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  1. I would ride that all day. Looks as good as a mid season day in Muskoka lately. Jealous
  2. Not too bad. We have more where we are. Like an 8 year old - I still get my parents to send me a snow pic
  3. Decent snow in Huntsville this morning. Looks good up there.
  4. Thanks everyone - figured that would be the case. Going to order up the protectors - they come with the new rivets etc. for the snow flap re-install. Cheers
  5. Throwing this out there - cause I'm dumb. Anyway - Polaris EVO - 550 Fan. Son and I are going to stud his. There are no factory installed tunnel protectors. That said, there is also no cooling/rad under there either as it's fan cooled. Should I put tunnel protectors in anyway to protect the aluminum underside or forget about them and just stud it. Thanks - and don't judge
  6. Polaris always were "fat" from the factory - the colder it got - the faster/crisper they ran. Good ole days
  7. This coming weekend - in the fall of 1995 - I picked up my snow checked 1996 XLT - and rode it that weekend - putting on over 150 miles of fields and misc. areas in Muskoka. I had over 600 miles on it by Christmas and ended that season with just shy of 4500 miles and traded it after one winter. Those days sure seem to be a thing of the past in Muskoka Last winter was the first in over 30 years I could not ride around our bay on safe ice between Christmas and New Years.
  8. Terrible for setting up the rink It can snow forever where I like to sled - it can take a hike where I live.
  9. Lol, We need cold first! Our area has a lot of low lying wet - we need COLD then snow
  10. I am sure that has come across the desk too Anyway, I'm happy to have kids who enjoy the outdoors and doing so with motorsports. It's fun Life needs to be fun
  11. Thankfully JT will rescue us all and restore winter with his climate initiatives
  12. We'll see how things shape up over the next couple of weeks. Willing to travel for sure - we're ready to go
  13. Got the boy new helmet/goggles, jacket, gloves, clava and boots yesterday. He was pretty pumped when he saw a few vehicles in the parking lot with snow on them. Praying for cold/snow for christmas new years as his hockey is on a mandatory shut down the week in between - would be nice to get some riding in.
  14. Welcome! Great group here who have lots of information when you need it.
  15. Amazing - hard to believe I was outside setting up our rink in t-shirt and shorts yesterday.....
  16. I imagine it would be an almost impossible year to expect any growth.
  17. Sad, would love to have been able to stop in for a grilled cheese with bacon and a beer.
  18. Nothing booked yet - but my son and I spent some time looking at the map now that it is up. He is 12 - he's finding it pretty interesting seeing where all the trails are in our very large province.
  19. I have looked at a few and half ass considered picking one up to just run it in the garage, listen to it and sit in 2 stroke paradise.
  20. Just opened mine up - $360.00 - up $17.00. Paid/done.
  21. I still have sweater with it on the front and the dealer name on the back. I was in love with the 650 as a young man
  22. As they all should be. Everyone needs to be kept in check and accountable - regardless of your buying power, they have other dealers to respect.
  23. My sister was in there saturday - got completely out fitted from head to toe - saved 10% plus the tax - it was worth it for her for sure.
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