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  1. it will be an FXR booth then. My email from Royal says "Royal will not be at the Toronto Show this year"
  2. Yes, but manufacturers also make accessories - just nobody buys them because they buy off-brand via Royal. I 100% bet Royal have considered the costs and it is not worth it.
  3. Last year we had closed schools for all of January - and unfortunately closed trails too. My son and I were so upset - the one time school and hockey were closed simultaneously and we couldn't even go sledding. It was a piss off to say the least.
  4. Last time was in QC I do not recall getting stopped or checked at all in the 2 days through there. It was also about -45 - so that could have played a factor in it as well lol
  5. Will let you know for sure. Thanks for the offer.
  6. Have a couple of ideas. Hoping for snow between Christmas and New Years - so we can shake the rust off. Last winter - my son had a hockey game in Zurich, Ontario - there was good snow and lots of trails around - arena was s drop spot, I see on his schedule - we are there in February again this year, so I have told him we'll take the sleds if the weather is good - play his game - then ride after - would be a new area - good area for him as a young rider - *( fields - in/out etc. ) Looking to do a small trip with him once hockey schedule allows it. Other than that - a whole lot of sitting in the garage
  7. We have a TC 128 low boy and it's an awesome trailer
  8. How can there even really be an excuse at this point. Come up with another plan or supplier?
  9. I don't carry a strap with a high enough rating to tow a Yammi.
  10. Smokers fingers - CAT riders.
  11. Well, thank goodness for the rest of us who need places to stop and eat there are people out there willing to take a chance and make something work and follow their dreams, otherwise we'd have nowhere to go.
  12. We got a quote to replace my wifes 2018 vehicle - the pricing is up quite a lot since then. We're keeping it - 2018 with 61,000 km on it - we're going to keep our $ in our hands
  13. We've never been told that directly - that said, I'm not sure - I just know when they were "supposed" to deliver and that it would be delayed beyond that. If we don't get them - at this point I don't care - we'll take 2023's then.
  14. Yup, I think fuel prices has a part in that as well.
  15. I can see that getting old pretty quickly.
  16. Hopefully doesn't affect too much. We're still waiting on our 2022 Seadoo's
  17. Some areas are closer to $200.00 sq/ft. for a garage - houses over $600.00
  18. The used market is going to be flooded with units in the not too distant future - and the new market will return to it's pre- pandemic state- where dealers were sitting on inventory.
  19. How can anyone be surprised by this? Covid and cheap money are both over!
  20. I find them encroaching ( even if they don't ), I think it's the optics of having something over my hands - I just can not get comfortable with them and do not feel in control.
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