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  1. Does F ever git much traffic? I've seldom heard of folks running it. On the other hand, why on Earth would someone not want the skidoo trail running right through the lot of their gas/carry-out business?
  2. So, other than maybe 10 weeks in winter, apparently this guy and friends live there all year? Is there anything going on up there the rest of the year? He doesn't seem to be advertising for bear or moose hunts. Doo ATV's make it up there? We only got several klicks N of Gardiner on wheels when we were there. I'm sure that you can jist run up the hydro line now? Or doo some folks trailer up there and ... is there somewhere to ride from there? I s'pose you can git to the next dam, [something or other "Rapids" w/o gitt'n my map out] but not likely beyond that eh? I know that is all scrub pine and muskeg north of that. (Flat swamp for hundreds of clicks) Need to go to the Q-bec side to find a road further north.
  3. I forgot to mention: I searched Facebook and Google for extreme tours, but couldn't find anything. Anyone wunna post up some links?
  4. I find some of the comments here quite cornfusing.... Some wish it was still the remote designation that it once was. Others think that the place should be ran jist like the 711 a 2 block walk from their house in the city. Well, I aint from no city, that's fer sure, but I would want, and expect some bush camp ran joint way off the beaten path to be "Cowboyish". If I wanted something other, I would likely be in Miami in stead. Now I would expect the owner(s) of a place like this to be hands on in regards to gitt'n the trail cleared and whatnot. And from here it would seem not responsible on their part to have the accomodations ready for the groomer opperator. Also, I am gitt'n the picture that the groomer opperators are not volunteering to make the run north. If it's not open, and the operator doesn't need to be there, then that soul could have his butt in a groomer too. The "Volunteers" in these apps should be those that benefit from it directly. Motels and such, and places like this.
  5. The first storm to hit Toronto was in 1999? Seriously? How did y'all make it through the mid/late 70's / early 80's unscathed? Other than "looks like someone is dooing sumpthing/anything", what on Earth is an armoured personnel carrier going to doo to help the situation?
  6. My sleds are parked somewhere worthy of pulling the tether so little of the time.... LOL! I kind'a forget aboot it.
  7. Not puting a "closed" sign up, and to us the app? Seriously? And then fussing b/c someone rode through when it's not posted? We don't all check online guides when we ride. Heck, some of us don't even have a computor in our pocket. (believe it) If there wasn't a sign, then no-one has any business being upset at someone riding through.
  8. So, suffice to say that your competition is all local, and also has to deal with the same laws and fees as you doo?
  9. Couch, are in manufacturing?
  10. Well, I have two 1 ton trucks, but I have no clue what they cost. I haven't handled the day to day $ here in 25 yrs.
  11. Isn't that hut on Res property? I still am not following your truck ins thing? Is there some other truck or ins line item for being parked or driven to the dam? I've been there in my buddy's 'Burban and I'm purty sure that he didn't have anything special. Who's buying anything special for this application? I don't git'cher train of thought here.
  12. I knew there was an issue with the loggers, but I didn't realize that they closed it already! I thought that they were posting a concern. What's the issue with SRF? They're just running up the hydro - aint they? Just lack of help?
  13. I'm not following the guide, but in following this thread, I was under the assumption that one side of the loop was open, and one side .... grey area at best. Isn't the one side fully open?
  14. Well, I doubt that load's gunna help many folks reading this site....
  15. "Wind chill factor" is not a real thing to inanimate objects. It's good to not let the wind blow snow dust into your cabin overnight, but it will not make any difference on the temp of the motor or battery in the morning. I cannot believe this, but this subject has come up 2wice for me already this morning.
  16. I understand that you're not going to pull start it. Tilton doesn't build starters for that motor? Doo you have a gen set for the trailer then? Or a rectifier from the truck maybe?
  17. Well, back when you could actually get to the spark plugs, you could pull the plugs in the morning and whip it over a few times or so with the choke on, and then put the plugs back in and likely fire next pull. IDK what to doo with these new things? I installed a secondary recoil on my e-start sled tho! (2str) After watching the 4st guys on cold mornings at Halfway, I decided that if I had that set-up, that me and a buddy should set them up so that you could pull off of both batts to get the first sled running, and then doo the other. Also - take the batts inside if at all possible if it's that cold. The thought of heading out into the bush on a machine that won't start in the cold just doesn't sound like a good plan to me. I s'pose if you are running busy trails near home - that's a horse of a differn't colour, but ... What's a 1049? Is that the M8/F8 motor? Or is that a newer Yamahahahaha motor?
  18. Cash only retail? Maybe on snickers bars. On a $100 fill up?
  19. Insurance on trucks? $5000 ins for what? Liability? I doubt they are going to (willing to) pay much for fire/theft eh? Are they even cooking anything?
  20. Block heater? On a snowmachine?
  21. Yeah, I thought that it kind'a looked cornfusing. If y'all look, I had that in quotations. The facebook link came up as "This content not available currently" I added the "knob" part. As if Facebook [Canada] was saying that to me.
  22. Well, they'll shout it from the top of Jeep Hill anyhow. Not sure who's gunna hear it, but they can shout it all day long.
  23. "This content not available you knob!" Must have been fake news and got deleted?
  24. I don't think that overheating is likely going to be a major concern here.
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