riding with you this season. All the best and keep strong.
  16. Thanks for the update. Was only going by what everyone was saying in the staging area. That’s how rumours start. Saw him sitting at trailer and saw paramedics talking to him. Glad he went with them and got checked out. My buddy and I knew he had made a great run. We looked to see what speed he had. Didn’t see what had happened at the end of the track
  17. The guy today who made the 174 mph pass had the motor blow after he crossed the finish line. Locked everthing up and he made an immediate left and over the snow bank. Huge damage to the sled but he was fine probably sore tomorrow. See why they keep everyone at the start area.
  18. Should have stayed for that one!!
  19. Was at the radar runs today. Amazing to see the speed some of these guys and gals are reaching! Saw a pass from a female rider on a Winder of 152 mph. Top pass I saw today was 174 mph. from one of the Outlaw Class sleds. AMAZING
  20. See so many sleds with the tether hooked to the bars just makes me shake my head. The tether is there for a reason. Maybe it’s the job I retired from after 30 years. Saw lots of things that can happen to people being a firefighter. Any type of prevention offered can only help you or maybe someone else. Something else I found interesting on our recent trip to Quebec. I was putting on my Tek Vest in the restaurant which was a popular sled stop. Waitress said she had never seen anyone wearing one before.
  21. Want to start by thanking WD for all the planning he did for the trip to Quebec. Stuff happens and you adapt to the situation. Great times and laughs as always. Great riding with Scott,Paige and Kip again. Always fun times riding with Fabio,Northstar, Billy and Glenn. Also The WD Crew has expanded to include members from the province of Quebec. Special thanks to Philipe and Max for the translating and ride back to the trucks. Their help saved Bill and I from putting in a huge day to get to the trucks. SIDE NOTE My bad forgot to post that I was in
  22. Wear my tether all the time. Just like my Tek Vest on at all times. You never know when something is going to happen.
  23. Scott was waiting for someone to post a report on the Quebec Adventure. I’ll add some photos at the end after you’ve finished.
  24. Here’s a few from recent trip to Gaspe Quebec 5 near Trois Pistoles Quebec 5 near Saint-Ulric Quebec 5 near Cap Chat Quebec 5 near Nouvelle.
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