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  1. I'm familiar with Slope's, but never heard of Squares. I guess if one exists, than that precludes that there must be the opposite? My grandparents were told to quit speaking Kraut when they started skewl, especially considering that _ that was during or soon after the first Great War. The township just east of me is "German Township". Yeah - we're Krauts!
  2. Your version of Billy Big Rigger moose lights for 17N?
  3. I've been here since it started - as the Ontario traffic left Trail Conditions dot com, but I hang in the NORTH board, which has been getting less and less traffic. I was directed here to read aboot Scott's Gaspe' trip, only to find out that 90% of the north threads are posted here these days. I find this bothersome, but I guess it's not up to me....
  4. OK - so what's with the last pic? Were you not on "trail"? How big'a deal to drop down to the river? It looks solid from what we can see in the pic.
  5. Fuel infection has caused Halfway Haven lots of revenue! When they opened, every sled through the yard would git 8+ gal, and they had a full time gas boy. Now - guys may git a few gal to make sure they can git through.
  6. I see that Ski_Whiz has had a rear susp upgrade! I love the sound of those Merc Snow Twister's! Boy - nothing brings the 70's back like that! Was sledding in the UP back in the mid 90's once, and I heard a sled coming up the trail - and - although I hadn't heard one in 15 years or more prolly - I knew exactly what it was before I seen it!
  7. My mom and my sister have made a few (several?) trips to France over the years. My mom teaches (taught?)* French and Spanish at high skewl level - with personal favorite being French. My sister does not teach it (currently?) but she is fluent and spent a summer there one year while she was in college I guess? Anyhow - while in France, she was roomed with a gal from K-bec. The gal from K-bec was absolutely beside herself as the poor language that the folks from France used. Improper this and slang that .... While the folks in France's language has evolved (as has ours) over the years, the folks from K-bec are more true to the verbage of 300 years ago, as well as it has maybe evolved a bit - but in a different direction - with accents or whatnot... So - not knowing more than a handfull of French words myself, I can see how the masses could misinterpret what they thought that they heard on a PA system. Not unlike us listening to Churchill's "Fight in the Streets" speach. Me personally - as with most folks that I know from the rural corn belt - am Kraut, and I don't speak hardly a word of that... But my brother has moved to Viena, and was possibly teaching Kraut for a while in Berlin .... at a JFK skewl. (I can't make this Shiite up!) * She has been teaching French online to small skewls around the last few years, but I don't think that she continued that this year? .
  8. Now see - I'd'a had to'a put tracks on that!
  9. Got scratchers? Hopefully good ones - not those cable drive jobbies! I've seen a cpl of wolves on the trail a long time ago. One black and one grey - walking together - going the other way at a T intersection. Got a pic and left them alone. Never seen a partridge in the winter tho. But boy have I been given "what for" by one mamma west of Dubreuilville after I stopped to let her git her brood out of the way one summer! And never seen a lynx at all! I see pics from all kinds of folks, but I have never seen one! Seen an otter, but never a beaver or mink when out sledding.
  10. Try an HJC helmet. Worked for me!
  11. I rest my case..... Although I waited for the movie, and the VHS tape that I have is of VERY poor quality. Need to update one of these decades.... I take it that you fully built that tweet? I've only heard FFS north of 49. (Not that I've spent much time in NY/NY) But I doo listen to Ole' Blue Eyes.... .
  12. I believe that the OP mentioned this as well .... We called ahead the first time that we camped out and fully expected that they would be coming for us the next day (hopefully with gas) but by 4:00 we dicided that we needed to get to gatherin' firwood for another night. The other end knew that we didn't make it, but they had reports of guides through the same area turning around b/c they couldn't find the trail doo to 18" snow the day before, so they ass_u_med we did too. (They didn't know us real well at that time) Another time - we called ahead to the next town, and when we got there I announced that "we" had made it in from the last town. Clerk shrugg'd and what-ever - OK'd it, and continued on. Didn't git the warm fuzzy feeling of secureness that night either.... Now the last time that we camped out - they knew that we didn't make it, and sent a 5'er of gas with the next group through. (we had burnt through 20 gal each and came up short of Halfway - which we were to have been the very first customers for that night - but we were a night late, and with others.... (&^%%$$#@!) That was all the late 90's. Again - I was looking at all my options at the time, and was considering a bag/radio phone, but with those they made you "buy on" to any tower that you think that you will need. I guess that's fine if I only ride one spot - but what the fun in that! So then I bought the sat phone fall on 2000, and haven't "needed" it since. Have used it to make things handy and well communicated (don't hold supper for us - we will be "late" - and roll in at 2am) but - again - with the bigger sleds, it's just not been an issue. But who knows what could happen? Point being - it's better to have your own SPOT or whatnot than to rely on a voice on the other end of the trail! God Bless the Child
  13. How doo you expect it hurts it? Short of wearing off the tips - same as any other track? Spinning on a log or deadfall - now THAT will tear up a track! When that 150hp motor hooks up on a hard trail, or even simply when that lug comes around the rear axle wheel - flipping up that chunk for that putz behind you - that will be the hardest that the lugs will ever work. Spinning on ice - not hardly....
  14. You must be really bored to bother to post that for the sake of fussing aboot it.
  15. Those space blankets may be the lynx's meow for a hiker in the spring through fall, but when you already are dressed for freezing temps - that pc of tinfoil has but one use that I could figger out (after trying it for a bit once). I tossed it up in a small tree expecting that a plane or chopper would see it - should the sun ever appear in our corner of the world in winter.... However - one good use could be to sit on it and use it as a water barrier so's your ass-ets don't get wet. ... I know - y'all wear Klim and can sit down in the crick don't get wet ... whatever .... There is a chance that maybe you could unfold it a cpl of times and use that below your pine boughs for a fire? One other very good thing that I have heard, but never had cause to try - and that is to dig in down under the lower boughs of a big jack pine. I have even heard mention of building a fire down there, but that would seem to try to catch the boughs on fire, and melt any snow on any boughs above it - turning it into a drippy mess - rather than a dry place to hide out. My point being that those space blankets have about zero value for their intended porpoise (in our case) unless maybe you fall through the beaver pond ...
  16. I always question those little D rings that are screwed down in the floor of those toy trailers? I just don't see those holding much?
  17. Yeah, well this aint no episode of Walker - Texas Ranger....
  18. You need a phone* to make this gizmo work? It's not a stand-alone gizmo? * Ass_u_ming a "smart" phone at that?
  19. I don't know what "new ones" are? Any that I have ever had - you pop the top off and turn it around and strike the flare with the cap to light. You git 20 minutes of HOT flare to dry out and light whatever scrub that you can find - noting that if you are "camping" unexpectedly, you likely don't have all of the tools that you would in your truck to produce clean, dry, kinlin, and you are only gathering what you can find above the snow line. Also - you would want to shovel (?) down to the dirt to start your fire, or - at least gather many pine boughs to lay down first to build your fire on. We tried this once with poor results, but my chum was in a hurry to light it. I wanted to gather many more boughs. Birch bark is the #1 kinlin (sp?) in any areas that I ride yonder anyhow, but there are days that _ that is really wet, and will not just light with a Bic. And getting bigger twigs and such to light (especially when wet) with a match prolly less likely. Of course there is the tampon in the gas tank trick if you want to carry one of those around. I'll stick with the flares. I've used them, and they work very well! A group of Yanks took a wrong turn S of Wawa a cpl yrs ago and ended up on Cross-over rd near Millwood instead of Tik, and spent the night out. (It was a VERY cold night!) The snow was deep, and they had a large group. I seen the hole they dug in the middle of the road - down to dirt. This also shelters you and your fire from the wind, and will help to hold any heat in. They did a good job. My personal experience with fires in the snowbank are that 95% of the heat generated by the fire - is the sweat produced by fetchin' wood out in the snowbank continually. The fire does WAY more for mental porpoises than anything physical in this application. If you have enough tools to take the seat off of your sled, that will give you a warm, and comfy place to sit. We used to carry large tarps and -30 sleeping bags when breaking the Searchmont trail open yrs ago. And even snowshoes for several years. But once we got the 800cc mtn sleds, we really didn't need them nearly as much, and eventually dropped them. But we have used all but the snowshoes. .
  20. Y'all have a law aboot tieing the sleds down inside an enclosed trailer? I don't know if we doo. I will doo some checking! But I don't understand "why"? What transport with a 53' van trailer has anything tied down? You can put load braces up every so often to mitigate sliding ahead (tipping over) but nothing is "tied down". ??? I don't have an enclosed, but one of my chums recently bought one again, so it could come up.
  21. Matches? Have you ever tried to start a fire in the bush in the snowbank with matches? I must admit that we had waterproof matches when we left for our first romp in Algoma back in '96, but fortunately one kind soul told us to put down the matches and fetch some road flares. Take it from someone that has spent more than one night in the bush, in the winter, unexpectedly - get the flares! Also - I just dropped my sat phone account. Had it since 2000. My equipment was getting tired and I wasn't even using it, or hardly going to the bush these last few years. Dropped it with anticipation of fetching on of those InReach type units soon in stead.
  22. Right there with yuh. Mine's still 14' up the pallet racking. (where hopefully the mice won't fill the pipe with ???) Hoping that the proceeds from this winter will fund that new machine for next year - and hopefully be able to get out more then.
  23. Considering that nothing in that town is older than 1960, what was the reason for the demo? I'm guessing that much of the initial buildings were put up cheap and quick, and not necessarily expecting for a logging camp to still be there this late in the game?
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