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  1. Merry Christmas Ski ! Looks like by Thursday things will start to turn around ❄️
  2. I feel fortunate to have sold my sleds in October . Looks like the days of rolling sleds every year is coming to a end I think I will ad extended warranty before my one year is up and ride these ones into the sunset
  3. This was our first ride last year January 28th snow was still kinda thin still turned out to be a great season.
  4. Perfect I’m on my way to Florida hopefully winter sets in by the time I get back lol
  5. I always said your not a real snowmobiler till you have been to Dubreuilville🤣🤣
  6. Thanks for the pics. Doesn’t look much like winter hope you feel better soon !!
  7. The seller’s package doesn’t apply to sleds . My last few sleds I’ve sold i run them through my dealer so I save the tax on the new ones and the buyer has confidence there’s no liens .
  8. 1049


    You are absolutely right Ski I get sad just thinking about it lol.
  9. 1049


    Ordered gift cards tonight. I was on the fence about Ontario passes but thought i would regret it if I didn’t been buying since 1988
  10. Yes I do . I have been doing it since I bought my first 850 in 2019 never had a problem it usual gets dumped after the first day . I don’t open it till it will all fit in the 2 sleds I guess that’s the benefit of a 850 doo your not long going though 4 litres of oil lol
  11. That’s what I do I’m usually carrying oil for two sleds . I can also get a 4 litre jug in the small bag behind the seat I just all ways make sure I tape the lid on really well
  12. I bought a stackable one from Precision power sports Sarnia about 6 weeks ago 249 regular 299 it was the last one he had .
  13. I’m pretty sure it’s closed I didn’t ride up to see but I was told it’s not open.
  14. That’s exactly what Im up against . I try not to put over 6000 Km a year been buying new ones every year but it’s getting harder to move them. Going to try it one more time and see how it goes. My wife asked me this morning if I wanted to go back up as much as I would like to it’s time to pull the plug for the year
  15. We went in from the North to get gas and had breakfast at Wawa motor inn. We came back out the same way across lake Wawa and took trail 5 to the south.I heard it was not good going all the way though Wawa that was last Monday I’m sure it has got worse since .
  16. Thanks Tricky . It’s time to change seasons enjoy your motorcycle season ! Looking forward to camping and SXSing .
  17. Well that’s a wrap been a awesome season three provinces and lots of good friends . Thanks to everyone involved till next year !!
  18. We just went by there on Monday going from Dubreuilville to Chapleau
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