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    Snow machine is dead, lake effect will be minimal
  2. Spiderman


    No, but we did not get a tonne after that either, if that major storm just around Christmas had not happened it would have been a tough go.
  3. Spiderman


    December 27 last year and this year. We are a little behind lol.
  4. The pool of people willing to drop 20 plus k on something that can be used so little is getting smaller by the day. tag on the costs of having to now chase snow all over the place, and it will only get worse. any dealer still doing sleds is doing it out of passion, they aren’t making money.
  5. Two co-workers got new Escape Hybrids Both are in the shop - one has been in there for 14 weeks - no resolution as of yet. No thanks
  6. Agreed, I think for me its just frustrating knowing where we always used to be and what is now becoming more "normal". These last 2 years are the only years I won't be out on the ice on the lake between Christmas and New Years - only 2 since 1988. I can't stress enough how much I hope by me paying carbon taxes that in 50 years - we'll be able to walk on the ice again at Christmas.
  7. Am I missing any snow in that forecast? That looks for going for a walk with the dog - but that's about it
  8. Verrrrry slow start with zip in the forecast too.
  9. You must have talked to him...............:) He's getting regular track - the deal was too good to let go by. He can contribute to the next one and then can have more say.
  10. Working on that today. Once confirmed - moving everything we have with TD afterward Was a good run - but no longer suiting our needs.
  11. What is unfortunate is it will just force us to have to got the facility market now and pay through the nose for our child to enjoy the trails. Insurance companies!
  12. Actually no, they didn't found out when removing the Evo from the policy and adding the new sled.
  13. No, Started the search now - likely will end up in the facility pool and may have to restrict him to only his sled while on trails etc. - we'll see how it goes. Its a bit of a bummer and now just making more work
  14. Just an fyi to those with kids under 16 and/or without a drivers licence. TD just informed us they will no longer insure kids with Operator Permits - no G licence - no insurance with TD.
  15. Not yet - full size 550 Sport - then we'll go from there.
  16. We get our 91 at Costco, usually close to price of regular at regular stations.
  17. Never have named any of them personally. An old buddy has a 1997 XC 700 wedge - first year of that new motor - we still call it "white lightning".
  18. But I'm paying carbon tax? I don't understand.......
  19. Maybe they are more sophisticated and you can only see current map/trail conditions with a log-in attached to your permit!
  20. Collision is first party coverage only. the only exposure on that coverage is your own.
  21. Figured with snow covered lawn here in the Steel City there might be some yellow in the nord. Just checked - all red I think areas are getting close though - i see rinks frozen and being used in northern and northwestern ontario. Can't wait
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