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  1. lol, makes for a good story.
  2. I am sure it's safe and solid all the way
  3. Yup, best source out there locally.
  4. 100% My father is 75 - he does not have a GPS or a phone lol. I also do not own a GPS and have never even seen the app for the phone. I can use my computer if I am at home, but that is about it.
  5. Looks pretty good to me. You're out riding - that's the important thing.
  6. Its not all gone - but a significant chunk is. It actually pains me to say this - but we almost needed it - there should at least be a base now - which did not exist before that snowfall and now the lakes might have a chance. Roads are pavement - which is a kick in the nuts. Our local club I'm sure will have their hands full with downed trees and I wish I could be there to help as it will be a tremendous task. I know they'll get it done, because they always get the job done, but it will just make things more difficult. Mother nature!
  7. 20k is a lot of fuel to pull the toys around with. Easy decision for me
  8. I had 2 Dakota's with V8's in them and liked them way more than the RAM. My dad unloaded his full size for a V6 Canyon, it is a way better daily driver and pulls everything just fine.
  9. hard to believe 4' to starting over. 25k for new sleds no thanks
  10. I have done a lot of dumb stuff in my life, nothing quite like that though, and I love lake running.
  11. He is really enjoying it, naturally more power would be nice! Santa came through big time with the white stuff. We had a lot of fun today,
  12. As Capster pointed out, lots of snow in Huntsville.
  13. Just came in from some shopping. Mostly windy out there. My lawn is still green, but there are drifts in some areas. Roads weren't too bad at all.
  14. Interesting, I have a buddy right on the water in Long Point - was just texting him and he said it's definetly pretty nasty there right now - but it's been worse in terms of the water and wind - but also said it's only really just starting. I think the winds are really just today - as the 2 fronts connect - it will die down and then more snow will fall
  15. Temperature is dropping quite a bit now in the Hammer. Things are firming up - not much snow to speak of - mostly just blowing around what little is out there. Had a few things blow into my rink - which is only forming ice and not strong enough for me to walk on - so that really sucks
  16. Just wet snow and a little bit of wind around Hamilton right now. Ground is still visible and some slush on the grass.
  17. So much hype, it's just weather - we've gone complete wuss world. 5-15 cm is a "major winter event" because it's going to get to -10. Sad state
  18. Starting to think the weather people are in cahoots with the Covid crazy's who do not want people meeting and spending time together.
  19. And they will get 3. I filled my rink up yesterday - the snow is going to be an issue for me - but looking at the 14 day - it'll be a pool again in about 7 days.
  20. No, we like to pretend and "think" we're better. We're not.
  21. Diesel are polluters - too focused on saving the environment here - meanwhile in other parts of the world - their interest level in saving the environment is less than 0.
  22. I bought a 4L jug of oil yesterday for the first time in a long time - sticker shock!
  23. My lawn is still green - so there's that
  24. Was up through the Elora/Elmira area yesterday - everything staked and looks ready to go - need a little more cold and some snow though. Nice to see the signs up etc. - it at least gets the needle moving.
  25. Watch them - you'll see how many times the prices are dropped or how long they take to not sell. Tough slugging for a lot of people
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